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Hello /biz/. Teach me how to earn 10$ a day on the internet to live comfy in my shithole country.
I have no skills and my english is shit. I wasted six years for university and I am about to waste two more years to make 150$/month.
I was making okish money selling currency in game, but this shit not stable and overruned by bots. I would easily invest 6 to 8 hours a day to make 10$.
Just give me any ideas.

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invest $100 dollars and make one winning 1% trade every day for the rest of your life.

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test software. catching bugs and shit like that. you can make more than that easily.

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What should i invest in?

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What do you mean? Apps?

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Nvm, Im stupid. Can you link site to start with?

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Thanks anon, I saw that video before. I dont think trading is a good option for me. I tried it once and i still cant make my money back. I lost about 5$ (kek) but still, day-trading looks kinda risky for me.

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yeah sure, apps too. i used utest.com for a while and made a bit of money. it takes a while to enter though (you need to test, etc). google crowdtesting to find more. you need a phone/pc and shit like that.
also check leapforce/lionbridge/appen butler hill for search engine evaluator.

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crypto. invest 100 dollar and ride the pumps with market buy and sell only when you are very sure you can get 2%

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Join fiverr.com. Basically people pay you a small set amount of money for small services. Graphic designs, challenges, songs etc. https://www.fiverr.com/

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Please don't do business ever. Your maths is very off.

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I looked already at few sites. Most of them pay via PayPal but ((they)) blocked it in my country.
I have 65$ in xrp and 55$ on Skrill. Basically all the money I have lol. Is it even possible to day-trade without any skills?
Thanks. I will look it up

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some of them use skrill too. or payoneer

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Where do you live, that sounds very cheap place

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ikr if its not complete crap I might be able to retire there.

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Ukraine. If you make 1k/month youre basically god here. For example, average therapist/surgeon makes 200-250$/months not including "presents".
Thanks. I'll check it.

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Yea, its pretty cheap place with nice nature and pretty women. The only hard part is to make money lol.

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That's little too cold for my taste

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why is your country so shit? where do you live?

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Are you fucking foreal? I can easily make that a day trading.

Can I retire there and live like a king?

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mturk surveys

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I like cold weather more actually but yea, Im studying in medical university and theres a lot of pajeets and blacks. They dress like they are in fucking Antarctica.
I dont think i have enough budget to make any profit on stocks. Maybe im wrond but you need few thousands to make atleast 10$
Ukraine. I wont say its too bad to live here. Everything is pretty cheap, but its almost impossible to buy car/apartment.
1k per day? You can bang hoes and doing cocaine all day long with this money.

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why dont you immigrate to a less shitty country?

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k n e e p a d s

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in normal countries everyone can own their own car easily

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Try the matched betting

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do earncrypto.com get paid in crypto to do slave labor

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I need to finish my study. Im thinking about it, but I dunno if less shitty country would accept doctor with shitty english.
I know, theres a lot of people with cars, especially with foreign numbers, taxes hurt too much.
Will check.

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Gambling isnt for me, if theres any chance to lose money i would prefer to avoid it.

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Lol where are u livin?

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Which city are you living anon? I love Ukraine and I might help you. Drop me your email.

I am planing to move to Lviv soon, I’ll need local help.

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No risk, it's about extracting the money from welcome bonus or reloading the type "bet X gets X free bet"

those offers/bonuses are usually daily anon

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Im living in Vinnitsa, central part of Ukraine. Lviv is beautiful tho, good architecture and basically everything made to get your money.

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Damn poor xexol bro... a beer in a bar here costs 10$

Just move to Moscow or Warsaw or something...

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Havent heard about it. I thought its about betting money on low coefficient for almost guranteed win.
1.5$ here lol. As I said before, Im not sure someone would accept foreign doctor but if so, I still need to finish university.

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>Havent heard about it. I thought its about betting money on low coefficient for almost guranteed win.
It is guaranteed, just to extract the money from the offers, it is not difficult and you could get money all or almost every day.

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Even if you can't practice as a DM, you would make 100x more money being a tutor to some Rublevka rich kid than whatever you're doing in Vinnitsa...

I'm a soviet refugee living in Canada.. my good friend spent a year in Moscow teaching english to rich kids and lived like a king there.

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Im full sperg, communication with people I dont know is hard for me. Even my future profession is pathologist, so I can avoid people kek.
Will check. Any sites you can recommend.

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>Will check. Any sites you can recommend.

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Move to Finland . 600€ for free monthly without working & free house for rent

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You know the boxer Usyk?

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Tell me op, what could you do for me that could earn you that $10 a day, I would be willing to pay for cheap talent/labour

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I'd pay him 10 dollars a day to be my friend.

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Please don't post on my board again, Op would have to make a winning trade of 10% a day with $100 you brainlet

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$3650 per year, that's a good deal.

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Have I got a good one for you goy.

Find small cities 100k+ that's going to host a popular event. Post tickets for sale online at 5x rate et voila.

If you can code and make intersites you could even Phish cc info and automate the skemming process.

Just an idea though...

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Dont you need citizenship to get free munz? I would prefer to work tho.
I dunno, the only thing that comes to mind is translating.
I dont think you need sperg friend that barely can pronounce words lol.
I know people doing it in the past. But nice idea tho.

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I was confused too lmao.

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Are Americans welcome there?
Maybe I'll retire early
I can bring extra MAGA hats to give as bribes would that work

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What country are you from? What did you study also? What are you good at? What kind of skills do you have with computers and doing online research and shit? I don't know you need to sell yourself a bit more op, I can't do it for you. Remember this, you can be lazy at a fucking job all you want, but you can't be lazy getting a job because very rarely is someone just going to give you a job op

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Yes, why not. Woman prefer whites tho.

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learn to crack accounts on nulled

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Ukraine. Im studying in medical university, trying to become autopsy examiner. The only thing i was doing is grinding in games and selling currency. Was selling articles long time ago.

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Dude it's easy as fuck and once It's up and running you use the info to buy crypto.. you can even pay someone through them online services thingys.

Mine was made several years ago and I had the guy code it so that setup for me is easy as fuck

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The thing is theres not enough events that lack tickets. All the events happening in big cities. People were doing it during football world championship. I havent heard about this method since.

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