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>out of weed

Going to try and stop bros after I hit this resin promise

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when was the last day you didn't smoke?
the first day quit is always the worst because its hard to sleep and the stomach can be strange

ill share my routine with you anon
>burn through the weed
>go to bed high with no weed left
>wake up the next day
>don't smoke
>stay up all night the first day i don't smoke and do productive things that i wouldn't otherwise think to do if high
>go through the next day
>eat lightly
if i do this i wake up as normal and sober as ever the next day but it takes some practice

for what it's worth, if you can find new reasons to enjoy being sober you can find new reasons to enjoy being high

good luck anon

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I actually quit just a week ago. To the point where I told my mom I had a problem and she hid it somewhere so I have no access even if I want. I feel a lot better and I don't even feel any addiction or pull to it. I don't even think about it.
Just do it anon. Force yourself and realize the sober life is the good life. Then after a few months of this, smoke once a week for fun and no more

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Dude, why would you stop? Do you think your shit life is going to get better WITHOUT weed? Steal some money from your grandma, and get yourself another dimebag.

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enjoy the intense fucked up dreams, anon

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This shit seems to happen with just about every drug I've come off of.
adderall? fucked up dreams
weed? fucked up, vivid ass dreams
kratom? hella fucked up dreams
SSRI? good god, terrifyingly fucked up and intensely vivid night horrors that make everything else look like mr rogers

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Story time:
I once dreamed I accidently killed a girl but was shure ((they)) will never believe me that it was an accident so I thought I had to leave the country but then I fell asleep in my dream.
When I woke up I woke up irl but I still had the dream mindset so I started packing my shit and driving to the airport.
When I was at the terminal searching for my ticket it hit me.

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is it an endless bag of weed? or is your mom your dealer? i don't get it, what's stopping you from buying more of said weed? sounds kinda fucking stupid to me, but i guess you can't argue with success.

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I cant quit having no weed. I need this feeling to be able to do it anytime I want or I feel like I'm not quitting because of self control but because of being forced to and when I'm forced to do smth I'll do the opposite

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had dream people were coming to kill me. woke up in bathroom cutting my wrists with a blade i pulled out of a bic razor..... good times

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or just grow it. It's pretty easy.

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resin is magical. It's dirty, it may give you headaches, but man, the high. It's like weed you already smoked fell down into your pipe and wasn't actually smoked yet. I feel like resin has a higher concentration of THC than actual weed. It's a dry man's savior.
T breaks are cool but at the end of the day sobriety sucks if you truly love weed.

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Basically this. I noticed my life is exactly as shit as with weed but more depressing. I just took away one of the few joys I had.

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p much.

the whole 'you're wasting your money and life away on weed' shit boomers give you is basically a load of shit. they say this while they're chugging down a 6 pack everynight and loading themselves with pills.

life is fucking shit without weed. it's literally God's way of helping NEETs cope with our misery.

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fuarkk i've been getting that same feeling and its shitty, makes me feel like im dependent on it.

I've been moving around a lot and dont have dealers and it stresses me out not having a hookup i can just call to get it quickly.
I can go weeks w/o smoking and when i have weed i dont really go overboard with it(like a half 1/8 a week) but it feels shitty as fuck not having it and not being able to get it.

Finally just went on the darknet and ordered some with some leftover BTC i had in my dream market account haha

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get out of dream. they're going to exit scam soon.

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It can genuinely help with depression for some people and sometimes it even makes me more motivated. Its all about finding the right strain and doing it in moderation.

If you're smoking from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep it probably will fuck you up a bit unless you actually have some sickness its helping.

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CGMC nigga

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Dude go on medical marjiuana facebook broups. My mom is literally a boomer and get s weed and oil sent to her all the time. Some dude sent her a pound of bud and two ponds of trim because she makes oil for sick people at home. She gives a ton of weed away too but it's fuck crazy what people will just give you. Definitely worth a shot. I've been eating FECO for this whole year and it's literally ruined my life.

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I knew i had left a small amount of BTC in there from back in January and it turned out to be enough for 1/8 of weed.

Feels pretty good. thanks for the heads up tho.
Cant wait for the war on drugs meme to be over and we can just order weed, coke, shrooms and mdma online like free people.

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i realized it actually had a medicinal effect on me years after i started smoking.

i have p high intraocular pressure and couldn't figure out what i was feeling for the longest time, but all i knew was that weed made it go away. then i had my eyes tested and boom.

i usually smoke as close to a 100% indica as i can get. i don't get unproductive though. the dreamy feeling i get from heavy indicas actually helps me block out the world while continuing to do what i need to do. i'm not a big fan of the world in general so the more i can block that shit out, the happier i am..

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its a good thing you used up that btc actually. they've been stealing money from wallets for months now. you got lucky..

thanks nigga will look into it

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Has anyone tried CBD as an alternative here, does it work?

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>being this addicted to a non-physically addicting substance
Not gonna make it

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>i realized it actually had a medicinal effect on me years after i started smoking.
yea man, that shit is not a meme. It helps me a lot with anxiety if i actively try to meditate while high, i can literally feel tight muscles relaxing.

Its not like a magic solution for depression and anxiety but if you do it in conjunction with yoga, meditation, stretching, exercise, healthy eating, etc. Its pretty fucking awesome.

Facebook groups worked when i was living in Orlando but i havent found any good ones in the part of Jersey where im at now. Its not impossible to get weed around here, it just pisses me off hard because it should be fucking legal at this point.

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its not psychedelic so if you're looking to get high it wont work.

if you just want the medicinal effects then its great. great for anxiety too i've heard..

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Nigga it's 5 am where I am and I'm kinda sentimental so I'm going to tell you my secret strain and I'm only posting it once:
The OG #18.

Doesnt work but you can mix it with dabs then it's uplifting

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what's wrong with me where i find pot heads so fucking annoying? seems like they're always the same and always spin their addictions into some woe is me narrative where they're unable or unwilling to cope with the same shit everyone else copes with while sober

wahats wrong with me

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it's snake oil. gf works in the industry and i've used so many bottles of the shit

apparently it has helped like 10 kids reduce seizures, but its mostly just a placebo thats going to be marketed as a cure all

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nothings wrong with you you just don't belong in the subculture. you don't 'get it' in other words. you sound like someone who'd enjoy cocaine a lot..

my nigga you like that powerpack too huh. i'll peep that shit

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Haven’t smoked in 2 weeks trying to go this whole month without it. Its nice to wake up without that weed hangover/brain fog.

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I've never been against weed because of how much i loved how it went with music as a teenager....But for a long time I did have disdain for potheads who were fucking losers and just literally smoked weed and played video games all day. I still think there has to be a sense of moderation anon, but it genuinely helps a lot of people out.

>seems like they're always the same and always spin their addictions into some woe is me narrative where they're unable or unwilling to cope with the same shit everyone else copes with while sober

Something to keep in mind is that the society we live in has legit created a fuckton of mental health problems that people didnt used to have. I feel like everyone who grew up with computers and smart phones legit develops ADD or whatever.
Same shit with depression and anxiety. I used to think all these things were huge fucking memes until they started affecting me, and everyone i know.

Now i kinda think it should be free reign. Do whatever you want to combat your woes. I wish most drugs were OTC and there was just better info and resources for how to use drugs to your benefit and avoiding addiction.

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I'm an incel who has hardly any contacts. I only get from a friend whom I see rarely, so when I buy I buy a lot and I'm set for many many months at a time

Lol ok keep to that logic and you'll never quit. You have low self control, you need external forces to help, you need to be forced into it

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>Tries hard to quit and finally manages to do so
>Turns around and judges others who are in the same situation

Yeah you'll probably be back on it I'm guessing..

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Let me tell you boys the story of the Golden Res Hit.
I had this pipe, my first pipe, Smoksy. Smokesy was great, her bowls were tight af. I knew about the power of resin, sometimes I'd clean Smokesy out and roll resin into balls and then cover them with foil from cigarette packages, the foil would superheat the balls until they burst in a flurry of res smoke. I also knew there was more resin, hidden, under the main bowl, so I began a tradition. After sessions I would heat the bott of the bowl with a lighter. Sometimes it would ignite and I could pull a res haul from just that. Often it made a boiling sound. I had Smokesy for a few years and one day, down on my luck with no herb, I decided to fish the bottom bowl for anything that could be smoked. I heated and reheated the bowl and, using a bobby pin, began to pull resin through the choke. Until finally a GOLDEN, like honey gold, glob of resin came out. That glob, that little golden glob of super concentrated resin, was one of the best bowls I've ever smoked.

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yeah i guess i just find the culture so fucking loud and obnoxious, like pot heads literally live to get high and its fucking annoying. if people 'dabble' with a drug to feel calm or whatever, i get that. i fell for the psychedelics meme and used a lot of LSD over the last couple of years hoping it would offer me some sort of insight, but instead it was just a fun/depressing inward experience that always led me to the same obvious truth

but pot heads.. holy shit they just never shut the fuck up about how its a this medicine, this sacrament, this great experience
>the music bro
>its earths medicine
>we're meant to smoke it
>whattabout booze? its unhealthy
it just grinds on me like no other sub culture

but yeah fair points i guess

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Running out of weed mid-day or evening is the worst fucking thing ever. At least pace yourself to have a fresh day

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I quit in July. I was a resin smoker too. Had a month of depression, this is the key time that you have to overcome. Life is finally good. Stay strong.

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I'm in Canada. As of tomorrow I will never run out of weed again.

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This is exactly why I quit. When I first started smoking years ago I wasn't depressed and weed was fantastic. TV shows were funnier, food was fantastic, video games so interesting. Then I fell into a depression (not saying caused by weed, unrelated), and since then weed made me feel worse. It numbed everything and made everything more boring instead of the opposite. It made lazier. I'm clean for only a week or so and I already feel much better, more motivated, positive outlook, and happier.
Only smoke weed if youre in a good mental state overall.

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>Buying (((legal))) weed
I am so embarrassed by my people.

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I have experience quitting vaping. I found that its easier to quit when you have access to the substance. If you have none you'll do anything to get it, but if you have some you feel more in control. You just abstain. Takes willpower.

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Its easier to start a break if you still have bud. Psychological thing bro.