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>wow a bitcoin is $6000? no thanks
>hey this thing called ZRX is only 80 cents, if I buy it and it goes as high as bitcoin - I’ll be a millionaire!!!

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us npc's have thoughts

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>this coin is valued higher so it is better

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It worked for XRP?

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Don't over think such a easy market dude this shit will 100x

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and LTC. ZRX is actually useful though.

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>I can't afford a whole Bitcoin
>Better just buy Litecoin instead

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that is your thought, I doubt market participants are that retarded

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Truly agonizing.
>if you knew Litecoin was shit, why didn't you warn me?
>you were laughing at me since I bought Litecoin? I thought you were laughing at the way it is pronounced.
>wait, what do you mean "Light Coin"? I thought it was pronounced "Lit Coin" because it is like Bitcoin but more Lit than Bitcoin

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>hurr durr TRX will be 10000$ one day
>not that retarded