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Oh boy they are working on aggregation right under our noses:

The node still writes a 1 when the value false is seen from the resulting data. I gave the node "path": "Aggregated" for the JsonParse adapter which returns the JSON value false.

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Why is the one on the right so perfect, brehs?

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because Sergey only fucks with 10s

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That ID tho

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>When you got 10k Chainlink and you know your gonna make it

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It can't be this easy...

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Blythe is literally the most attractive since she’s stood the test of time. Perriane could end up ugly :(

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Left and middle have literally the exact same smile....

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Mummy cunnys

Now I understand the purpose of chainlink

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marry left
fuck right
kill middle

I'm sorry mommy

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they all have bigger stacks than you though.
they wouldn't fuck with a tiny stack.

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yet again something that can be done more securely without having to trust chainlink's network

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sergey knows whats up
this is big fish

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Left, right - tomboys. Sergey is little mister autism.
He elicits a motherly response in those women.

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Doesn't feel easy...

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It feels crazy because it is. No one reasonable would have bought Bitcoin when it was a dollar with the expectation of return.

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exactly this. but i'd just ignore the middle.

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dat painting

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pajeet please you don't even trust toilets.