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>be small child
>parents tell you about santa and the invisible magic sky man
>stop believing in santa because that's for children
>still believe in the invisible magic sky man as an adult
>rightcucks will defend this lmao

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>small government means literally not a lot of people
It means minimal rules limiting your life, brainlets

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t. spiritual IQ of 82

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small government is a hypercapitalist meme and you lick boots if you believe it

the government won't get smaller, it'll just let them fuck you more.

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so what's your problem? poor? ugly? stupid? I bet all of it. losers!

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How fucking retarded are these meme makers?

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socialists, man. they're retarded. also envious and greedy.

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You toxic racists need to FUCK off. Socialism is the only moral form of government.

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go back to pol.

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Pick one and fuck off back to /pol/

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you realy think somebody belive in this sh-t?
it just mental tecnivue for get painkill and way to scam retarded people

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Go back to Stormfront.