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>be small child
>parents tell you about santa and the invisible magic sky man
>stop believing in santa because that's for children
>still believe in the invisible magic sky man as an adult
>rightcucks will defend this lmao

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Belief gives you strength and desu if there is no invisible magic sky man then who is there? Universe? What created that? Big bang? What created the big bang etc etc.

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>rightcucks will defend this

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Shared delusions have social utility sometimes. It allows the deluded to act in a concerted effort among other social benefits.

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hello retard its not always a person or being that creates shit

also stop being small minded

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the invisible sky man is for those that need to fear the unknown

the point is to ACT as if he exists, in est: Do good things and try not to do bad things and focus on what needs to get done. Not to difficult if you think about it.

if you must believe, believe in yourself

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>be small child
>parents tell you god doesnt exist
>become nihilistic and hedonistic
>do nothing but degenerate things your entire life
>commit suicide by age 30 because nothing to live for
>leftcucks will defend this lmao

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It gives you the illusion of strength. The illusion that you belong to a group, protected and blessed by a supra-natural entity.

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we are a simulation

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>>commit suicide by age 30 because nothing to live for
Holy shit, this is how meaningless the lives of rightcucks are lol. They will actually kill themselves without their version of santa claus.

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I have no specific religion belief. I'm all open to different theories. I just like to think that there is some sort of god. OP seemed to be one of the "Science" atheist guys who believe in big bang, but can't think beyond that.