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>the american dream is that anyone with the skillset to make a sandwich will be able to afford property and luxuries
Why are reddit cucks so delusional?

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You have to go back

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oh geez I support high wages for high achievers but if you really think your going to become a wall mart door greeter if you earned the same money... im sorry thats just a fucking retarded argument... is money the ONLY reason your working? dont you like your job? thats not our problem if thats the case stop being a bitch and do something you love and stop blaming money and others for your problems... you are literally just like the people you are arguing against...
I suppose you are from reddit though making you a NPC so you cant really be blamed for your total lack of self identity probably the reason your so butt-mad in the first place being inundated by group think and all

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reddit is such a confusing site its such a mess to follow the fact that half the replies aren't in order is fucking annoying to read through

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People think we are entitled to grocery store food and nice cell phones. In the old days if you made a shit wage you lived off your land and fucking dealt with it but the brown shitskins and women in modern day society would all die or would be worthless without modern conveniences and they recognize this fact

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It would be nice if that was the case still, but people can't live off land anymore.

Also, high wages get punished by a percentage tax. About 27% of income is taken away; where is the incentive to get high paying jobs when you get punished for making more?

>higher tax on tobacco because it's bad
>higher tax on gambling because it's bad
>higher tax on smart working people because it's bad?


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lol here in bongland its 45% tax. once your making big bux, every other hour you work, is for free. literally half of your work is volunteer work for the government...

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That's awful. Why even work at that point. Most of your income probably goes to aid immigrants.

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>is money the ONLY reason your working?

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It's even worse in the Netherlands with 52% income tax

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Wages should be higher then $8 an hour, even if you work at Burgerking.
But it shouldn't rise higher by a government mandated minimum wage law, it should be raised higher due to the competition of capitalism.
Young people should have the opportunity to work in factories making $20 an hour, except all factories in America have been outsourced to countries with cheap labor so people are now forced to work at shitty fast food joints that can offer the lowest possible wage allowed by law.

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This is the power of reddit

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That's not capitalism you brainlet, that's mercantalism. Other countries do the same job at the same quality for cheaper - unless you can make the cost of living cheaper and therefore have a lower wage, protecting industries like that is just creating uncompetitive businesses that end up funded by the government because they don't work in the global economy (which is inevitable you luddite)

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I bet that guy is an absolute drainer to be around

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>it's your fault I can't save because I chose to live in NY or San Fagsisco
it's too easy triggering retards

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Never underestimate how far a bitter poor faggot will go to both avoid any personal responsibility as well as trying to make you feel like shit for having straight priorities. That is a faggot who licks his own nuts every night.

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China manipulates their currency in order to keep wages low. They are the ones utilizing mercantilist tactics. Free trade doesn't exist when a country manipulates their currency and subsidizes every industry under the sun in order to undercut everyone else.

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Look at all those jealous people. This is why you never tell anybody you made it. As soon as I make it I’m cutting contact from a bunch of people, already starting. No time for wage slaves and their butthurt self victimizing

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Bitch there Americans who pay 45% taxes and have to pay 10,000x more for healthcare and education. You can't fucking complain

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Honestly, I think American^tm healthcare would be absolute shit tier. Government can't even get schools right, and we think they're capable of healthcare? lmao. What would end up happening is people will still end up going into debt in order to get actually good healthcare from private hospitals.
The people who really can't afford healthcare (you know like actual poor folks) are covered under medicaid.
The reason why medical prices are ballooning is because instead of saving money in a tax free account for medical needs, people think they need insurance with low deductibles. Bitch, you don't need a low deductible. Save your money.
Why don't we make food free for everyone? You need food more than you need medical care. Why not? Because then everyone would get the most expensive shit and it would inflate the price for everyone. The same thing goes for insurance. Save your money in a tax free account bitch.

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rant over lol

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This. I've literally stopped telling most people I'm in crypto. I wait until they mention it first as a sign that they were similar to me. Even then though never mention how much I have in and such.