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Unironically the life of every 20-30 y/o NPC in 2018:
>He owns a Mercedes/Lexus/Infinity on a lease
>He owns the latest iphone and apple product
>Ge's trying to get "social media" famous
>He lives in a studio apartment
>He's late on his credit card payments
>He wears the latest trendy clothing
>He's $70k in debt

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What about the fact that they went to college for a shit degree they don't use? pls correct

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>he posts on an anime forum for weeaboos
>he has no friends
>scared of women
>is a contrarian
>will die alone

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lol at this npc incel mad at based normie life

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>they are proud of the company where they work
>they don't understand why you wan't to stop working

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Go forth.
Be conquered.
Go forth and die.

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wtf m8

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>>>He owns a Mercedes/Lexus/Infinity on a lease

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Used to work with a guy who earned min. wage in UK and spent his wages on £100+ trainers.
Was joking around with him about betting and stuff, mentioned I put on £20 for Donald to win the presidency and he looked at me like I'd just stepped on a puppy

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>late on his credit card payments
i tell my wife to pay down her ~$12k debt, tried to diddle around with 0% balance transfer a few times but it just created more debt. now she's stuck. we don't even care any more and i tell her to run up all her cards. i'm letting the debt collectors do their thing because none of it is in my name.
i should have gotten her a line of credit first earlier on so she could have consolidated everything. now she can't even get one and i aint cosigning anything.
my wife says her friends are a lot worse. i don't have any friends. do people carry around a lot of credit card debt? how do they manage it?

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>have a degree in some shit tier non-specialist subject
>have a PCP contract BMW / Audi / Merc - usually entry level (1 series, Audi A1 / TT etc.)
>work in a mid level low prestige jog which pays £25 - £28k per year
>rent a new build flat or buy a new build cuckbox with a 5% downpayment where the government owns 20% equity
>have a misshapen ugly Anglo girlfriend who is a team leader in a call centre and thinks pugs and wine are the best things ever
>go on holiday each year to a generic Spanish resort and post photos all over insta and facebook of in your brightly coloured shorts with your bird with the tagline, "How's the weather back home? ;)"
>have no hobbies or interests outside of football

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The accuracy is haunting

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>my wife
>none of the debt is in my name...
Anon, I...

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>owns a 15 year old neon
>doesnt own a phone
>used for be social media famious but grew tired of it
>lives with parents
>doesn't intent to ever pay off credit cars
>clothes 5+ years old

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bro delete this

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Nice id

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you forgot
>he thinks he will get rich with his magic internet money

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It gets worse

>be late 20s now
>Friday ritual consists of putting on a super tight tartan suit and turtleneck jumper with no socks and posting pics of you and your bird before "date night"
>got promoted to Team Leader at your sales job so now you earn £27k instead of £25k
>decide you want to be a LEGEND businessman so buy a £30k dilapidated flat on the wrong side of town and rent it out to Housing Benefit dole wallers, managed by your sister who works as a lettings agent on sick commission
>Spanish resorts have now swapped to more exotic places such as Thailand and Croatia
>Bloated bird still thinks shes a size 8
>you've spent the last 3 years growing in a beard to hide your weak as fuck chin
>Audi A1 PCP contract ran out and you couldnt afford the balloon payment so swapped it in for a sick new bright yellow Nissan Juke
>your bloated bird has a kid on the way so need to have something more reliable and that for the trips to Ikea innit

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In 2018 only specific ugly people can become social media stars i guess. Nobody gives a shit about generic models anymore.

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If you made this, you are cancer

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Fucking sensitive crybaby. You're as bad as liberals.

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Hahahaha holy shit this. Fucking hate it. Especially the instagram retards who preach about this way of life

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All the normies I know hate working, the only reason this has been pushed into the NPC narrative is neet insecurity.

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I can identify with this description.

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You forgot the meme shoes with inflated soles

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Delet right now

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Bless your heart for trying.

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Kill all kikes

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Literally 0/7.

t. 30 year old boomer

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T. 30 yr old boomer

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>She drives a Civic or Jeep
>She works at a graphic design company, as a Nurse, or in medical assisting.
>She's trying to get "social media" famous by posting the latest segments from the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, posting videos of her protesting for women's rights, and belittling Trump in childish ways.
>We believe her
>She does okay financially although her co-workers say she inept at her job and probably doesn't deserve it.
>Is obsessed with skin-care routines and posts pictures of her masking with these products (or sells them on the side).
>More Instagram photos with her children, some from previous failed relationships, but she's stayed in this one for the financial security.

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>has an inflated sense of accomplishment and self-importance
>These attributes are reinforced and encouraged by the strong presence of NPC culture.
>Thinks Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is the greatest book she's ever read.

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> 250k real estate
> 1500 car
> live in studio I finished out behind duplex
> been to 15 countries, know where I can go live cheap

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2/7, clothing and apartment.

t. 29 year old lawstudent. european, though, so im 5 figures in the green instead of red.

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>owns a jeep outright
>owns and lives in a 3-flat, rents out the other units for $$$
>owns another rental property
>$60k in savings
>no college loan debt
>$130k salary building UIs for dApps
>works remotely

t. 30 year old boomer

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Oh fuck

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If she's your wife it is your debt anon

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>t. typical crypto "investor"

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>he does the same
>except he hates it here yet keeps forcing himself to be around us
I hope you are at least a shill and get something out of it. Doing it for free would be just too sad.

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>my wife
>not my debt
never change biz

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teach me your ways

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That's more of a bugman thing. You know the type, dryly enthusiastic about tech companies and especially the company he works for. NPCs just float through their work routine.

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pls no

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this is the most npc response

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These posts make me feel so good about my life.

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The wine and pugs thing is true in the USA as well.

Girls these days function more like a hivemind than ever before. Social media has helped destroy humanity.

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If you think things were better in the past you deserve everything you’re going to get

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>wanting to muck about with memory pointers unless absolutely necessary
>worrying about ram in any non-cutting edge application

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I'm ok with dying sone. Almost all women cheat and I would never want to humiliate myself like that.

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Why did you get msrried? The majority of married women have affairs.

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>he thinks he needs women's approval to make it

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