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How has this guy been bad for you as an average person? He litterally wants business to flourish and you to succeed.

Change my mind.

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He is a fucking racist. He is a toxic piece of fucking shit.

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Trump was destined to become president. I do not think you could find a more suited human to be the president in this day and age.

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Abloo bloo

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you are on 4chan most people like him here... go back to plebit

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I actually own a fucking business and my taxes are higher then they were before you stupid fucking cunt.

Fuck off back to /pol/ US is shit for business and has the most regulated/cucked investing market outside of NK and Iran.

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that just seems like conjecture

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> maga can do no wrong
> free markets are bad
> trade deficits hur dur

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Trump is god.

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classic hillary deflection - who gives a flying fuck about her
the orange faggot with the tiny mushroom dick is in the whitehouse and doesn't know what the fuck he's doing with trade policy

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NPC detected

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Dirty Chink detected.

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>if you disagree with the majority opinion you're an NPC

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regardless of whether he does or not, in what way is he racist? what is the strongest evidence that he is a racist, in your opinion?

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yeah, who gives a fuck if he's racist or not - this is /biz/, we care about $$

his problem is he doesn't know trade policy but is stubborn in his idiotic economic beliefs

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kek - i live in montana, i'd be lynched for being a china man out here

i never said he was racist, who gives a fuck about that. i care about his economic policies

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> Muh feelings
Why is he racist you ask? He is racist because... because.. because.. I JUST DONT LIKE THE WAY HE SPEAKS OKAY!? And all my friends say he’s racist so it must be true.

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Trump is a mixed bag.

On one hand
>rails on about trade deficits when they're actually a good thing
>exploding national deficit
>alienating our allies

On the other
>actually punishing China albeit in a stupid fucking fashion
>May manage to make NAFTA better somehow
>Is actually energizing the opposition to stop blooblooing and get the thumb out of their asses

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Well, he is stupid. Mentally challenged at least.

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>alienating our allies

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>being concerned about other men's dick

what are you? a woman?

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idiots who think trump is racist are the same people who think they have the right to speak for races that they are not a part of.

idiots who think trump is sexist are the same people who claim to be feminists only to later be caught out in some scandalous shit involving raping bitches

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yeah, i don't understand that hate cause how does it really effect you? politically correct congress will stop most racist policies so it doesn't even matter if trump is a racist (if it can be proven).

what matters is trade + economic policies, diplomacy, and the balance between protectionism and globalization


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>this is /biz/, we care about $$

never mind my other post:


you're cool , bro

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Then that goes doubly so. The quickest way to forment rebellion is to shit in your vassal's cornflakes and call them a stupid fuck.

Our soft power projection has diminished incredibly. Who follows Trump will have their work cut out for them.

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it's 2018, don't be a faggot - you're gay if you aren't thinking about other dudes dicks to ensure you are the alpha chad

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agreed. Steel and aluminum tariff are asinine tho. Ford lost 1 billion this year because of it. Obviously more jobs use the material than jobs extracting and producing the material.

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But the alternative to American rule is either annihilation or Russian rule. So they choose the strong horse and rightly so.

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pretty much

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LOL!!!!! speak for yourself NIGGER

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somebody's been consuming leftist media. GOOD GOY!!

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great don lemon quote!

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>Uses Keynesian economics for artifical growth
>Average americans pays more taxes
>Made nafta 2.0
>wall is in development hell.
>Farmers don't are subsidised aka on welfare because of tarrifs
>fucked net neutrality
>said he would repeal obamacare and replace it with something far better, never happened.
You guys remember the days before the '16 boomers infiltrated this site?

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This is the problem with "My way or the highway" sort of diplomacy. You're betting that the other dudes aren't selling a better product, you're trading the advantage of cooperation for the disadvantage of coercion. It works great as long as the other guys keep selling a shitty product, the moment they get their act together you're on the wrong foot.

The only thing keep Europe from falling into Russian orbit is the fact that Russians are so slapstickedly bad actors that you'd have to be insane or Poland to think they're a good choice.
The instant they cobble together a even remotely coherent foreign policy strategy that isn't just threatening to shove tanks through Germany they'll have won most of Europe except the most ardent countries like the UK and Germany.

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lol most people only ironically like him here sperg
its great that the meme went on long enough that actual retards will show themselves now

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>using two spaces between each line

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>He litterally wants business to flourish and

He wants billionaires to flourish(so basically himself). He doesn't give a fuck about you bro. It's all self-interest. He used his salesman skills(that's basically the only thing he's good at) to convince the stupid people in the poor and middle class to vote for him.

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I watch colbert every night because hes a genius even though i dont understand the humor because its so witty and avante-garde that you need 2 PhDs to get it

Wtf help me biz

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That's some of the most horribly formatted code I've ever seen.

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weak bait