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The paid Dero shills are back.
Why? Why do those damn pajeets shill this shitcoin so much?

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I am almost sure it comes from here!
Am i right? >>11404064
Is this your employer?

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why don't you answer me?
Come at me pajeet!

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Is this real? Thanks for sharing but you Monerocucks still need to kys.

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>20 Chainlink threads
>this is okay :^)

>20 Monero threads
>this is okay :^)

>4 Dero threads

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nice whataboutism
Fuck off!

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I use the filter to get rid of he threads I don't like, if OP is to stupid to do the same I don't know what to say honestly. Feels like it's literally one retarded guy on a crusade at this point. I'm up in the air if Dero is a scam or not, on one hand the Dev has been delivering against the odds, on the other hand he seems a bit autistic and has done some iffy shit, I'll keep watching and seeing it's progress for now at this point.