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if you've hung around here long enough, you too have probably noticed an influx of nazi/fascist/white supremacist/anti-semitic posts lately. I think we're being set up and surreptitiously being made to look like some sort of extremist hate group. crypto enthusiasts on this indonesian basket weaving forum are subtly and steadily being associated with extremist ideology. what can we do to mitigate this attempt at character assassination currently underway?

a cursory observation of the posts on here with no real insight into the culture of the forum would lead any ignorant person, be it a curious new user or a journalist, to conclude that this is what we are. I don't think these types of campaigns are for us, but rather for outsiders. especially now, given the magnitude of the internet outrage complex, it's so easy for someone with an agenda to find exactly what they're looking for and extract whatever narrative they seek to deploy.
we are systematically being made to look like the enemy.

what can we do?

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call pol shit posters out as false flaggers

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I think white NPCs are starting to wake up

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OP is a kike

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preheat the ovens.

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4chans been shit since all the retarded stormfronters came here when their shithole site got shut down unfortunately it conincided with the 2016 wave of newfags and underage's and now were are inundated with uniron hilter worshiping jew posting fuckwits. I'd say 4chan has at most 2/3 years left in it neither of these groups made the place fun or interesting and as people leave and they are all that's left it will just get turned off or sold by hiromoot.

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top fucking kek, cia false flag AI btfo

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I agree op. We are a humble Mongolian basket weaving and shrimp farming board that is being mischaracterized as some bastion of hate.

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bland cancerposters.

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>while (debate_with_left == true)

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Economic and political opinions are often related... also its probably russian bots or something else to that effect attempting to ~sow discontent

related is that tech from a medieval Europe simulator game. Russia is basically using this technology with computers and it happens to affect /biz/

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most of us are neets in suits primarily pushing this cry*to currency bullshit, of course we're the enemy, by 2020 you crypto fags might actually take a huge steaming pile of shit on the economy, i myself despise cryptoid scum, but if something relevant actually happens i'll actually laugh my ass off

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It used be screaming sjw faggots boring people by shitting on about race. Now its another flavour of boring retard doing it

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I'm inclined to agree that the fairly obvious Russian/shill/vatnik far right posters are 50% some Russian bullshit

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how bland? bleached?

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Nah when jew posting spead from being a hitler did noting wrong troll on screaming sjws to make the pop blood vessels to the canver that was nat soc on pol and then the stormfront influx along with the 2016 underages yu were just left with thousands of phone posters typing jew and kike. Its boring. They were only ever here because they could type nigger anonymously

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This is literally the kike calling the kettle greedy.

There has been a leftist shill group here making posts exactly like this. They are the ones behind all the constant communist/socialist/Fuck trump/Fuck Americans/Fuck whites threads on here.

They are trying to change the narrative right now to one where they aren't the ones trying to infiltrate the board. They are even invoking Russian bots. This is an actual board invasion by an ideological group that wants to subvert the actual purpose of the board and they are trying to frame it like they were always here and this was always their board.

It is beyond disgusting.

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i thought it was because all the legit people got bored and only post semi regular now, leaving the bagholding neets with nothing else in their life left posting, typically ones that frequent pol too

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Some hired eastern european(slav)/ central american(mexicans) (people can usually detect indians(pajeets) and asians(chinks) and blacks to sit on a computer and AI guided trolling.

Trolling is relatively procedural

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Oh obviously leftists have caught on but they're shittier at it

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what possible motive is there...

you exaggerate. simple: these people were always here, but drowned out. now these sad fucks are the only consistent posters left, they probably frequent pol too. they have nothing better to do than be on 4chan all day.

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Recently all I've noticed is people spamming politics threads in /biz/. This isn't a place to debate communism it's a fucking business and finance board for shilling shitcoins.

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Lol no fuckin way. I spent years on /o/ before moving to /fit/ for years and now /biz/ and there's no way those 2 boards are that high on the scale

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who engineered the collapse of the American economy OP? Ben bernanke. Lloyd blanfein, hank paulson, dick fuld, janet yellen, alan greenspan, and more. All jews. Da fuck do you not know who created the federal reserve and took over the printing of money to funnel the entire american wealth to jews. Oh ya sure a white supremacist did it? How fucking retarded are you. People are trying to get out from the white collar crime syndicate jews use to keep humans in debt slavery and poverty. You have to be a jew or a retard who loves television news

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It's the lesser of two evils. The jargon on /biz/ keep unwanted elements away, there are other chatforums where there isn't this strong far-right element, and these are in most cases inferior to /biz/ - because there isn't an element of natural selection.

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As copy pasta as this is /pol/ can fuck off.

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Ah yes, biz offers worthwhile discussion. you are crazy bro. half the posts here are meme shit posts with zero substance.
bitcointalk is most definitely superior to biz and isn't littered with children flooding a thread with 300 shit posts because they were told to shut the fuck up

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and half the other anons who aren't rabidly shit posting are the type of dumb fucks who think tax payer funded roads and health care is outright communism

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>what can we do?
I dont understand. When white supremecists were denied Paypal/Visa they switched to crypto. Crypto is white supremacist blood money. If you buy a bitcoin you can almost guarantee it was in the hands of a nazi at some point. By buying any crypto, you are essentially giving large gains to nazis.

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>the type of dumb fucks who think tax payer funded roads and health care is outright communism
..taxation is theft with addition of a threat of violence, it's blatant robbery! I don't want to talk about where roads then should come from, the big questions in life is best left unanswered.

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>neither of these groups made the place fun or interesting
This. Stormfront threads are unfunny as fuck.

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you keep posting these op and they keep getting deleted by admin because this is nonsense. What have I noticed over the last year? Lots of bullsht bitmex bull threads and more and more traps. If anything, this has become an alt-left board.

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>if you've hung around here long enough, you too have probably noticed an influx of nazi/fascist/white supremacist/anti-semitic posts lately.
kill yourself

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you are a fucking retard. Everyone who is mad at the long term jewish financial crime is not a nazi. NAZI party was for germanic territorial expansion. are you 8 yrs old watching spielberg movies all day?

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this is only the second time I bring up the topic. I want some actual discussion about the issue, that's all.

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yep sure seems like a legit chart

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Are you going to call me a Russian Bot too? Theirs a reason I am trying to take and grow my money off the grid..

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/pol/ posting started becoming more common when they arrived in January at the peak of the bubble.

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It’s all intended to scare off thin skinned normies from getting real information. In a way an idiot filter.

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I think we all agree that this was previously all tongue-in-cheek shitposting before. recently however, the tone has shifted away from this and seems to be a deliberate attempt to paint the crypto community as hateful extremists

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this is not just a /biz/ problem, the /pol/ cancer has been spreading to every board on 4chan at an exponential rate ever since the 2016 election. they think this whole site belongs to them when in reality their breeding ground was always meant to be a containment board to preserve the quality of discussion everywhere else. anyone who has been here since the /n/ days knows this

unfortunately the owner of this site barely speaks english and has no idea what the fuck is going on, and my guess is that these retards have heavily infiltrated the moderation team so i wouldn't expect anything to change anytime soon. most of the time they're not even worth engaging with, report their threads and move on

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Shut the fuck up faggot. Get off 4chan if you can't handle people being offensive.

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I wanted to comprehend this post so badly.

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kys newfag

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yeah I think you're absolutely right, unfortunately

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I'm not new I been here all summer

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the sad part is that moot probably could have stopped this madness years ago, when threads were discovered on the stormfront forums containing discussions of actual nazis using automated spam bots to propagandize their views on 4chan, which they found was a fertile ground for the advancement of their cause given the love of shock humor which has always been a part of the site's personality. however i think he was honestly just overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, which is why even after he deleted their board multiple times he kept caving and recreating it because they would raid all the other boards

this shit goes way deeper than most modern anons realize, and at this point it's just gotten so out of hand that it's difficult to imagine any viable solution. the uncomfortable truth is that this site was the victim of one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in the history of the internet, waged against the malleable minds of teenagers, and almost nobody even knows it happened

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I restate the point this is literally shills projecting what they are currently doing in this very thread onto another group and trying to invoke being oldfags to give their claims weight.

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We need more people like you! Let's set up a permanent thread, where we promote inclusivity. Let's get more women, minorities and whites more involve in collaboration. Get over the tribe mentality, biz is crypto and crypto is biz.

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As a legitimate ~15ish year long 4chan user: fuck off, niggers. pools closed, how do polar bears know what apples is, cockmongler, etc. Seriously, though, fuck off.

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unironically kys

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You don't have to do that. But the hardcore anti-semitism and psychotic Hitler youth advocacy is really creepy.

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You have to be retarded to believe something this dumb. You are a loser and will always be a loser. Good luck at your lifetime minimum wage job, chief.

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Anon, this is a clearly a shill thread.

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go back to red dit, faggot.

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>Antisemitism on a business board is creepy
/biz/ has more reasons to be so than any other board. A quarter of the world has a massive problem with Jews.

But this board is creepy and clearly full of Nazis. Why aren't you calling everyone muslims? When its clear they hate Jews the most? Still a religion of peace?

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>what can we do?
report racists

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nice slide bait, but this isn't about religion. I'm talking about the deliberate campaign to make it seem like we are racial/religious/ideological extremists

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Memery aside, I'm keen to hear more Anon. Do you mind to elaborate more or drop some sources which have explanations that time period?

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>Slide bait
>Address the direct thing you are talking about by pointing out how common it is
>Calling people Nazis
You really are a shitty human being.

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looks like we've got ourselves a couple of kikes over here

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Fuck off Discord shill

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Hitler literally was right about kikes. Kikes are the reason we went to crypto you fucking retard

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Also you're clearly a fucking newfag, Hitler has been cool here since the site's inception

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poltards are the problem. just tell them to fuck off

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for information and links about the stormfront propaganda. i'm not sure if those threads still exist or not


you can find a history of the board changes here, including some brief information about the users outrage at attempts to remove it. /pol/ as it currently exists is the third or fourth incarnation, it began as /n/ for news over 10 years ago, and the overbearing racism has been a perpetual feature of the board

unfortunately most of the history (as in relevant threads themselves) is probably gone or at least very difficult to find and piece together. however as i said, the gist is that because racist shock humor was always part of 4chan, organized white supremacist groups found an opportunity here and acted on it. and because of the anonymous nature of the site and the lack of content control, they achieved great success, resulting in a steady transformation of 4chan racism from semi-ironic shitposting into something many people genuinely believed. it was really just a perfect set of circumstances which allowed something like that to happen

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O ye,
of little test.