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How much btc must I hold to make it?

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obviously a retarded commie made this.
>what is switch {}

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>if (respond_to_left == true)

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multiple conditions can be true at the same time, cuck

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switch is slower and is a deprecated function you noob

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>No base cases
Congrats, you posted a picture that emphasizes that the left has no platform of their own. A wordpress plugin for scratching your ass makes a stronger political point.

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>what is fallthrough

lolwut. no it isnt. kys

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We’ve already been over this. It’s 21.

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seriously tho i bought 50$ worth and didnt tell my bf he would be so pissed if he knew

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lol this is hilarious tho

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>repeatedly copying stock phrases to suggest the other side are NPC's

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spotted the basedboy
back to r*ddit commie faggot

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damn, the left really cant meme

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Holy shit the left can't meme to save their lives. The only hope they have of creating even a slightly good meme is just copying the opposition and changing a few variables.

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buy xrp

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>at the pinochaet.helicopter
error: expected '}' token in line 8
>at the article == liberal
error: expected '}' token in line 20

fatal error: left political view; expected 'alt-right'

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>the left stealing memes again

why do they do this

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Have you ever talked economics with a leftist? Zero-sum thinking and the urge to steal is built into them at a very basic level.
Envy is the key word.

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snake case
(online == true) instead of (online)
shitty overused coding meme
is it supposed to be C or python?
>literally "no, u" the image
NPCs have no creativity

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Is this an authentic commie meme or satire?

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>The left can't me...

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i think its supposed to be Max Stirner

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Lmao look how triggered the NPCS get

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>those unbalanced braces
The absolute STATE of /biz/ coding