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Why do big tech companies tend to be left wing? At the end of the day, most large shareholders with significant voting power mainly care about maximizing shareholder value/ profit. So why are left wing politics good for big tech financially?

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Why does OP has to ask retarded questions on a bengalian snowboard enthusiast board. Get your ass back to yahoo ask

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HR is mostly women.

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They are not. When a tech company starts growing the Jews buy it and use it to manipulate society.

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I'm not sure what you mean by left wing. truth is there is no real left in america, especially not in corporations. what I assume you mean is that these companies espouse plurality. and to this I would say it's in their best interests in order to open up a sufficiently sizable labor force to carry out the work they need done while simultaneously driving down the cost of that labor.

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go back to redit baited faggot
>unironically giving a serious answer...

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You're a retard. Just like how a free, unregulated, unlimited supply of workers is bad for people already in the workforce, the free market is bad for corporations already in the economy. Why would they want more competition? Large corporations push for more left wing shit the same reasons why workers want a smaller workerforce.

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Chill with the autism rage. People in this thread all have different opinions. The answer clearly isn't as obvious as you seem to think.

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if you only have questions to ask go back to redit you utterly stupid retarded r-selected npc gay kumbaya sjw nigger from outer space

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if you are talking about companies like google and facebook. Those companies get alot of income through ad revenue, so they need to seem and pain the picture that they are compassionate and care about niggers and all that shit, keeping a clean, sterile platform and brand imaging is very important for big tech giants

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There's two elements to this.

First is, why do these companies have diversity quotas and so forth? It's because people have bought into the idea that the more diverse a workplace the more productive a workplace because different kinds of people bring different ideas to the table and the best ideas will win out.


They have failed to read the fine print that, once past a certain level of diversity production actually goes down rather than up. But that's the reason.

Another reason is that having a diverse workplace ensures that they can understand as many markets as possible. So, for example, if the company has no muslims as employees then they won't be able to effectively sell their product to muslims because they will not understand the particular expectations and preferences that particular market segment has. By hiring muslims, they get that perspective.


The second is, why do they support things like mass immigration and multiculturalism and identity politics and so on? And the reason is simply that a higher population means more consumers, and more consumers means more customers, and more customers means more profits. Also they have more demographics to target.

TLDR: it's *all* about maximizing profits, they don't actually give a shit about left wing politics

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Wage suppression for pareto distribution. If the pareto distribution of workers at a company actually got the exponential gains from increased productivity, the entire company would collapse as the best people would retire or leave. Look at early google employees. Look at wage suppression for engineers from Ed Catmull et al.

So they have to sell a lie of equality in order to enforce wage suppression and not lose their best people.

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because the virtue signaling receptive market has more money than the angered by virtue signaling market

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Cause most nerds are beta males. Not that difficult.

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Any person with an iq over 110 is left wing.

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Because "left wing" means "pretend while raping both your employees and the customers also tax heavens".

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Democrats/leftyes give subsidies.
Case closed.

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Maybe because that's what the majority of people respond to, and that is what their consumers ideas look like?

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1) their customers are basedboys
2) their employees are basedboys

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And just like that Google changed basedboys to basedboys. Not even a joke. Thanks, Android.

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Fuck off false-flagging retard. Back to r*ddit you go.

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Oh I guess it's 4chan doing it. My apologies, Android.

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because a socialist-lite society is perfect for their high-iq majority white/Asian social bubble

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1. They're mostly represented by their female-dominated HR and PR teams. The former are retards, the latter need to impress a larger audience so they have to bullshit normies into believing they're left wing.
2. High taxation and regulations can guarantee a monopoly position in a competitive market. A large company can afford to spend millions on good lawyers and accountants, a startup can't/

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gtfo newfag

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Smart people aren’t clueless unempathetic assholes?

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t. google diversity hire

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Explain how profits of those corporations will be maximized with elimination of the welfare state, very strict immigration, and individual income tax cuts for the top brackets.

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This. Silicon valley is also home to some of the poorest people in the country living next to tech billionaires. They play the dem world savior card to avoid guilt for being such evil people.

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Big tech projects were expected to play an important role in mass social engineering projects, so they were largely funded by the deepstate. It's only natural that a culture of dystopian slaves manifests within them.

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Because tech is progress and progress is the right way.

You need to be left wing and progressive to have an open mind to innovate and embrace a new future.

Old fucking dinosaurs will be stuck with their fossil fuels and climate change denial. Just wait for one or two more generations and they will all die out and the left wing will rule for a very long time.

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Ah yea, thats why the Ideology of crypto is right wing white supremacist "black helicopters" paranoia & conspiracy about centralized evil governments, central banks, banks, jews, corporations, trusted institutions that need to be destroyed &replaced by libertarian decentralization. Fascist at core!

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Probabaly, unironically.. the jews

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>every person with an iq under 11 is left wing

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“How about tearing down your 3 million dollar house and building apartment complexes? “... AND HURT MY PROPERTY VALUES?! FUUUCK THAT.”

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Pro Women and immigrant cheap labor big savings