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I have nothing else in my life to look forward too.
Please moon.

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It will, but only after you sell. Take tbe sacrafice marine.

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It will anon. But we have to be patient. Patience will be rewarded.

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Never gonna happen.

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You need to sell first.

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Hey there Astro.

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shut the fuck up faggot. what is an astro?

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Oh sweet summer Rebecca,


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Sorry I am going to exit scam I don’t even know how to code t b h

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LINK won't moon for years

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>Ctl+F Chainlink/ Link
0 Results found

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Good thing I have years to wait

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we'll see a 10x moon soon, then a real 100x later :^)

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Good point I did find this though Rebecca you little qt.


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tell me more

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Not too much more to say

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the old chainlink logo is literally on the bottom of the first page

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I hope you aren't looking for Smartcontract.com either?

Because you won't find smart contract in the s section

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>Because you won't find smart contract in the s section

has there been a thread about this yet?

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I think this is that thread anon.

Also although it is an old Chain Link symbol the link goes to the chain.link website (a few months old)

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This is a good find "Boat Anon". There are a ton of big names on this page. Im going to do some digging on "Rimon" today.

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Cheers man, I'm done researching for today so please make a thread later if you find anything good.

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Means nothing, they are probably helping them with their legal terms or basic legal advice.

It would be different if it would be "partners" or "service provider".

For example every small business can have JP Morgan account, and being their client, does it mean something significant ? no.

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you do understand a big law firm gets paid a ton right? that's why most of their clients are recognizable brands.

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>shut the fuck up faggot
These are the type of retards that fud link

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Smartcontract also listed hngg

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Whats interesting is that digital asset is also a client.

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This is the team of lawyers who handle blockchain tech

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ISB - I'm Sergey's Bitch

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Me too anon, me took. I bet it all on chainlink and my backup plan is absolutely 100% fucked and I’m fucked unless chainlink moons in the next 6 months. It won’t. It’s fucking OGRE for me and these past few days I’ve been scrambling to find meaning. Chainlink was supposed to be my way out- my way to catch up. But every day I fall farther and farther from my peers. I’m finished.

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Stay strong Marine. You'll be just fine in 6 months.

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which one of you are rigging the charts ?

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There isn’t any concrete meaning it’s all a maybe. Moving through life on a “maybe” is a super power and only the strong can do that. Otherwise you’re passively nihilistic or delusional in your absolute belief in some higher objective meaning or ideology. Nigga stand up

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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.

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/biz/ anons you do realize the timeline for the singularity is 3-10 years right?

Not within the next few months or even up to two years.

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When one node closes another node opens

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Can you post the chainlink text logo hexagon ?

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Hello AssBlaster

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Checked. https://rimonlaw.com/team/mark-diamond

This guy seems familiar

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You will be surprised. What ever you do, don't sell. End of this month is near

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and who the fuck are you

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I love chainlink as much as the next guy but you are full of shit.

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Look at their Twitter follows and followers. A few of the usual suspects... especially Perianne Boring’s Group

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Rimonlaw IT guy inspection weekend traffic
>Market buys link tomorrow

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Nah he has the same reaction as everyone else.

>searches what ChainLink is
>ChainLink is a decentralised oracle net..zzzzzzzzzz
>wakes up 10 hours later

Also Robin Powers in the above pic is focussed on Derivatives

Also interesting is that Rimon is nothing to do with the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium as far as I can tell.

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Guys, it's just a law firm.
It doesn't change the price. link is under development. It will take time. Don't bleed your eyes at such minor details.
It will take time, just be calm.

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The fuck

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Another retarded bizlet unfortunately bites the dust

The delusion runs deep

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fuck yeah

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It’s ok serg. Thanks for the memes.

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Kek not quite, yet not so far off..

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You're an absolute moron if you unironically fell for the link 1000 eoy meme. Link will moon, but its going to take years. At least 2020. Better find something to stave off suicide until then

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Another no link moron appears. Surprised has an iq high enough to spell.

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I always laugh at these kind of pictures, when I see the guy standing on the ground starring straight into the wall.

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Have faith and hodl marine. These things take time but Sergey will deliver.
We've got Swift, Docusign, Openlaw backing this, the best project in crytpo.
We're gonna make it.

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Sherlock ?