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will we see a reserve currency backed by crypto in our lifetime? if so, which crypto would it be-- an already established one or a newly created one?

russia, china, and iran would love to de-dollarize their economies, so the impetus is there. russia and iran, as major oil and gas exporters that also hate the USA, would love to de-dollarize their economies. venezuela is also looking to de-dollarize and is testing its "Petro" crypto.

thoughts on this?

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>backed by crypto
backed by bitcoin? possibly, but anything else? highly unlikely given the economics of crypto.

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>given the economics of crypto
what do you mean, the price volatility?

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maybe but it will definitely be a new one and you wont be able to buy it only banks and mostly central banks.

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>and is testing its "Petro" crypto.
its not so much a test more like an ico scam

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newly created one, no doubt
by design, bitcoin (core or cash) can never back a reserve currency. too much of the supply is held by anonymous and hence politically unstable actors

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OP doesn’t know about Jews, Jesuits, One Party and Central Banking

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>thinks jews run china, iran, and russia
the latter maybe but not the former 2

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