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Bitcoin CASH

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>implying bitcoin fees are high

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>plebbit memes

fuck off

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BTC will send a secretary to get a coffee and report back later after having like 10 coffees.

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i know right? lol @ poor people thinking 40 USD fees are high

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has any of the people complaining about bitcoin fees ever used it? I sent amounts of a couple of hundred dollars since this spring now and then and fees were like 10 cents

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remember that there are literally hundreds of alts that do what bitcash attempts to do in a faster, cheaper, more decentralized, and user-friendly way.

bitcash has literally no redeeming properties. it's tech is just as old as bitcoin but without any of the advantages bitcoin has, which are all completely non-technical.

late adopters constantly fall into the trap of thinking technology is what drives cryptocurrencies.

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>Adam Back is trying to create a closed loop centralized network of people using LBTC instead of Bitcoin so he can rake in the profits.

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Because everybody stopped using it. Fees go back up if crypto explodes again, no?

I used to be active on the darknet market boards and those fees fucked their shit up big time. People who had been happily buying eights of weed with BTC suddenly had to pay more for the fees than for the weed itself.

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only late adopters would prefer using an altcoin over using something 1:1 convertable to bitcoin itself. bitcoin is where the value is, and building on top of bitcoin without using infinitely available altcoins ensures the value represented by cryptocurrencies is actualy legitimate and not what we have today, billion dollar alts with less than a few million in real value.

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>bitcoin is where the value is

If a literally unusable shitcoin is "where the value is" then crypto is fucked.

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meh, better for me, fuck paypal and their currency conversion fees

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i sold a lot of BTC at the start of january 2018 and i spent 500 bucks total just on fees

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It's not decentralized or trustless tho. You have to trust that blockstream or one of its "partner exchanges" will convert your LBTC back to BTC.

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yeah, btc is fucked, everything's fucked. I sincerely expect nothing from our civilization at this point when the internet is almost 30 years old and I click "images of crosswalks" "until there are none left" and it proceeds to say "you mistyped, try again" thereafter. the earth can burn for all I care

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holy shit i hate recaptcha so much with their ssloowwllyy fading images of crosswalks. and sometimes you fail because they think you are TOO good at spotting weird correct images, which isn't human-like

i'd even prefer anonymous accounts on 4chan compared to having to deal with these captchas. wordfilters are also a much better way to reduce spam bots. but nope. they would sell less 4chan Gold if they actually made things work well around here.

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Lil Windex - Bitcoin Ca$h (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


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can this track be stopped at this point?

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see, recaptcha doesn't prevent spam anyway.

can you PLEASE stop spamming this shitty fucking music video? sounds like garbage, the guy acts like a nigger and he waves fiat around like a retard while talking about crypto.

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i meant that the beat just is so hard. That bass is sick.

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You already have to trust your exchange to turn your balance, which is just a number in their centralized database, back into bitcoin.
I don't see how liquid changes anything about those trust assumptions. Instead of keeping 10% in a hot wallet, they might keep 8% in a hot wallet and 2% in lbtc. Who cares? It's targeted at traders and market makers who already trust at least 2 exchanges.

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must be i nigger thing, i cant understand

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it's ok i dont even like it, but it's probably psychological. kinda like animals that only are awake at night.

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Don't understand how money works do you?

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That image is infuriating.

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Bitcoin CASH is literally unstoppable

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$40 fees right now would take about 4000 sats per byte which nobody ever paid.
you can get in the next block for 1 or 2 sats/b which is 1.5 cents right now.
even at the worst of it the vast majority of people paid less than 300 sats/b which would be about $3 right now
the same load from december wouldn't cause that to happen again so why even pretend its still that high?

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bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash

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You are a lying corecuck.
Pic related.

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Bitcoin core fees will always, or have always been higher than Bitcoin cash fees.

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this picture conveys that bcash is a scam.

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How do people see something bad happen, then nothing be done about said bad thing, then expect that bad thing to never happen again? Is it pure delusion?

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Are u literally posting the same pic and post in every bcash thread?

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what specifically did I lie about you fucking faggot?
bitcoin is currently 13x higher price than bch, so no shit it has been, and will be higher fees in usd
in sats per byte though you can get in at 1 sat per byte on both, which on bch will cost you about 230 sats, and on btc using segwit will cost you about 160 sats.
>then nothing be done about said bad thing
back then segwit was barely used, and most exchanges sent 1 tx for each user, which includes 2 outputs minimum due to change.
now segwit adoption is around 50%, which adds way more capacity than there was in december
exchanges are batching transactions now which makes all those change outputs become 1 output per batch rather than 1 per user.
if the same load happened today that happened in december, it would not be even close to as bad as it was.

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Maybe spend the time to read satoshi's white paper then the lightning network paper. It's embarassing for bitcoin core.

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>bitcoin is currently 13x higher price than bch, so no shit it has been, and will be higher fees in usd
>in sats per byte though you can get in at 1 sat per byte on both, which on bch will cost you about 230 sats, and on btc using segwit will cost you about 160 sats.

Yeah and next time there's actual usage of the core network you'll be paying $50 again to send $10 in value.

have fun with your buttcores.

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Does that chart look like “even at the worst of it the vast majority paid less than 300satoshis?”


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You could have paid 300 sats and then wait 3 days for tx to go through

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Lightning network whitepaper was a pretty neat side project. I wish they would have actually followed it instead of doing segwit.

(yes, LN was originally designed to function perfectly well without segwit)

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goddamned redd!t homosexual dumb shits with their stupid as fuck memes. kys

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maybe kms yourself and stop promoting this scamcoin?

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So you got from around 500k unconfirmed transactions to 200k? This isn't a real solution.

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>Caring about a 10 year old document
The future is now, grandpa

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I didn't realize that.

Of course you could send physical gold faster than 3 days with modern day shipping.

But, Bitcoin is muh store of value.

Bitcoin Cash is both store of value and medium of exchange.

Without being a medium of exchange, there is no value to store.

Simple. Common. Sense.

>did you think BTC was the real Bitcoin anon lol
>but how could you think $40 fees was revolutionary tech?

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time for a classic image

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even on the worst day ever there were about 265k unconfirmed tx's in the mempool, and 81k had fees over 300 sats/b
most days in dec/jan it was below 150k unconfirmed with 3k above 300 sats/b on average
there was never 500k.
>I didn't realize that.
is that you turbobrainlet?

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>unironically defending this shit.

So how would you have felt if you were one of those 81k people who were panicking and trying to move money anon?

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Bitcoin CASH

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>implying this is bad
Go ahead and stick to your 1 lane highway then corecuck

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im not defending shit you dumb nigger, those are called facts.
you bcashers love to claim its $40 or $50 fees to send btc now, which is 4000x higher than the actual fee today.
it could even get that high again if they don't get some shit done, but claiming they are that high, or that december volume would cause it again is retarded.

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Bitcoin CORE

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claims that it takes $40 to send BTC now
>nowhere to be found

claims that they won't happen again because that "is retarded"
>evidence nowhere to be found

Do you see yourself fail to defeat your own strawman?

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>da fees are low
>who cares if nobody is using the chaiN/ fees r low!!

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>nowhere to be found
read this thread bud
>claims that they won't happen again because that "is retarded"
I literally just said it could happen again. can you even read?
>evidence nowhere to be found
I posted evidence you brainlet

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corecucks posting their faces when.

1) fees do go up and they can't get their $50 bags
2) nobody wants to use the LN (including themselves)
3) they never get their lambos.

Me? I just want a P2P electronic cash that works.

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I want a decentralized, immutable, censorship store of value I can put my savings in to grow.

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Bitcoin Cash =

>pic related
>one is btc mining, one is bch mining

>also implying
>whitepaper ctrl+F: decentralized

Censorship Resistant

Time to put your life savings in to Bitcoin Cash, anon!

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Wtf, it's 0.01$ now, 0.00$ on ln.

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Bitcoin cash is that

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imagine having to lie all the time.

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to me all that bcash drama looks like the people behind it just want to make extra money (they made money with btc as early adopters, but the bubble popped and now they want another run with this coin), promoting it as "the real thing", "the original idea" to lure normies in (no normies buy bitcoin today, you need new agenda duh). I don't believe in altruism and all that aggressive marketing, shilling, presentations... meh, makes me sick. especially if you look at roger ver, the guy is clearly money driven psychopath

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the only early adopters that bother with bcash are those that think they can control it fully, like ver, bitmain, etc. every other early adopter is aware of what bcash really is, and certianly hasn't bought any, although i know a lot are still holding onto their airdrop to see what happens in the future.

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bcash bcash roger ver

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>Not knowing hashrate distributions are not reliable across short time periods due to probabilistic block discovery.

Here, this pic is for BTC 24hr period.

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the real NPCs are those late adopters unable to think for themselves and ended up getting tricked into fighting a "war" they have zero stake in themselves, washing all their time on twitter or r/btc doing the work for jihan.

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I had some from the fork its only been losing satoshis this last year... I should have sold at .9. I am barely up from bitcoin from early 2017.

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bcash bcash
price and jihan

Why do you never answer questions or respond to rebuttals?

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My pic is over 3 days for bch. it's not much different for the 1 month chart. Hashrate over one year means nothing because bch will never be above 0.1 again, so coingeek will keep 40%.

>> No.11390502

What question or rebuttal? You said I should put my savings in BCH I said its only been losing Satoshis this year to BTC its clearly not a better store of value. We will see if BTC can hold up.

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I know of a real great investment

>> No.11390517

go hang out in r/btc and tell me how many original opinions you think those guys have

>> No.11390519

satoshi's final vision

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Oh, you know just the questions in the OP.
Or any of the very real questions from the big blocker side of the debate.

Go buy some bitcoin cash.

>> No.11390530

you do understand bcash was given away for free right? during the airdrop?

all of us early adopters already own it, along with every other fork of bitcoin.

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there is no airdrop. BTC soft forked into Segwit. BCH hard forked to avoid that disease.

Tell me how segwit and Lightning NotWork is really helping BTC adoption and scaling.

We saved Bitcoin for you. Thank us later.

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I told myself I wasn't going to be rude to anyone today, so I will hold my tongue in count of Jesus is listening. No question was originally asked. I am not on any side of a debate, I am here to store and grow my value over the next decade. Whichever asset wins that race I am in. I dont admire your cult like devotion to losing money lol. But you do you.

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Segwit was a capacity increase, a malleability fix and it improved on a problem with utxo growth.
Segwit is a much simpler upgrade than your graphene, ctor and whatever bullshit.

And you didn't save shit. You bought into the coin that two chinks (jihan and haipo) created.

>> No.11390660

truly astounding how that ticks you guys off although I didn't *mean* anything when wrote it. you don't know about streisand effect in 2018? basically everybody's going to call it like that and nothing you can do

>> No.11390765

And it also fixed the quadratic hashing bug and allows simplier future softforks (the infamous Mast, graftroot, etc.., schnorr and signature aggregation).

>> No.11390956

Same. I traded my bitcoin cash from the fork for gold to diversify into.other real stores of value.

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