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>the year is 2022
>the entire cryptomarket has gone up 10x since 2018
>meanwhile, ChainLink is still stuck at 30-40cents
>its new ATH was a pathetic $1.5 in the bullrun of 2020
>development has barely moved forward
>it's still a useless ERC-20 token
>Sergey now weighs over 450lbs
>linkies lose their mind whenever LINK moves up 5%
>linkies STILL refuse accept the fact that no corporation will ever adopt ChainLink
>linkes STILL refuse to accept that they have been unnecessarily holding bags for 3 years that won't go anywhere as more experienced and better funded cryptodevelopers will solve the oracle problem much sooner than an obese slav and 2 developers

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shoo shoo stinky linky

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pls respond to my shitty thread

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shoo shoo stinky linky!
I'll do anything to shoo away the stench of shitcoin.