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Who here is all-in Chainlink Tether™?


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all in baby

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50%. Comfy at how it’s holding up so far.

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If it's recent past performance is any indicator, it should probably actually start going into the green soon.

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all of sergays projects are scams.

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Looking good frens

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>who hear shits on streets and name pajeeet
Hi sirs

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This shit is still 32cents i was on biz last year around this time and link was 32cents wtf.

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Its great isnt it

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Store of value sir

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stable geniuses sound off

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Why the FUCK did I sell all my LINK in August?

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Everyone who isn't deluded knows CL probably won't see any "moon" or significant price increase until there is a functioning mainnet and people are using the network. But the fact it's holding up s well in the mean time is a great sign tbqh

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Checked like Sergey's shirt

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All or nothing.

This is the only way to live.

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What’s a bigger scam, Chainlink or Tether?

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Tether is an inflation mechanism for bitcoin. When did the markets turn to shit? Post tether and post futures.

(((They))) are in control, again

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How does that shit work, anyway? How is it backed by USD?

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Nothing you can say will stop Tether from mooning. Today was proof of that. You're either in or you're poor.