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Sergey, Chainlink, mentioned something new.

Intel SGX trusted enclaves and the chainlink network can perform secure computational work off chain.

For enterprises who are thinking about having onchain contracts and also having separate, private and scalable contracts offchain. He mentions how much more cost effective this would be for massive amounts of data points.

Chainlink will truly be a middleware computational layer, not just a data relayer.

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chainlink won't be shit dude because no one will use it

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pee pee poo poo

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Basically, programming that you don’t want processed in Ethereum itself. You can use chainlink to avoid high gas cost of on chain computation.

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reminder that sergay has a philosophy major and chainlink will be a turd

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Eth is thus relegated to mere custodian for smart contracts. topjej

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ya this shis is gonna run every hyperledger and fucking microsoftblockchain project out there.
nolinkers, i'm sorry

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Isn’t that RLC?

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reminder that sergey is OG

about Sergey Nazarov:
Sergey has played a pioneering role within the DLT community by spearheading several “next-gen” components. Before co-founding IOTA, he created Nxt, which was one of the very first projects to go beyond the focus of Bitcoin with added functionality on the blockchain. He was also one of the pioneers behind the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, being the first to implement full Proof-of-Stake. Sergey also co-founded a stealth distributed computing hardware IP company with David Sonstebo back in 2014, which was the precursor for the IOTA project.

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Wrong sergey

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so why would you still need a contract if you are doing computations off chain? Trying to think of the use case.

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Post the talk from today faggot. Sergey literally expalined more today than he ever has before and none of you faggots have seen it.

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>1 post by this ID
Babys first shitpost

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Wait I thought it was later on tonight

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at this point im just ready to have every one of us sign up to be a namefag. these chainlink fudders are out of control and the mods do nothing. this place is almost dead, these discord groups will be the nail in the coffin.

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Popov was his BFF before ??? happened and now...

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Post the video from today faggots

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They turned the lights off so we could see the screens and Sergey joked that we preferred sitting in the dark because that's how we do things at homes. Nearly every t-shirt on the table was an XXL too. I didn't notice any cameras recording the workshop or get the impression they wanted it shared online.

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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.

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so, a cheaper and secure version of GNT?
Maybe a platform for FaaS for DApps?

The array of offerings Chainlink will support keeps growing. we really are gonna make it frens

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I havent seen it obviously. If you have then post it dipshit.

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someone with better understanding could probably answer this better. But, im guessing Chainlink decentralized oracles could act as a childchain and do the heavy lifting so that Eth mainchain could scale better?? Thats my best guess.

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not a childchain but a side-chain.

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Ethereum is there to trustlessly compute/execute the terms of the smart contract and record what happened in the ledger. It isn't there to transform information.

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ChainLink the engine while eth the settlement layer and provides the smart cotnract logic. Thoughts?

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Chainlink is the computer, and Ethereum is the internet. Both equally important.

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Watch the video. Sergey said that companies who are implementing smart contracts (like in the actual real world) split them in to on-chain and off-chain components. Anything you need to keep private should be done off-chain, and then either en encrypted or boolean response can be sent on-chain. It’s fucking brilliant.

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gas costs are based on the difficulty of the computation. Chainlink will be able to do it cheaper, and secure (TEE) off-chain, with a way to write it straight back on-chain

it's pretty genius

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>n either en encrypted or boolean

So basically RIP Enigma (ENG).

Got a link to that video?

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The presentation yesterday made it clear to me that I had underestimated this project, and I was bullish.

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Enigma still has a use case, perhaps not with chainlink though. The video is linked on chainlink’s official reddit.

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Is this new?

I thought this was obvious.

The interesting thing is that this is exactly what I thought the changing business at a DNA level guy or maybe the Microsoft cryptlets dude mentioned- that the view of the people at Microsoft is that the key to scaling blockchain performance is to move the computation off the chain and just write the results to the blockchain. I think one of them mentioned the traditional three-tier architecture as an example of what they were thinking of as the right approach.

But even then, it was obvious that chainlink could fit in there.

So I'm still not sure what is new about this.

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Chainlink + town cryer + intel sgx = enigma completely and utterly fucking destroyed.

Watch the presentation, you'll understand what I'm talking about. They were saying they don't need chainlink, well shit, it's the other way around. The world doesn't need enigma if chainlink can accomplish what they're trying to do.

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Guys, ChainLink is going to go very mainstream. Enjoy these days while they last. Normies are coming

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>thinks that thats the total posts ever by that IP

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This is why Ekiden is actually legit fud.

Chainlink's smart contract execution may be even more commonly used than its oracle functionality... Now imagine people use Ekiden for that.

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>Normies are coming
yeah, i get that feeling too. it's gonna be fucking brilliant!

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I agree, but enigma may have use on some other projects.

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Ekiden is unironically the only actual fud for chainlink and it’s never mentioned. I think the first mover advantage for chainlink is huge though, it’s super important in business

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Sergeys lost weight, good on him

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Literally no. They're trying to bank on "secret computation", but intel sgx and town cryer can do that, and more.

Enigma would have 0 use cases if chainlink accomplishes what it's trying to do.

Along with Metcalfe's law, enigma = completely fucked project, only used by snobby teachers that have always lived in ivory towers, and know nothing about real life.

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What gets me is I asked about Ekiden in the chainlink telegram and got banned.

I posted a question and a follow-up question and Rory accused me of trying to fud by replying to myself because nobody responded... Like dude, it's late at fucking night. I have a new thought and I want to get it in so that people will address both when the day starts.

So it's an actual competitor for a major chainlink use case, built in collaboration with one of chainlink's key advisors, and you can't even ask about more than a single superficial question about it on the telegram without getting banned.

People think getting off chain data onto the chain will be a huge thing- and that's huge. But being the preferred platform for off chain smart contracts (which is how smart contracts will be executed) would be just as huge. It just seems like it might be a slightly easier thing to implement at first.

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Yeh I agree I just don’t like absolutes. I’ve never owned any ENG and never will.

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You got to think a competitor will emerge. It's natural. But having big connections like LINK does and first mover advantage will be huge in something complicated like this.

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From a business standpoint, the synergies that exist in using chainlink for getting data on chain and executing smart contracts will be a massive selling point. Plus, the company is called SmartContract. I’m not too worried about Ekiden because they are years behind in development, have only part of the offering Chainlink does and so far hasn’t progressed past the whitepaper.
If anything, it’s bullish that smart groups like this are seeing value in what chainlink is close to delivering.

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I see it as an academic project only.
The results and findings of which will be used to benefit chainlink

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Got a video?

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Here you go buddy

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Pretty sure this was coveres in the whitepaper.
This is why I cant understand why people hold both link and enigma.

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thanks fren

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Dude I'm watching it right now. I've always thought Serg was a sort of big brain, but not mega brain.
I'm starting to think he might be a mega brain.

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i have a small hedge with RLC

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Riddle anon here. In short you could say Ethereum is used by Chainlink. Solidity smartcontracts are very useful, that's why Sergey's network uses Ethereum. But in the end a contract is only a contract without actionable data and the action to be proceeded. Chainlink is unironically bigger than Ethereum. In the future normies will 'Chainlink' data, computations and contracts, IT people will use and talk about 'Ethereum' and 'Solidity'. The truth is out there.

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assblaster here, i would not be surprised if we pass the 3 $ mark end of may 2018

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hey assblaster nice to have you back

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drunkanon here top 20 EOY, top 5 March 2019

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Stunning and brave.

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Just buy both faggot

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What it is used for is massive calculations (AI complexity calculations) on trusted hardware environment with final results to be executed in the smart contract. You wouldn't want all those calculations to be executed to the blockchain it would get clogged up. Just execute the final results.

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where do you see chainlink going in 2019? 100$ possible in 2019 or is it more of a 2020/21 hold

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Impressive, the gorilla's affection.

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drunkanon here..drinking a bit.

d1conf and web3 are smoke and mirrors. The real news will come from devcon. Expect to see the chainlink network fully operational on the testnets. Web3 is more about meeting w/ the other companies and devs. example- bigchaindb and ocean protocol are implementing chainlink. (i can share this for now - https://medium.com/@trentmc0/being-a-blockchain-oracle-its-data-is-meant-to-be-consumed-by-blockchains-like-ethereum-f2a7bec96de9..

Which brings me to my next point trent is a key figure to watch if you are interested in links dealing w/ web3 stack. i have some more to post but depending if you guys are up ill wait a big.

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EOY 2019 price target is $10-$15. 2020-2021 we have the halvening and maybe a new speculative bubble, which is when we see $100+.

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Fire away based drunk anon. I’ll crack open a furphy myself.

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When are you going to set up a tripcode?

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Too late sirgay RLC has this shit on lock and the chops to pull it off

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All ears drunkanon. What's the web3 stack supposed to do?

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>dude check out these upcoming events they are going to be big
And now you tell anons to ignore them.. Fail larp 0/10

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I'll prob take of soon but will share some stuff. Some may not be new to all but its helps provide background on my info.

A great read from 2016 is https://www.capgemini.com/consulting-de/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2017/08/smart_contracts_paper_long_0.pdf

you'll notice the author is a familiar face. Bart Cant, who started fiatrelay and now works w/ IBM blockchain/financial. Sergey and others are quoted in this work.

The recent news of hyperledger and ethereum partnering up is bigger than you think. They need to create standardization in framework...including smart contracts.

IBM wants legal smart contracts (Bart and Brian w/ IBM) have known sergey for years. They understand chainlink is the best oracle to externally connect. IBM partners with Clause whose Accord Project partners with Chainlink. More smoke and mirrors

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Every event is big. Every time you put Sergey in front of other devs or companies its big.

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a good read

make sure to listen to trent at web3

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a little dead in here. i will post later today

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Do you know much about the recent standards work in Australia? If not, look in to Phillips Ryan’s work recently. Where she was and who she is in contact with.

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pump it

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Thanks drunkie!

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7 minutes in Sergey goes for Oraclize using more emotive language than usual.

"because realistically I can tell you quite simply, If you make an externally connected contract this is going to be the attack vector"

He better bring the fight with him to Prague and fucking slay Oraclize

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How are you posting in a Link thread in October of 2018 without knowing the first thing about what an oracle is?

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Pls don’t drink so much. Ur a cutie

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To add to Drunk anons stuff here is my meetup research showing that Bart Cant has known the team for years in person.

This list all heard Steve Ellis (smartcontract.com) give a chat about RAFT concensus mechanisms in December 2015

Look how many big names are below:

Meetup NYC Concensus Mechanism:
- Toby Algya *Block Trust*
- Chris Bennett, CFA *Manager, Corporate Strategy at S&P Global
- Justin Stewart *Cherrypick*
- R Benson Evans *CentralBitcoins*
- Dominique Godefroy *Marlabs (Head of Cybersecurity using Fabric)*
- Ivan Brightly *Solid X Coincube Galaxy Digital*
- John Newbery *Chaincode Labs*
- Neehaarika Velavarthy *American Express*
- Bart Cant *Capgemini and IBM*
- Muneeb Ali *Blockstack Y Combinator Princeton U*
- Erik Anderson *Bloomberg W3C Payments*
- Meltem Demirors *World Economic Forum and MIT media Lab now Coinshares*
- Igor Lilic *Consensys Cellarius Blackcomb*
- Ryan Shea *Blockstack Co founder*
- Subhankar Aich *Microsoft Senior Dev*
-Sokhna Vor *Datameer Advanced Analytic Services*
- Theo Chino *System Admin at Time Warner Cable*
- Jack Parkin *Bitwage*
- Thomas D *ItBit*
- Travis Scher *Digital Currency Group (Formerly at Skadden)*

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What will make it pump to 10$ then?

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Aced and pupilled

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That's sergey litivenko or some shit from belarus. This fat cunt is just some meme in a tea towel shirt.

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i'm here bro, this thread will pick up soon, 9:20 am in europe, burgers are sleeping


also this, millions of users for smartcontracts who uses chainlink allready confirmed!

also i'm going to be at web3, what should i look for

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Anyone got the two hours of video from the event yesterday?

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Nobody is coughing it up

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Not this burger. Another day, another positive news story. As time goes on it really is exciting to see how many people will be using this tech, whether they will interact with it in an indirect or direct fashion. As for web3 it would be great if you could stream/record Sergey. I have no idea what kind of individual coverage will be there but no one has a video from his 2 hour workshop yesterday and that would have been really nice to see. As long as someone is there to give us the experience that would be great. i'm sure others will have other suggestions

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Exhilerating and astout.

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Good goy trust the secret enclave.

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normally web3 will be livestreamed so will be better then my potato video skills

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Big mac leftovers. Follow the trail, anon. Pick up the crumbs and share them with us.

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You awake yet drunk anon?

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from web3

Trent McConaghy
CTO - BigchainDB & Ocean Protocol

Trent McConaghy has 15+ years of deep technology experience with a focus on machine learning, data visualization and user experience. He was a researcher at the Canadian Department of Defense and in 1999, he co-founded Analog Design Automation Inc. and was its CTO until its acquisition by Synopsys Inc. In 2004, he co-founded Solido Design Automation Inc., once again in the role of CTO. He is also an advisor to the Estonia E-Residency program, as well as an Ambassador to the AI XPRIZE, and advisor to many different AI projects, including TrueBit, SingularityNET, and Consensus.ai. Trent has written two critically acclaimed books on machine learning, creativity and circuit design and has authored or co-authored more than 40 papers and patents. Trent has a PhD in Engineering from KU Leuven, Belgium and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan where he won awards for the top PhD thesis and top undergraduate thesis.

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Hurry, it’s getting to sleep time in Sydney

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If you fill up my bag to 1k link i'll make a piece of artwork/meme personalized for you related to link. Thank. Pls brehs im a yuropoorfag

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Also can't put in anymore because hard months are coming. Art commissions only help me to get thru the month so i can't put anything in links...

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No one cares. Stop begging>>11350837

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digital asset blyth masters > ASS + BL + ASTER >ASSBLASTER

you literally have to be brain dead not to see this

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nice digits

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Good to see you again fren

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None of this is new

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Im getting pre eth moon vibes guys.

Feels good knowing I have another chance after missing out on multi millionaire status from missing the eth moon due to unfortunate situations I went through.

I love you guys :)

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Off-chain computation and software event listeners to drive contracts (since you can't have an endless loop in a smart contract to poll for some condition)? I dunno, I'm pretty sure that's the first time I'd heard that specifically. Only just clicked from his mention of Swift that it's also intended to act as a fiat gateway & interop system - it's really a competitor to XRP as well.

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>founder of Rocket Lawyer talking about CL....hnggggggggggg

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how much do I need to 'make it'?

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The answer has been and always will be MORE

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Good luck bro much love