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>170k link deposited to binance

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link is shit. eth is integrating smart contracts that work with real world rest apis


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lol, that's not what that is, did you even understand anything you read there?

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and how to for did you expect when mainnet was originally coming out before and after reputation?

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>Auto-generation of Java smart contract wrappers to create, deploy, transact with and call smart contracts from native Java code (Solidity and Truffle definition formats supported)
>Reactive-functional API for working with filters

yes, i do, and i am setting up a geth env now to use it.

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Simply going to binance isn't proof of an incoming dump. Many people like to send from wallet to exchange to wallet in order to obfuscate where it's going.

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>did you even understand anything you read there?

No he didn't if he had two brain cells to rub together he wouldn't be FUDing link.

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while that is an interesting feature, it is in no way related to providing a blockchain with real world data in a decentralised way

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Also. 170k link. So fucking what. Thats not even 1/3 of my stack. I have 10k link thats just been sitting on binance for months. Its probably someone assuming the price will pump from the 2 hour hands on session today, will sell the pump, and rebuy the dump. Its a great system until it fucking isnt and the price doesnt come back down.

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Yeah, sure. Nothing shady about that at all. Makes much more sense than someone thinking of dumping this god-tier coin.

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i exposed link as a scam and devs are panic dumping before binance delists them

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did you not even look at the demo?

This application demonstrates a number of core features of web3j and Ethereum:
>Connecting to a node on the Ethereum network
>Loading an Ethereum wallet file
>Sending Ether from one address to another
>Deploying a smart contract to the network
>Reading a value from the deployed smart contract
>Updating a value in the deployed smart contract
>Viewing an event logged by the smart contract


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dude...what? what kind of troll is this? just pretending one thing is something else? where is this service providing decentralised oracles for real world data?

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Welcome to /biz/. There are a not insignificant number of LINK swing traders who try to "move the market" by constantly posting nonsense. You learn to skim over them pretty quickly.

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