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Why the hell would a five hundred quintillion premine exit scam coin be holding a professional workshop to explain private smart contract technology in front of lots of wealthy business investors?

Wouldn't they just dump their premine, close down their website, and leave? Is this part of the reason why Dero is up over 2x in the past week? Are the devs going to actually follow through with their promise of private smart contracts? Why is Dero one of the few coins increasing in value while the rest of the market remains stagnant?

Could it be that Dero really isn't a scam after all?

Really activates those almonds.

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fucking scam. devs are anonymous. no way that they would hold an event. you obviously just made that fake link to shill your bags. kys

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nevermind i just checked the discord. event is made by a faggot community member so literally means nothing

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Oh man, derro bagholders are by far the funniest motherfuckers in shitcoin land. Their discord is a literal trainwreck of street shitting pajeets, wen lambo wen moon morons.

What the fuck did they call themselves? the derro advisory board? Should have just called themselves KEKED. Do they really think the faggot captain shitforbrains gives two shits what they think or vote on from their stupid little neutered "comission" LMFAO!!!!!