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Hi anons.

As we wait to see where the market is headed, I thought I'd change the topic from Chainlink and Bull V Bear arguments to something that can probably really help you all with your anxiety and stress.

Try CBD. I've been using CBD patches for the last few months (think of it like a nicotine patch), and I've had great results. I'm able to focus and relax without feeling really anything different. I can get work done, be creative, or even meditate without having many of life's stresses bother me when I'm actually being productive and in the zone.

It's legal in every state in the US, just make sure you buy high quality products as there are a lot of shit scammers out there. If any other anons have tried CBD for daily use chime in.

Seriously, some of you guys really could use this.

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this is useful, I was thinking what to go for in my next indoor i think i ll go for a high cbd strain

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thanks, just trying to help. If you are looking for some strains that also have THC i believe White Widow and Rick Simpson are two that are very popular though I'm currently only using CBD isolate in these patches so I don't get the munchies.

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I buy mine at www.cbdaktiv.de -best stuff available in Germany!

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for the burgers here that are looking for CBD isolate, I recommend Mary's and CBD Luxe which should be available at shop in pretty much every major city and also online.

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I work for a CBD manufacturer, one of the top 5 in the U.S.... been doing this as long as I’ve been in crypto, mid 2016.
ask away frens

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How expansive is it over in the us?
Production wise and as a final product.
Share a link if you can

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I tried vaping with cbd oil and noticed nothing. It was the strongest one I could find (think it was 250mg) of the Love Hemp brand, but apart from being pleasant to vape there were no effects at all. And it’s expensive with a short lifespan compared to nicotine vape liquids.

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Ok is it possible to take CBD and never test positive for marijuana? The piss test looks for metabolites right? Does taking something like CBD isolate cause those metabolites to be produced?

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nigger it goes up to 2k. you need more.

Also any of you faggot that stay up late at nite should be using this shit for sleeping gains. It helps me pass out fast and i feel like i get a real deep sleep. I know thc is supposed to make it hard to hit rem sleep but not sure about cbd, Does anyone know for sure here?

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that's because you definitely need the stronger dosage as well as a legit manufacturer like hemplucid for example. also some people react better to full spectrum vs isolate. try a transdermal patch and you'll definitely notice something.

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Can you provide a hookup with bulk pricing?

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This shit is legit.

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The test only looks for THC metabolites. You should be good, anon.

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Well do any of have a link to the really strong stuff then? Most manufacturers don't sell stronger than 250mg and I've read that studies show 200mg is the plateau point for CBD absorption.

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See this is what I mean, for the strongest concentration on the one you recommended, it's over $100 for that tiny ass bottle which might last a couple weeks. And it's out of stock. I need something strong and not too pricey otherwise its a waste of time.


Again, ridiculous price for the amount you get and it's out of stock.

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Pretty expansive. At least 7,000 locations. We’ve phased out a lot of white and private labels as we focus on our finished brand.

You are correct- they are typically testing for thc metabolites. Now, depends on the cbd product you’re using. My company does everything possible to remove all trace amount of thc, but products found in a dispensary will most certainly have higher thc content. Hemp sourced cbd can also have up to 0.3% thc, so make sure you can check third party lab tests on a product before using it if drug testing may be a possibility.

Bulk finished goods? Isolate?

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thats the way it is. You might have to buy the herb and smoke it then.

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Well, I am always curious, why do people insist other human creatures to do something. I am talking about the last comment. He or she is saying that someone should smoke marijuana. Guys, it's a very risky step indeed. Please, think twice before consuming it for the first time. If you are young, you can easily become an addict. Of course, marijuana is a very interesting plant. It has a solid medical https://www.koalitymedicinals.com/is-cbd-legal-in-alabama/ effect what is a world-known fact. But you'd better consume CBD by your doctor's prescriptions, it's simple.

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Hi guys! Cool thread. I also take cbd, it helps me to reduce stress and chronic pain in my back after car accident. It is very good thing even if you want only to relax after difficult work day. Also there are many different products, so everyone can choose something interesting for example on https://ohbeyond.com/ site. Personally I prefer oil and edibles.

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