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Anyone ever had one of those GFE (Girlfirend experience) things hookers sometimes offer?

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you have to be a really fucked up person to go there. most of the dudes who do that sort of shit actually kiss the prositute on the mouth....

these prostitutes advertise anal and ass eating on the same post. nasty dudes are really eating prostitute ass

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Wait what's wrong with kissing hookers on the mouth? A-asking for a friend.

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how is that worse than kissing a normal roastie that does that kind of shit for free?

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I actually wonder hm % of this board are virgins

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>you are now aware that you shake hands with men who masturbate. Daily.

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Not worth the money if you are not piss drunk
They are failed actresses and everyone with a functioning braincell can see through it. Go for a regular hooker or some bar slut. Wear a condom, unless you have aids

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Exactly this. I hate when incels and betas say its “gross” to fuck a hooker.

That stacey you make all this money to marry is doing the exact same nasty shit as a hooker just for the pleasure and not the money. Which is even nastier if you think about it. Which you wont cause shes gonna have you pussy whipped so bad you wont notice you bought the cow when the milk was free

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Normal roasties dont take 10 dicks a week and lick the juices off a sweaty old mans penis within the hour you kissed her on the mouth

Even the biggest slut in the world isnt taking more than 50-100 in her life. prostitutes are doing that number in a fortnight

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Interested in training myself on how to interact with women more than sex.
>talk to some bar slut
My women-interaction skills are so piss poor, that she'd think I'm trying to do something nasty to her. Better to pay someone for specific services to get used to talking to women.

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Thats where youre wrong

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t. Prostitute kisser

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Thats why you doesnt do it with roasties that do this shit.


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t. Prostitute kisser.

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you normies dont get it, do you?

some anons crave more than just the sex you get by having a gf, some just wants the hugs and general care you get by having one, actual being shown that there's someone that actually cares about your existence even if its just for a moment

but you would never understand that, you have everything, blinded by it

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Never fucked a prostitute i had to pay for nigga

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t. Prostitute kisser

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>some just wants the hugs and general care you get by having one
Found a prostitute that advertised that she offer hugging and talking. On the verge of going to her right now. This is exactly what I'm looking for, not sex.

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Do you have money? Whats your age and location and how are your looks?

Im interested in why you cant get a girlfriend and would consider paying a stranger

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I'm well monied. Women look at me with clear intent, but I can't capitalize due to sheer lack of experience in interacting with women. They would consider this lack of intuitive ease with them as horribly creepy, and I understand that.
Just need to get my brain used to talking and interacting with females.

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No offense dude but can't you just hug your pillow or something

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check out this sperg

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buddy go to thailand, GFE is actually real there, hookers are abundant and most of them dont get nearly enough traffic, 95% of hot hookers would be happy to be your actual GF and u wouldnt even have to pay her much, just pay expenses and a few 100$ to send to family

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I mean it's no different to a prostitute. Both will let them hug you and couldn't care less about you

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Probably should be taking classes or going to a bar instead of payong a hooker. I mean, I'm not one to talk, just got back from fucking one, but at least I have an excuse.

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did you do anal

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What's your excuse big fella

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Gfe is mostly intimate sex and shit like that.

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>Still investing in women in 2018 and not OMG
not going to make it

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Anon, you need to start realising that no one cares about you....or likely ever will...Just stop dreaming of situations and realise that your life is better with out others in it...The majority of women are ruined..you don't want them in your life.

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>no reading comprehension
kys brainlet

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who gives a shit if anyone cares about anyone sincerely or not. That's not the point.

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It is fucking gross to bang hookers you twat, and Stacey is a fucking whore too. Wouldn't touch with a 10m pole.

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Let me waste some time before go voting (today is brazilian election).

There is a abyss between the social sucessfull (atleast average) and the social inapts (below average), that means both groups cant comprehend each other because they project the things they see as normal into the other group.

The social inapts want to experience the mainstream idea sold as "relationship", because they never (or almost never) experienced it.

And the social sucessfull guys doesnt know how it feels because they already experienced.

Its like the social sucesfull already ate some exotic icecream but the social inapts never did it, all they know about that icecream is theory or at the best scenario the "smell" they experienced when they saw a social sucesfull guy eating it. but for the social sucesfull guy its normal, he already experienced it, he know empirically the flavor and the experience.

The failure guys have been sold the idea that they can hug, cuddle, show some of their weakness and still be apreciated, to have someone that really enjoy their presence for "free", to have someone that at some level really enjoy your character and charisma, to have a female that would like to have your offspring.

That is the things they never experienced and they would like to know, but sadly for them the normie woman wont sell herself for money directly, so the only thing that is left is to pretend with an cheap actress (i.e hookers).

The solution?
The social inapts would need to change their lives, themselves and almost rewire their brains so they could be atlest average at social interactions and with an higher social value they could try to 'get' some female.

I'm sad because the failure group would waste 3k on a GF experience but wouldnt pay nothing to try a life coaching or things that would help them for real.

Read the books "48 laws of power", "how to make friends and attract people" (dale carnegie) and "The art of War" (Sun Tzu).

This is basic knowledge.

Good weekend

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fuck off narcissistic twat

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hookers have lower standards. A hooker would probably fuck you, for example, if you paid her enough. Stacey can be more selective about what dicks she puts in her mouth. There might be a lot, but it will be less bottom feeding trash

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I'm offering you help, what you doesnt understand its that knowledge is power and time is a scarce thing that means money.

That means I'm losing money when I'm writing those things to help you, I'm losing time and energy too.

There is no narcisism, I'm socially aware of my mistakes and weak points but cood analysis isn't one of them.

Social sucesfull guys know their time is worth, they wont waste time on you because that means they wont win nothing, the only reason I'm doing it its because some anons helped me and I promissed them I would pay back at somehow.

Think for a second, you are below average, that means that if a social guy try to help you and you end up fucking things the blame will be on him, not on you. People with power and social knowledge dont get paired with social rejects/losers because they end up fucking their value even at good scenario.

Read those books I told you, have a good weekend and assume that this is your weak spot so you can get better.

From a third world guy born into extreme poverty and with no family, no inheritance, nothing besides than world big cock against me and still wasnt raped.

Good luck.

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if you think only losers see prostitutes you are very mistaken

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That's not what I said.

A social sucessfull guy that go to hookers its his option.

An incel that goes to hooker its because its his ONLY option.

There is a big difference, there are guys that play games for fun and there are guys that play it because it the ONLY fun they can have.

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Don't give unsolicited advice/help monkey. now kys or stop using an identity to spew your horseshit.

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So dont spill out your retarded bullshit that is nothing but your distorted and delusional view of life.

The same right you have to shitpost your distorted opinion is the same right I have to say whatever I want.

The monkey is you, so dance monkey dance, you dont even have the sex banana nor social approve banana, so what banana you have: none.

Your life and yourself is the horseshit, not me.

Go there and pay a hooker so in the life roleplay you can pretend someone that doesnt even know your second name like you.

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Didn't read anything. Now go wank a horse on R*ddit.

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Dont read, I dont care, the failure here is you, you dont readed life FAQ and got into these problems that are just yours.

Pretend you are better than everyone else when you dont, continue on this roleplay because even if you dont have any result you are completely right, you are the memelord, the danklord of the outsider jokes, you are superior to everyone else in your post, right?

You can pretend you didnt read, it doesnt matter, because on the life book you doesnt even had a pencil to write.

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I don't know about you guys but kissing a whore on the mouth, knowing she was just sucking a guy's cock and playing with his cum turns me on like fucking crazy

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You prolly got your brain fucked because of porn and brain reward system.

Stop with that, the rollercoaster will just get worst.

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I do know you enjoy masturbating over your grandiose identity. Please right more text to confirm even with more certainty how narcissistic you are.

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One assumes that they clean themselves.

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No, I dont.

Have a good day, anon, hope you read what I told you.

Good weekend.

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Just talk to them like they are people, because they are.
I'm a diagnosed autistic & can do it, so can you. Don't go on about your money or talk about yourself, ask questions & listen to what they say. Don't stare at their tits, don't talk about politics or other touchy shit. Be natural & not a creep/pick up bullshitter & you will be beating them off with a stick

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Fuck /r9k/. All they want is to see is all the crabs in their bucket.
I hate namefags, but favelanon is ok. Better than all these robots crying b-b-breddit like some tumblrina.

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>Just talk to them like they are people
Doesn't work sorry. This is another round of typical normie oblivious advice

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>crabs in their bucket
Return to r*ddit to reward all your most treasured users with shows of ultimate respect, the upvote! No need to rely on the content of what a person is saying, but by the reputation and politics that they represent! Much easier.

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get a female friend ffs, don't spend money on hugs

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Tried that, but it is unattainable. I'll gladly train on girls if there was a possibility.

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/Biz/ is getting dumber and dumber with each passing day

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The mechanics of what you say make a lot of sense and are correct. The problem with it is that it is theory, and turning theory into practice isn't straightforward.
That's why you need some form of training wills which will be conscious that you are training so that one would be able to implement what you prescribe without creeping a woman out unnecessarily.

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theres alot of people that see prostitutes behind their wifes back to release the stress from their jobs which they are usually the boss of something and in the bedroom like they like to be bossed around which is what a prositute can and will do that the wife won't do.

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It’s true. I’m masturbating right now.

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Some this that what you turbo autistic faggot? Stop thinking about kissing disgusting ass licking hookers got it you disgusting faggot? Now get the fuck outta here.

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Nothing. If you would kiss some random hoe from tinder on the mouth it is the same thing. Hooker might be more inclined to wash it out after the last dick since you are paying atleast.

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>sister was escorting a while ago
>everytime we meet she trys to kiss me on my cheek
>always recoil in disgust

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get a load of this retard

normal roasties got gangbanged in college by a different set of men at least 3 or 4 times, hitting a few dozen partner count in mere hours

high end prostitutes typically rent out to men by the week or even month, often consecutively. there are whores that dont fuck more than one guy in a whole year because they are with that client the whole time

your average crack ho? different story, true. but among hot chicks, you are going to have lower partner counts from actual whores than "good girls"

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post pics?

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this is true.. i know a girl that slept with 4 guys this week.. 5 including me.. she has slept with over 100 guys easy.

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what pics?

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>Not asking how much she charge
You may even gain a discount

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i wanna marry her

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Of her of course

>> No.11324343

of your sister.

shes a real freak

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>shes a real freak
Is she hot?

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asking the real questions

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i took my gf's anal virginity about a month ago. the first few times were pretty rough, and not particularly pleasurable for either of us. but we kept at it, and now we have anal sex on the regular. i've even came in her ass a few times. it's our little secret

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Who the hell wants to cuddle and talk with a hooker?

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It's true. I'm shaking his hand right now.

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you don't know much about most things, stop overextending yourself and offering everyone advice

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ok here

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>I browse this board and people like this are on it
Makes me want to fucking kms

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you're not alone

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I hate you too frens

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this post is incredibly sexist

you actively underestimate the power of the average woman as a whole

you disgust me

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I need more.

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practice works faggot. you have a rejection complex

t.armchair psychologist

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Not really. Get rejected all the time and I find rejection to be the normal state of being. Actually surprised and suspicious when a female doesn't find me creepy

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t. Prostitute kisser

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yes, once. (well, i went back to her twice). didnt pay any extra and i just assume this was a gfe since it was obviously better than the others who most of the time aren't very personal. i think highly of this little experience and pretty much is my only nice time with a girl.

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>you actively underestimate the power of the average woman as a whole
More like as a hole.

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Very interesting. How did the meeting go?

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i just went to a "strip club" (but its really just a brothel), there were numbers of girls there and she just came to me and started talking and asked about going to a room.

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see >>11321348

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Did it smell?

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She's a cute little 4'8" spinner.

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Yes many times, I've probably fucked more hookers than anyone on this board. AMA

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Yeah, I lost my virginity to one when I was 29. It made me realize that sex is overrated and I'd rather spend my time on better things like video games.

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It's pretty good anon

I stopped with the gf shit cause they all cunty out here

So I got a GFE pretty comfy and make you feel special.