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Linkies are literally the same type of people who fall for doomsday predictions. You predict a “singularity” at some singular date and then when it doesn’t happen you’ll be coming up with a lame excuse as to why you were wrong along with a revised prediction for some point in the future. How does it feel being in the same crowd who thought the world was gonna end in 2012? Lmao

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your very butthurt

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But anon, the world did end in 2012.

That said, link is shit.

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Truly, unequivocally redpilled.

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haha so true

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ur a fag btw

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People who dont understand pizzagate are the same people who dont understand link

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1000 sat EOY

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true, kek

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Yup. I'm a Qfag too. I think Trump is gonna fuck the federal reserve, and I'm certain aliens are real.

Also I think that chainlink is going to be an important part of the federal reserve fuck too

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I love Sergey Nazarov. He is my favorite developer in the world. When he always appears on twitter after a long time, it fills my heart with huge stream of love and hapiness. When I was over at the bitcoin superconference earlier this year, I simply could not contain myself. Viewing videos of Sergey was one thing, but seeing him in flesh was a whole another level. I kept imagining how I would be standing tied up in a dark room, and Sergey would come in, turn on the lights and see my salivating mouth and my throbbing cock. How he would put me on my knees, how his huge manly figure would shadow me from the light and how he would put his massive, erect cock into my eager, salivated mouth and push his hairy cock so hard in I would be coughing up hair for weeks like a little, purring cat. I would be Sergey's little whore, me and me only, and nobody else. He would then lay me on the cold floor and whisper in my ear: "I'll show you how we make little oracles here at SmartContract". And then he would spread his huge asshole filled with hair and shit and force my throbbing cock against it. He would moan and moan, until I would ejaculate my hot stream of white chocolate into his brapper. Then out of nowhere Rory would open the door, presumably to inform Sergey of another partnership with a fortune 500 company, and Sergey would just blow him off and theaten to fuck his wife like last time. But unfortunately that was only a fantasy. Even that made me cum gallons right there at the bitcoin superconference. As a result of that, an asian female (I think her name was Adelin or something) became disturbed by me and called the security. Due to that the security escorted me out, but I will never forget the look Sergey gave me as I was getting dragged out. I knew he had the same fantasies as me. I love Sergey Nazarov, he's the best CEO.

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Trump is a puppet like the rest

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>20 september

Lol you delusional bagholder downies

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If you think about it. Has anything felt real after 2012...

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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.