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typical incel

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Is OP a faggot?

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No woman are the worst kind of investment.
Why we need to have this thread every day?
Its not like the fact that woman are a shit investment could change over night.

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Most definitely

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LMFAO. thank you for calling her out. jesus christ. why the fuck would anyone want to talk to these boring ass roastie npcs

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>get a hole because dick tells you to
>spend countless hours entertaining this dumb hole and listening to their retarded NPC talk while your wallet is becoming slim

shit investment 100%

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biggest bubble that will burst soon

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I don‘t get that either
why waste countless hours entertaining some roastie for preprogrammed NPC responses?

I grew up with a mother and sister and at some point I suddenly realized that they are NPCs and everything they say goes in a circle, every day the same shit, same storys that go nowhere.
a very scary awakening when I realised that.

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you rock

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>I agreed why am I the asshole

This is the sort of guy who needs to fly out women from third world countries to have a wife

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Anon, this is EXCELLENT bait.
Congrats on this, seriously.

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Where did this NPC meme suddenly come from btw? Did it start with Elon Musk talking about the simulation hypothesis?

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no its actually a few years old.

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Look at all these virgins calling OP a fag. I feel pity for you, you pussy whipped bitches, keep putting these roasties on a pedestal

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Lol OP is a pathetic incel demanding he be spoonfed a conversation.

Your game is terrible, enjoy being a virgin for the rest of your life

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It started with discussion on /pol/ about a study where most people don't experience an inner monologue.

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women are a scam

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WTF is "NPC" ?

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Lmao that gay as fuck bitmoji bottom left

Have you ever touched a woman?

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all this projection and we ain't even in a theatre nigga

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sounds like you pick terrible women. The most I ever spend on a woman is $10 for gas money. I let them pay my bar tab because it's my way of empowering women and shattering gender roles.

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lurk more

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There were quite a number of threads on the topic over a short span of time.
Here is one of the first ones that I remember with the meme itself:

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>npcs needing a study telling them that they are surrounded by npcs

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when you see a woman in real life does she come with a profile attached to her face?
no, you talk to her, and you dont say ANYTHING I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT U >>??


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Shit I regret becoming addicted to weed

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Already getting those dark circles under her eyes, poorly concealed with makeup. She’s aging prematurely.

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same here. I smoked a pack of marihuana cigarettes when I was drunk at a party ~3 years ago and I've been hooked ever since

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I actually smashed 2 tinder thots this week. I'm far from an incel. I don't put up with shit.

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Pussy is an investment you always buy at the all time high, has a 50% risk of losing half your total net worth, and depreciates rapidly.

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>anything else I should know about you

you're the boring one mate. who the fuck can answer that question? "Oh yeah., I spend 100 hours per working browsing a japanese lesbian beastiality imageboard XD". fucking fix this shit nigga

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>bragging about smashing slutty landwhales
yeah...you're the man lad

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Women are a terrible investment. There only use to us is to fuck them for physical pleasure. Committed relationships, marriage, families......all that shit are memes that men get conditioned to when we're growing up.

A big eye opener for most guys is when they finally realize that women of any age or marital status will fuck you regularly without you being in a relationship with them.

You don't need to date them, be in relationship with them, or marry them, to get all the sex you want from them, or even to have them hangout with you and just have fun.

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Do you cats use your real name/picture when you use these apps?

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Pls respond

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How are you gonna smash them if you aren’t posting your own pics you brainlet

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Waste of time

>brother bitching and moaning in his room because his ex-gf fucked his best friend from college
>tfw my autist brain literally cannot comprehend why he even gives a shit.

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Btw OP your pic is fucking cringe and you come across as beta and inexperienced with women. Learn to not expect intelligent conversation with a woman, or for them to generally have any character or soul. Women are for making babies and being a good little helper. Don't ever look at them as equal to you. They are inferior and you must take the leading role in the dynamic every time. Why do you think women have never built anything in the history of humanity?

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>short once she's legal
The absolute state of modern society.
Enjoy your leftovers, peasants. Our masters only allow us the broken pieces of their trash social experiment.

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A good woman is a great investment and pays for herself and then some. A bad woman is the worst thing you can be stuck with, preventing you from ever seeing any success.

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I'm dating a 7.5/10 currently and her family is wealthy as fuck. She pays for her share, genuinely seems interested in stuff I have to say including bitcoin, and we have similar interests. She is career driven currently working as a nurse and is working towards healthcare administration. She has only had 2 partners that she will admit to before me (probably more, but that shit is tight) and wants kids eventually, but is extremely adamant about birth control. The point of my post to you is that not ALL women are a bad investment. This woman makes way more than I do, stays in decent shape, and begs me to come over all of the time. Find yourself a woman that is interesting, makes her own money, and does not give out red flags after the first date. Godspeed Anon

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>She has only had 2 partners that she will admit to before me (probably more, but that shit is tight) and wants kids eventually, but is extremely adamant about birth control
>This woman makes way more than I do

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Wait.. are you joking? Not everyone talks to themselves in their head?

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new partner exciting phase
>career driven
>2 partners
>wants kids "eventually"
Your roastie is a bad investment and is going to cuck you with Doctor masterchief surgeon at work once she realises she is "carrying" you with her riches and thinks she deserves better

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Those big juicy dividends early on tho (tight sex)

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>a nurse
>no red flags

Pick one.

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Water is a good investment?

If you are dehydrated for sure it will be a great thing.
If you already full of it then it will be normal.

But in the end everybody needs water, so yes.. at a primitive level water is a good investment.

If you wanna reproduce and keep your lineage you will need woman at one way or another (birth, child raise, etc..), so the primitive answer is that woman are a good investment.

But there is a big difference between the primitive need of a woman and the distorted need that everybody has.

At a primitive level you wont die without a woman.
At a primitive level you wont starve without a woman.
At a primitive level you wont be fully rejected by society without a woman.

So woman are a good investment for lineage, sex and social acceptance.

But there is a big IF into this scenario.

If you consider woman like an asset, what is your difficult to get an good asset?
For some guys it will be easy, for other medium and for others will be very hard tier.

What it means? It depends on your value and what you can afford to have this asset.

Like bitcoin there are guys who bought it for $1, others for $100 and others for $1000 and even people that bought on ATH, so does woman.

There are guys who will fuck girls with minutes or even less of talk, there are guys that will need some days or weeks and there are others that will need years or decades to reach it.

At the end just yourself will know if you got profit or if you got rekt.

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Women can keep their act for years if necessary. Take her to a shitty vacation if you want to see her real face.

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>pays for her share
>genuinely seems interested in stuff I have to say
>we have similar interests
>is career driven
>is extremely adamant about birth control
>makes way more than I do
>stays in decent shape
>begs me to come over all of the time

You realize, you're fucking a trap. Right, Anon?

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>im starting to agree

I shall use as my chat up line, thanks a bunch anon

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You and OP should stop, I'm not even kidding.

If he use the profile photo he posted he is a fucking aspie without any social conscience that will end up in problems because of it.

Both of you read the book "48 laws of power".

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>women peak at 14
I want to shitpost and call you Muhammad, but inside I know this study is true. I'm surrounded by 22-24 year old women who look like they've already hit the wall.
22 year-old women look like they're 28 nowadays, probably due to cigarettes, being overweight, heavy drinking, heavy smoking, STD's, and tattoos.

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Well excuse me for wanting someone with more substance than style.

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Have a seat, anon.

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> I'm surrounded by 22-24 year old women who look like they've already hit the wall.
that is because white women (and men for that matter) age like cheese

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You are telling me you want something and at the same time you show yourself as a person who dont have the things the targeted audience would like.

Good luck.

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Do you have any idea how dumb that statement it.
Women are fucked and do you know why, they were given a place in society with less power because of the lessons learnt from the ages by man. We learnt that they were irrational and jump in front of horses, we learnt they get shitty at a certain time of the month, learnt that no woman was carved upon mount Rushmore, we learnt that through the two hundred thousands years women is to be contain and controlled like aids because it is simply too unpredictable, then the jew gave the goyim pandoras box after ww1 and it was opened thus unleashing a flood of uncontrollable emotions upon the earth plunging it into a dark dark age. The irony is women like to be submissive yet one lesbion decided to lash out because she was forced to marry a man. And so ended mans reign on earth, rip terran.

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Im currently in a long term serious relationship with a virgin christian girl. 22 y/o. She said she wont have sex with anyone until marriage.

>inb4 shes getting blacked as we speak

Shes not that attractive right now maybe 6.5/10 because she's a little fat. But we both have marriage in mind. I told her I wont marry her until she loses weight and she 100% agrees with me.

I sometimes get temptation to go for hotter thots and breakup with her because the wait is driving me crazy.

what do biz?

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Humans are fucked, period.

Yada yada yada, nothing explain you using a cartoon psychopath figured (a guy covered by blood) in a social plataform (tinder), that means you lack social knowledge and social aware, you want show yourself as a "badguy psychopath" when you are neither a badguy nor a psycho, you want sell yourself as American Psycho when you are just an outsider aspie.

If you were right you should be banging constantly high quality woman, but you aint.

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>career driven
>2 partners that she will admit to before me
No thanks

>> No.11316660

also she wants to have like 5 kids.

>> No.11316685

>put money into something
>dont get money out
>is it a good investment

>> No.11316698

I'm not trying to be show as badguy psychopath, Im not, Im just a rational man whos not scared to voice his opinion. The fact that you think im a badguy psychopath just shows how far removed from reality you are. You have to be the dumbest fuck on this board.

>> No.11316733

You are delusional, anyone that is social aware know that use a picture of a wannabe psychopath (again: a cartoon with his face covered blood) can be everything besides being normal and rational.

>not scared to show your opinion

You are stupid, nobody show his real opinion and power level at a first scenario, this is nothing but lack of social aware and knowledge, nobody cares for your opinion at a first glance, you misunderstand things and think this is ratio.

You wanna talk about investments on a party that people wanna get drunk, high and do shit that they wont take the responsability.

I'm nothing give you my opinion, I'm giving you the reality of your actions.

I'm not delusional, I've social inner circles and I know how things work.

Just stop to fool yourself.

>> No.11316748

So everybody that lived prior to 1940 is some cartoon pyschopath. Get real faggot and just accept there are people out there with differing opinions.

>> No.11316764

Your opinion doesnt matter shit, reality matters.

You are delusional, you cant even have social conversations without being rejected at some level, you cant even convince woman that have some initial interest over you.

I'm not talking about everybody, I'm talking about you.

You are the guy that want to have deeper conversations at places that people want to party and small talk at max.

You are the faggot and your results show it, face the responsability of your mistakes and lack of social knowledge.

Read the book "48 laws of power".

>> No.11316773

i dated a dumbass like that too that didnt want to fuck until marriage. ended up fingering her a lot because she loved that shit then we broke up a while later and i talked to her recently she said she realized no sex until marriage was fucking stupid
>5 kids
not gonna work dump this bitch. you know how fucked you would be trying to take care of 5 kids lol

>> No.11316805

>You are the guy that want to have deeper conversations at places that people want to party and small talk at max.

Yeah you're probably as boring as most women.
Im happy knowing they're plenty of women how like me, you're just a sad egomanic with no brain. I know your kind.

>> No.11316832

No, I'm not boring, I can choose the proper topics and conversations with each different person and their personality and scenario.

You overthinking your social skills, your results show you cant sexually match with woman that had at some point interest on you. You if were a salesman you would be the guy that the client wants your product and he already really wants to buy and then you fuck everything and end up with no sales.

The woman that are like you want chads, people that are socially sucessfull, they dont want an aspie without experiences that overthink everything he does and think he is "The Mentalist" but doesnt have any real result to proof it.

My only problem is poverty, just that, besides that I'm making it with enough real results that proof that at some level I'm doing the shit right.

You dont, you have nothing to prove you right.

Accept my advice and read the book.

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you have to go back...

>> No.11316869

All these assumptions based on nothing.
You know Im right about women, it was another time, it was a better time. I've probably turned down more women than you've slept with.

>> No.11316873

favelanon we made a gofundme page to bring you to america so you can finally overdose on opiates instead of whatever weak shit you've been taking in brathile

>> No.11316877

why the fuck are you calling someone an "NPC"??? what the fuck does that even mean? ?? ?

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>> No.11316898

Sorry, I thought you were OP.

Anyway, read that book, I'm not kidding, its a good book.

Hue, I'm finding my way bro, I received enough motivation and now I can keep going, I'm mentally fucked but it's fine.

Now its do or die, hope it ends well.

>> No.11316921

It's ok bro, just tell me who hurt you.

>> No.11316932

The world bro, I'm hustling hard to pay my cousin chemo treatment, not just that but I have to pay rent, food and whatever expenses of my younger brother and old mother and dogo.

Life isnt easy, I live in a poor area of the brazilian biggest State and I cant be easygoing. so thats what hurts me.

I was mistaken that you were OP, thats why I was talking about profile picture of a cartoon.

Have a good weekend, sorry.

>> No.11316946

this is true

>> No.11316950

favelanon stop baiting people who legitimately base their own self worth off whether or not they had sex.

What are you currently reading?

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hahahahaha classic. good job op!!

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Currently reading Nietzche, got some money and bought this one.

>> No.11316990

The reason I have to post photos name "whatsapp image" is because I've whatsapp web opened, so I send the photo for myself other number (I use Whatsapp business with other GSM) then I download it on whatsapp web and then save the photo into my pc.

>> No.11316993

nice pedograph, pedophile.

>> No.11317002

you sound mad, roastie

>> No.11317022

>Have a good weekend

You too anon.

>> No.11317025

th-thanks for the uhh timestamp >>
what post is this? I have whatsapp too my south american and european friends love that shit i get it.

>> No.11317032

are they still hiring?

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Autism's a hell of a drug

>> No.11317051

People want to be entertained. Dance for them. Men. Women.


Dance monkey, dance. Then stop and charge them. They can pay you in whatever currency you want. Fiat, crypto, attention, and sex.

>> No.11317066

Thats the endless and perpetual dance that we are the viewers and dancers at same time.

But who is the DJ?

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I think agreeing with a self-effacing comment when you don't know someone is somewhere between a faux pas and a dick move regardless of the genders involved

>> No.11317091

you sound like a nigger
i can hear you chimping from here

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I like NPC meme precisely because it has caused such a shitstorm. Hilarious.

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>roastie rage

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>> No.11317209


Based, put a ring on it and start pumping kids in her right away. The longer you wait the more likely she will become a worthless slut.

>> No.11317228

this, famalam

>> No.11317268

hahaha this bitch is probably 26 and thinks people her age would even consider her...

>> No.11317279

after age 25 and dealing with women your entire life you'll soon realize they're all NPCs

>> No.11317370

A new forced mem.

>> No.11317399

I'm at the stage where I don't what to have girlfriend any more but want to BE the girlfriend FOR YOU DEAR READER.

>> No.11317428

I've met women who had intelligent things to say and seemed clever, but they were underage and surely destroyed by the time they finished up their sentences in the public education system.

>> No.11317511

gamer genocide when

>> No.11317539

Non playable character

>> No.11317758

Marry her

>> No.11318731

>that shit tight

Number of partners has
literally nothibg to do with tightness

>> No.11318758

Stick it out. Very hard to find women like that nowadays and if you can’t wait , rest assured another dude will. So hunker down the homestead and fill her up when y’all marry.

>> No.11318778

And when was different than that?

On medium age where you would need to be a nobleman to get a high quality woman?

>> No.11318780

>having trouble talking to women on tinder
>so autistic that i can only open a convo with some sort of normie gif
>using bumble now
>have no idea how to reply

I am a motherfucking lost cause. For what its worth i didnt think ops chat wasnt too bad, but the problem is no one in the thread gave the poor guy any advice. Are you supposed t talk about the shit in their bio, and if one doesnt exist you talk about ine of their photos? Reeeeeeeee someone help

>> No.11318793

I need $50 in crypto till tomorrow.

I'll guide you in advance and really help you, can you pay me that $50?

Because time is scarce and if you cant I'll use my time to another thing.

>> No.11318804

Im at work atm and dont have access to any of my keys. I dont leave that shit on my phone

>> No.11318810

First: we will go through an mind detox process to make you socially aware and not mind poisoned
Second: we will start building your skills and talents and making you more social valuable
Just say to me, I'll help you first, just pay me after.

>> No.11318820

Are you down for that? Yes or no?

>> No.11318846

Prolly not, read that books on the sequence
"48 laws of power", "how to make friends and attrack people" (dale carnegie), "the art of war" Sun Tzu

They are all free, they will atleast make you wiser.

Good work and good night.

>> No.11318857

guys, I got a problem.
had no gf for 4 years and really got out of exercise.
she likes me, I like her. We both know that.
We were talking in a bar for the last 2 hours.
how do I go on if i wanna get her into a relationship? #germanfag

>> No.11318859

Sorry, i work at a port and was just watching a ship go past. Thanks for the recs, ill try and get a hold of the first one

>> No.11318868

update: new girl i accidentally got to know through friends

>> No.11318878

Where at? Mt P here

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>> No.11318891

Dont rush things, let things go on the natural way and path and you are a man, that means at a primal level you know what you do.

Enjoy the ride.

NP, there are some audio of that books, can try that too.

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>> No.11319147

The majority of processing power of women goes to social hierarchies and their collective hive mind

>> No.11319369

>t. seething NPC

>> No.11319418

KEK. Chad girl whips the beta ass

>> No.11319624

Women are only happy when their life is what they think it should be. The first sign of hardship you get to see the what most women are like.
Ive been with the same girl for 13 years and shes very mean doesnt really care about me, only when things are good will she act ok towards me.
She gave me 3 kids though and they are my reason to live. But if I meet a younger girl someone I see as "material" I will definately be having more kids.

>> No.11319698

Go after older women as a young man. 46 year age difference and satisfied. It just happened

>> No.11320035

>Women are only happy when their life is what they think it should be.
I would say this is somewhat true. They definitely want to show off for all the other women how "good" they have it. One of the GF's I had was super cool when everything was fine in my life but then I decided to go back to school and didn't have as much money and she was always complaining. Now that I have a better job (and more money/prestige) she's always on my back to "do things"...fuck that.

>> No.11320042

You need abundance. That is all you need. The more you have the easier it becomes. So go out every week and meet women. Have sex with as many as you can. Make out with them. Fuck some lesser attractive women along the way. Stay away from bitterness and you will get there! It is that simple. It is about never giving up, about preserving and playing a long term game.


>> No.11320425

It's unironically not just women.

People are a bad investment. As a bi person (inb4 you're a faggot xd) I can tell you 95% of all people have no fiscal restaint and are leeches

>> No.11320543

You social trainwrecks bitching abour NPC's know you are just bugged NPC's right?

Your not unique or special, there's just something wrong in your head.

>> No.11320569

Beyond all laughing of this extremely cuck boi, this is the future of american men.

>> No.11320572

Found the roastie

>> No.11320581

Gaping vags and assholes are commonly found in virginal roast-bearers, right?

>> No.11320714

spoken like a true roastie

>> No.11320751

>How to get venereal disease

>> No.11320798

> Read the book "48 laws of power".
kys you absolute fagglet, it's a shit text made by a bigger faggot than you.

Much of it is just cherry picked crap that supports the inflated ego of the author. The only thing there is to take from that book is to stop weaklings that follow that crap.

>> No.11321023


I seriously doubt the study - symbolic logic is critical in human cognition so they must still have an inner dialog. I think it's more likely that they're so unaware of everything that they don't even notice it.

>> No.11321068


daily reminder that not automaticly understanding what a npc is means you're a npc

>> No.11321304

Yeah OP shes going to put autism hobbies like "gaming, history, imageboards, hentai" as her interests.. you spastic lmao

>> No.11321310

If you automatically understand what NPC means, you are video game addicted nigger.

>> No.11321424

Npc? Not really following here

>> No.11321461


12:48 and 48% battery

>reptillian confirmed

>> No.11321486

If the (((study))) is to be believed, something like 90% of people have never done thinking in words, and they think in images instead. Followup reports said that it's bad to think in words, and that you should force yourself to solely use imagery instead.
The NPC meme has been around for years, primarily existing in /v/ for obvious reasons, but it hit /pol/ like a month or two ago, and here we are today

>> No.11321500

>irl handle

>> No.11321511



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what a dumb bitch. she got triggered hard after being accused of being a slut, she obviously has sex with a different partner every night

>> No.11321740

Dude the girl consumes weed daily. Opposite of chad, actually pretty sad.

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