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Convince me on why I should buy Chainlink.

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Listen, it links the blockchains together with its ERC20 Token through decentralized oracles or something. No product yet, but Im sure the $32 million given to the psychology major with no coding/business experience, will use it to develop the project and not use it to travel to conferences.

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It was invented by biz as a scam to get normies from reddit to invest.

Go for it.

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ha ha ha, what a delightful chuckle my good sir, thankyou

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lurk for 2 years before posting

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Go fuck yourself OP imagine everyone lived like OP...hey guys convince me this convince me this ...think for yourself

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because these bags are getting heavier and I need cash to support my neet lifestyle.

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poo poo 1000 EOYee pee pee

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It's one of the most successful cons ever pulled by the chans. How many people can we convince on plebbit to invest in a shit crypto that we convince the World is going to Moon. Don't fall for it.

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You shouldn't.

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you shouldn’t- it’s a scam

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don't buy this shit. I get meme'd into buying it over a year ago and it's been in a downtrend ever since. the github is basically dead and they haven't even started working on the parts that actually matter- reputation and things like that. There are a small core of retards who are dead searios about this and shill it like their lives depend on it, and the other 90% are anons who play along to trick newfags. I got tricked. be smart and learn from my mistakes.

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Because link is the logical end game.

>I no trp plz
>know me by my shoddy shops
>I gave you maersk
>I only enter dead threads

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If you’re stupid enough to ask here you might ass wel just buy the fucking tokens ok?

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