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so i had a dream about Roger Ver last night.
He was trying to bang this bitch in his room (or a hotel room) but she was not having it. It seemed that the point of view was at the end of his bed or in the doorway of his room.
Dude was a total prick - basically laughing about the situation even tho she wanted nothing to do with him - like he knew he had all this money and couldn't believe this chick wouldn't suck his fuck. (he was wearing boxers btw).
he ends up walking away and my dream moved to another subject - something about underwater ancient scrolls.

anyways, just wondering if anyone else had a dream about this douche - are we going to see some kind of news soon?

I had a dream about Vitalik a few weeks to a month ago and it was right before some news came out about him, forgot exactly what it was.

im scared, bros.

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no one?
are you not entertained by premonitions?!

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lets talk about it caibalion at protonmail.com you're medium bro