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>Last week, in an interview Elizabeth Stark (CEO of Lightning Labs) reminded everyone that this is "very early days" for the Lightning Network, she compared it's current stage to where the Internet was in the 1960's when it was the Darpa Network. She's saying we should be measuring in decades, while Charlies is saying months.

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seriously, if the becore team would work in a proper wagecage they would have finished that LN months ago. Fucking lazy fucks.

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good thing lightning is optional and other things like reducing space signautres use are also worked on in parallel

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I'm going to have to ask for source I'm afraid

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>measuring in decades
woman in business are a mistake

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pussy is so fucking digusting eeww

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XRP is superior to the lightning network.
It works right now.

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At best LN will add unnecessary complicated steps to an otherwise simple payment system.
>but it's muh butcoin
Normies can't wait to start creating links!

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lightning works right now too

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Yeah but Bitcoin is the only FULLY decentralized coin

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Are you fucking kidding me?

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Checked and confirmed.
There are literal niggers livestreaming their suicide by cop and this bitch fuds her own project like that.
The absolute state of women in business.

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Who cares?
Liquid in a few weeks. That'll be a big game changer.

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