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Link has now fallen into an esoteric place where people who don't already "know" and understand, no longer have access to it.
For over a year, the fundamentals were argued religiously in some kind of think tank, everything was ironed out and it survived. Slowly people got bored and mass fud started.
All the primary research has been done, nobody is interested in talking about it anymore, and it is impossible to find anything like it now. Any attempts are met with immense fud, confusion, contradicting information. To add to this, it's not even easy to understand link even with good information.

We may be heading to a lower low with Bitcoin. If we do, alts will certainly take a tumble and lose relevance for some months. Link is now in stealth phase, it is not accessible to anyone who doesn't already get it.
We are all going to make it eventually, This is exactly what happened to Ethereum in 2014, except Link is way more esoteric even among the crypto community. people can be openly shilled link and still not buy. It is hidden in plain sight.

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If you are a new friend it is genuinely impossible to have conviction with link anymore. Imagine trying to get grips with it. Most you would get is relying on other peoples word.

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and tripfags sowing discord, 2018 newfags btw

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Have you ever been to /tv/ game of thrones general threads in the offseason? This is exactly like that. Theres fuck all new information, just the same 20 anons making the same jokes over and over and calling eachother names.

This is your first rodeo, isnt it?

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All of biz is about 20 people on shift at any point in time, on a follow the sun schedule. This board is dead

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>board == dead
well that's good news, it means we're at or near the accumulation phase.

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exactly. Dead. you cannot learn about link anymore. Its limited to a bunch of neets now. you cant force a good quality discussion anymore, it was done to death for months. nobody is interested in talking about it again.

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Yeah but there must be 100 lurkers.
Check mate !

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The current discussion is 95% garbage. The same pasta fud and derails in every thread. Even the random shillers sound retarded as fuck. There used to be a bit more coherent english at least. But now it all sounds like third world street vendors yelling the same lines, over and over. Will linktober deliver us from pajeets?

Exactly this. I found out about link in March. There were people explaining about it in every thread. Well written screencaps, pasta and even q&as. Now there's nothing. I've given up explaining too. I've been holding these bags too long. I can't imagine what the ico holders feel like.

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who is this "Benoit" guy on pivitol?
Haven't seen him before.

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JUST imagine actually falling for link meme

JUST imagine actually going full in to buy a meme token that is propped up only by memes and shilling

JUST imagine actually tying up ALL your available cash in an asset that didn't bring you ANYTHING but losses in the last 6 month AND only if you're extreMEMEly lucky only then it will remain stable @ .30-35 and won't bring you more loses

JUST imagine that even if you sell LINK @ .50 in 2020, you'll have to pay taxes out the ass (and if you'll urgently need money and will have to withdraw and sell at current market price you will actually lose money + taxes

JUST imagine that you actually know all that but have to call it fud and be in total denial to remain sane, because this is the last line of your psychological defense that protects you from turning into Pink Wojak irl

JUST imagine being THAT cucked by the stinkie memes and shilling

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We gonna make it.

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There was real discussion last year. It's the only reason I'm still a member of this board which just gets stranger and stranger by the day.

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ok I bought 1ETH worth of LINK for the first time

but binance says ''insufficient balance''

they are thieves

so I bought 666 link

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just imagine being such a faggot that you deny the most obvious thing ever to a bunch of trained autists

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I think the last really productive LINK threads were in February. You still see small glimmers of real discussion here and there, but it’s nothing like it used to be. I’ve tried explaining LINK to programmers and even they don’t get it. I remember spending hours and hours and hours researching Chainlink when I first heard about it and I now I can dispel baseless FUD instantly. Feels good knowing I didn’t capitulate. We’re all going to make it, boys. I can’t even imagine how guys who sold off all their LINK and left thinking it was over will feel when they check the price next year.

This. If you aren’t using the next 6 months to buy solid cryptos hand over fist, I don’t know what to tell you.

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which one was it?

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there is a lot of discussion just not here

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Link is pee pee poo poo

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Agree, this board is getting really weird every time i visit it more so

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>tfw you only visit biz to refresh the page multiple times the day to see if your russian scam lottery ticket has some new hopium threads up about it.
>tfw you have no better way to spend your time.

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Not enough OC coming through anymore

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Most of the recent good discussion has been in tangential threads, like linkpoolio threads. Watching the cringey morons here and in the telegram is kinda sad, Rory is a saint

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It's worth noting that there was a huge surge in post count when LINK broke out of its downward trend. When it actually moons tons of LINK holders will return here, like migrating bison, to produce new memes for the next generation.

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Been holding since late September 2017. Shits pretty boring now. I just focus on bettering my life so when LINK moons I can actually do good with the money. Every now and then I get a wave of “am I fucking retarded?”

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He's a teacher, he's used to herding children


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hi me

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Linkies are all blessed, do great things with your wealth

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where's the discussion then?

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It's a shitty feeling having lost 50% on shitcoins before moving it all into LINK at 0.35$ avg. I have calculated everything and with all Christmas and birthday expenses I will have 500€ at the EOY. What do you guys think? How long will a reasonable accumulation phase last (20-50 cents)?
I am worried that linktober will push its bottom consistently at least in the mid term.

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at the local mcdonalds you mongoloid

we all gonna make it frens

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>Hello diary! It's me again, Rebecca

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Satan is watching. Be gone. Linkies shall inherit the Earth and bring justice and harmony.

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satan BTFO

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My ID literally reads "wait for my 2 cents" so I gave em

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This. I have held for over a year now. Am about to lose my mind coming here hoping for anything new or real. I would say I have read 98% of every link thread written. Fucking maddening.

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good to know others feel the pain i feel kek
i kept track of the number of holders for the past 3 months, i memorized the number of commits on github at any given moment, and so on and so on.

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link is shit

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Man I love this shit. Cults are so comfy

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My waves of feeling like a retard are getting stronger and stronger. If October passes with no end in sight, I don't know how much longer I can hold on.

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Chainlink will make you rich, make sure you sell it all at 5$

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Yeah it's a good idea to sell the closer they get to having a working product. Smort.

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Chainlink will make you rich

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yup. It's easy when price is moving up even if it happens really slow, but when it bleeds it creates a lot of doubt despite a strong conviction and even if all the fud is baseless. this is all so esoteric that it's easy to feel like it will never actually be used. I run through my assumptions about LINK and smart contracts in general at least a couple times a day, helps me to stay the course

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I don't answer to your unholy trinity.

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Man the one good thing about holding in October/November last year and watching it fall over 85% in sat value (back when sat value was the only meaningful metric) is that everything since then has been easy. That compounding feeling of dread that just got worse every day was a real case of the first cut being the deepest. Now I don't even pay attention to the daily fluctuations.

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Also I gotta say it's really nice to have a thread that isn't full of retarded FUD spam. I guess that particular discord is asleep at the moment.

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chainlink is new garbage - trash phase

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I really hope there will be enough nodes for all those link tokens and no cap on them.

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Anyone here that has to comment saying it’s trash is attempting to bring the price down to buy more. Screen cap and move on.

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based guan yin poster.

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I’m the 21st, I rarely post and just lurk for decent anons with valuable information.

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please stop scamming people

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Bagholder bingo.

Meanwhile im comfy in BTC waiting for a guatanteed bullrun after which I might buy a few containerloads of altcoins at the bottom, including, possibly if you play your cards right; CL

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nobody cares what you do with your 0.1BTC, pajeet.

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Some of the dedication and, for lack of a better word, Patriotism, to Link some of you lads have on here makes me proud.
We're all gonna make it.


Check my fucking digits you cunts.

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Almost had it bro.
Either way, LINK $60 EOY.

Check me out.

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There was FUD even in the bullrun days.

The memes started with RENT FREE, then moved on to toilet flush jokes with SIBOS followed by the whole big mac bullshit FUD. Just jokes in general.

Now the FUD is just calling LINK shit and a scamcoin followed by the same "4chan tried to shill this as /ourcoin/" copypasta in every single thread.

I remember debating the technicals around decentralised oracles back in Jan-Feb. Looks like all of that has moved off /biz/ and into slack and Reddit.

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Heh. Watch this. Link $1000 eoy

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Looks like you dropped these digits.

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>my id says Cia
>glow in the dark color

They're gonna get me, aren't they

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