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Oomer edition

>I'm new to the stock market, what stocks should I buy?
Before you buy anything, make a brokerage account and read investopedia articles and/or the books in the OP list. If you don't have a broker, you can't buy stocks, and if you blindly buy things without understanding how the stock market works or doing any research on the individual stocks you're buying, you will lose money and it will be entirely your fault.

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology for newfags:

Real-time market news:

Educational sites:

Free in depth technical analysis charts:

Premarket Data:

Earnings Report Calendars:

Biopharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)

Basic rundown on options:
[YouTube] Option Basics Part I
[YouTube] Option Basics Part II

Suggested books:

Previous thread: >>11271316

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leverage wins

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OGEN that is all

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Bought 3 FB and 20 GALT today in addition to my existing 4 TSLA.

What am I in for?

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sorry for douting OGEN is actually a good stock. also fuck chink moot I wanted to see some AMD pink wojaks today.

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cryptofgts don't even know leverages exist
they think we only make 1%-2% wins

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y-you mean you're making more than 1-2% a year? sounds dangerous

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Am I retarded for buying Canadian weed company stocks in advance of the legalization?

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Why don't you buy real companies?

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you bought into GALT at a good time and sized your position reasonably
stay patient and hold through volatility and it'll pay off

>every stock that rises parabolically is good
I don't know enough about it to say it's bad, but just because it's going up doesn't make it a good investment

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Are there any stocks that aren't extremely overvalued for a long term hold for retirement?

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no. get in on the irrational exuberance or miss out. but if you buy and hodl meme and don't know when to sell you're gonna get fuckered buying this high and thinking holding is gonna work great like buying at half this PE would

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TSLA makes cars. FB makes money. Galt is pure memes according to some and solid gold according to others, but I've wanted a biotech stock for a while.

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It pains me to do this but I had severe withdrawls from /smg/ today.
When /smg/ goes down because of 4chan's retardation, we need a back up.
eight chan is a shit, i hate being on the same website and open pedophiles and leftypol
IRC is good, but most are too retarded to use it.
If, and only if, biz goes down, we can use the following chat (god forbid)

All channels will be locked unless there is an outage.
It will be impossible to use unless an outage occurs
Do not use unless there is an outage.

God forgive me for this sin

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VTI, VOO, VGLT. Hold forever, never trade. buy more during recessions.

If you aren't investing 5500 a year in a vanguard Roth with a 80-20 index-treasury split, you should be.

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Ugh, I've got 150k from an inheritance and don't know what to do with it. Government bonds?

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whatas a 80/20 index treasure split

do you mean 80% equities ETFs and 20% memebonds

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That;s it

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The truth about Amazon minimum wage raise to $15 for all US employees:

After attending the meeting. There are some major drawbacks to this new wage structure. Most of which is a detriment. We lose our monthly bonuses which is based on our productivity. We lose our RSUs(stock options) and we lose the 6 month increments in pay raises. We start out at $15 now, but our next raise doesn't come until 24 months and it's only .50¢. Final rate of pay after 36 months is $16.25... This move was to simply appease those arguing against the low wages. Doesn't do anything for the long term for those of us on the West coast where the cost of living is ridiculously high.

Don't let Amazon fool you, this was a sucker's deal. They did this as a PR stunt. It's great for those who live in the South or somewhere more affordable, but not as great for the rest of the country.

BezGOD wins again.

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See what happens tomorrow. I anticipate high probability of short squeeze. They jumped in hard too early today. Panic blowoff minimal. The correct time to do this kind of attack would have been about one week prior to the 17th so things can't bounce properly prior to the rec sales news blitz. Canadian media is going to be reporting weed weed weed all month, retail money will flood in, and short spike upwards will (briefly) occur.

That's about the shape of how i see it. Somewhat similar to the December 2017/January 2018 squeezes, some of which produced new ATH records for the time.

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80% VOO or VTI and 20% VGLT

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yeah seems like a ripoff but if you lived in the south would you apply or not worth the workload?

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80% VOO, 20% VGLT

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Im sure redditard vaginas are all wet over this.
>muh 15 dollar min wage
>muh distribution of wealth

They deserve getting fucked.

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Bought TSLA at 309,5 ... may have made a mistake there

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Also, if the bounce occurs and you trade it: TAKE YOUR PROFITS AND RUN. This will be the last of it for Canadian stocks this season barring amazing news out of nowhere.

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>5 min bathroom time allowed per day
>hard physical labor
fuck no, these jobs are for wetbacks only.

Yep, and they're all shilling "muh bernie, muh socialism" too.

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>can't sell stocks until settlement date of previous sell or else account will be penalized for 90 days

wtf is this bullshit, if I have enough cash in my account shouldn't I be able to get around the settlement dates?

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buy the Bank

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Should I be buying OGEN tomorrow?

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That's a mistake.

Why didn't you wait for musk to do something stupid? Happens once every month or two.

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Jesus christ. Reading that just gave me eye cancer. How fucking retarded are these disgusting neckbeards?

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In a few months I’ll be making $15 hr to sit on my ass most of the day. Plus health, dental, retirement, and a few more so no.

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yeah FOMO in guess

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How much is it expected to rise from what it is at now

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I'd sell immediately as soon as it crosses your entry price, then re enter around 280 or 260 if you're patient.

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Also no refunds

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problem is taxes, Belgian buying on NASDAQ cost a hefty amount of money. I see a lot of FUD ongoing but now that a chairman stepped in it may attract some hedge funds

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they can't get off his dick

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This thread needs some optimism.

We're all going to make it (but not by being wageslaves).

you'll make small but nice gains. How are the waffles and fries over there? Mayo with fries is master race.

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>he's not an AnCap-AnPrim-AnSyn-An-indiv libertarian socialist

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5 eoy easy

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yes very low float and high volume. you have yourself the next IGC.

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We will see.. doubts but I have a good feeling.
Fries as usual, excellent. Mayo can't go wrong with Devos & Lemmens. Waffles sweet and warm. Can't complain about the food here ;-)

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>the virgin S&P 500
>the chad DJIA

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After today I’m unironically starting to believe that I will in fact never make it and I’ll be a poorfag the rest of my life.
I get to go cut up a car tonight though so at least things aren’t all bad.

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>tfw UDOW
>tfw AMD going back to $20 so you can buy it

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is this how I get rich?

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I have faith in you Texas Anon
Just accept you will never out preform the market because you aren't a genius and buy and hold
and maybe LABU or SOXL
Buy on the crashes (which will surely come) and you'll retire in 20 years a very wealthy man

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>MNGA all time chart
im gonna need a quick rundown

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How trustworthy is this thing?

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That's garbage. Shop around for different broker.

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It isn't.

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Was watching a video on youtube,
What do i use to get charts like this? I'm just a stocklet who started using robinhood like 3 weeks ago but I really want to start seeing more in-depth statistics like this.
What can i do?

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TQQQ is not a fren, unless you're hedged in stable non leveraged indexes.

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it has a strong buy on LEVB and is shitting the bed right now. also getting just'd by LEVB.

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Don't fuck with FINRA, either get more dosh or play by the poorfag rules.

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I have similar settis (I make $18 per hour).

But I live in Southern California, so I'm basically making $10 per hour.

Such cases.

>> No.11276146

$20/hr in NYC, should get that to $27 next month.

What do you do in Socal?

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Rate how I spent the downtime: 8 hours of work in paintbrush

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Stitch fix my life back together senpai.

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Hospital dispatcher.

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goddamnit zucc

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3rd panel needs work, 5.5/10
Solid effort overall

Jesus christ, what are you investing in, afghan penny stocks?

>> No.11276193

How much did you fund the account with?

>> No.11276197

Try $SFIX. Rough day for me that got even worse when I tried t average down

>> No.11276202

The look on the cats face in panel 4 is priceless
9/10 OC, thank you Anon

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SENS Anyone? Its my biggest hold 1200 shares

Am i fucked?

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Around 5.5k. I was having an amazing run until today.

>> No.11276227

that's tradingview.com with the night mode colour scheme. You select the indicators you want from indicators menu.

>> No.11276233

Good day to buy FB.

That's rough, what's advancement like?

Bail out at 4.50 assuming your entry point was lower, diversify into other stocks taking a dip and VTI.

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It really is a catch 22. Take home is like 30k a year but benefits total that almost the same. I know I’ll never find that anywhere else and I know I’ll never land a 60k job.

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Idk man.. diabetes is a growing epidemic, seems like the smart thing to do is hold.

People cant stop stuffing themselves

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stockconsultant is better

Gives detailed TA explanation.

You probably opened a cash account instead of a margin account.

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Is this another Canada/US difference thing? In leafland you don't have to wait for settlement to reinvest in something else. Settlement only applies to withdrawing cash from your account.

>> No.11276273

Thanks man

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Well, I'm trying to get into Physician Assistant school sometime over the next couple years. I'll probably start work as a phlebotomist sometime before the end of the year, which I am not looking forward to. The pay will be around $23 and I'll get the clinical hours I need, but I really not looking forward to stabbing people with needles 10 hours a day.

What's your $15 an hour job in Texas?

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Well, I'm trying to get into Physician Assistant school sometime over the next couple years. I'll probably start work as a phlebotomist sometime before the end of the year, which I am not looking forward to. The pay will be around $23 and I'll get the clinical hours I need, but I really not looking forward to stabbing people with needles 10 hours a day.

What's your job?

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good trading guide to go with it:

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I know that feel. I funded a Forex account with $2.5k back in May and I had it up to $9k at the start of August from shorting the Turkish lira. I locked myself in a bad trade and ended up down to $5k in a week, then more dumb EURUSD trading brought me down to $3K and I had to add money to my account to avoid a margin call.

I'm still up $500, but it was an expensive lesson to learn.

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same here getting fucked hard with no lucubration on LEVB AH.

>> No.11276398

Building maintenance

>> No.11276470

Uncle June?

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Yea these fuckers sure are acting in "the best interest of shareholders"

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Food for thought.

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heres some food for thought

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>> No.11276558



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I don’t even feel like I learned a lesson here I was doing pretty well with stitch fix until today

>> No.11276825

Are any of you guys subscribed to one of those babby handholding broker newsletters? i'm thinking of getting an arora subscription but it's expensive as fuck

>> No.11277021

wtf are these meme spirals

>> No.11277133

>no /smg/ in title
Real thread here:


>> No.11277139

Cool meme curves, a nice adition to meme lines

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File: 100 KB, 290x300, eJwFwdsNhCAQAMBeKICFffCwG6IETVQI7H1drveb-ZrPvM1mTtWxNoDjWnufh13aZ2nVtt7bXcu4lt37A0W17OdTX13gM3IWzsQxeMSAAhiSE0csUUISRGTwnChSDsxEzo63md8fvoAidg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

noice 9/10

could be more original

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Making these threads before 9:30 est is SO pointless

>> No.11277857

I know this feel dude my option just lost 220 dollars. Why can you not just fucking say we are making a weed tea since there is a popular demand? It feels so shitty.

Fucking StitchFix man, that company is doing way better than people think that decline is absurd.

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what do other anons focus on in their portfolio?

I try to "diversify" my strategy so not to get fucked by one single screw up. I usually try and keep everything spread across

>20% bonds to hedge against inflation
>35% growth based ETF's for steady growth
>35% high dividend ETF's and stocks for income
>10% meme stocks for growth, has worked out so far but won't forever

Does /biz/ have a similar makeup or do you just yolo everything?

>> No.11277891

>he doesn't just split all of his money between meme stocks

>> No.11277926

afraid to lose money

>> No.11277927

I prefer to put all my eggs in one basket and then watch that basket really closely.

>> No.11277944

but what if the basket crashes anon?

>> No.11277947

well then you're investing in blue chips at the wrong time lmao, we're at the top

>> No.11277955

i still make good returns on growth ETFs and the meme stocks I do buy. I'm up 30% on ETF's and over a hundred on meme stocks

>> No.11277965

over a hundred percent I mean

>> No.11277969

Friendly reminder that even if a dip to .35 happens on MNGA its going to eventually do OGEN money.

>> No.11277984

then I still don't see why you don't just distribute all of your non-meme stock money between your normal meme investments.

>> No.11277993

because you never know when memes will fail and you're stuck down 150%. By keeping it to a small percent I get gainz while still playing it safe.

>> No.11278012

it'll dip at market open, which is when you should buy in, then hodl till moon

well don't invest all in one meme obviously, split it between many memes so if even one meme fail you'll still reach many moons

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We didn’t get a chance to cut it as much as I wanted cause we had to take the time to teach the probies the basics. Fucking newfagd.

>> No.11278689

Anyone else think op pic looks exactly like junior soprano?

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AMD when lambo?

>> No.11278724

We know it exists for you, but we also know that you have to gape your anus every year for Mr. Gman in order to have the privilege.

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does anyone here use interactive brokers as a non-US citizen? also does the pattern day trader rule apply to non-US citizens who are using a broker based in the US?

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OP don't buy some shit penny stock. If you really have 150k to invest, go on jmbuillion and buy as much gold as you can afford. double your funds when stock market normie poorfags are killing themselves next year in recession 2.0

>> No.11279523

AMD = All Must Die

>> No.11279582

I paid 30 bucks for contrarian outlook cause i like dividends. Not bad so far.

>> No.11279816

Or better yet, buy some physical gold and some stock puts.

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theres a few more people in the other thread

>> No.11281125

but the oomer thread picture is cool

>> No.11281998

all in on this $ADRO dip. LETS GET IT /BIZ/ KIDS