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How do I short tinder slampigs and braphogs?

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She's not even attractive by chubby chaser standards. Not that I know anything about that.

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Wtf i saw this girl on my tinder too? You from CT?

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Fucking disgusting

This is a blue board you faggot

Only post sexy brappers and porn


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I’m in California

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nah im a brap maniac and this hog definitely pushes the right buttons for me

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I know her. She goes to my school.

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Agreed. I'll fuck fatties but this is just sad.

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Imagine her squeals and flaps bouncing around as sweat sprays all over the room when you’re pounding her

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She lives in CT must go to school in CA. Didnt smash but prolly couda

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tell her a big dick nigga with 2 bitcoins is trynna smash

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This the white qween yall crackers be boasting online about bagging hahaha

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>sorry white bois, bbc only

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Max its time to stop posting buddy,

get that checked out

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>How do I short tinder slampigs and braphogs?
English in the future is more bizarre than anyone imagined.

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I dont think Ive ever heard anyone refer to white women as 'white queens' besides non-white guys.

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> 4 to 5 anons ITT willing to fuck this pig

And this why ladies and gentlemen the prize of pussy is so high these days. This is why 5/10 women think they deserve a chad and will never settle down with you.

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>tfw recently got a gf in the chubby territory
>tfw can't go out with her in public without niggers and spics wanting to start shit with me and steal my fat gf

Fuck these subhumans. She's probably about the same dimensions as OP image but with a cute face.

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she be bangin cute after a face replacement theapy u all is gay

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>brap maniac
Lost it. Kek.

>having a gf so disgusting niggers want to fuck her
Get your shit together ffs.

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There are very fine catches on tinder you just need to spend the time to find them.

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Lots of guys would be happy to get with her. The value of pussy is just too high these days.

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It’s like the girls in high school
>my boobs are so big they are always popping out
Bitch you fat as fuck

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That double bicep

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Lol fuck I love that you make these threads. Post more tinder thots

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>u mad whiteboi ?

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True. It's a bubble. Evolution has made it so we produce more women when times are easy. Men are already 45% or less of the world population now. More men are becoming fags or trannies, and we still work the most dangerous jobs while committing suicide at a ridiculous rate. Not too long from now cock will be worth its weight in space diamond.

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Unholy mother of kek. Those gains cannot be denied

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jay leno?

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Thats just sad man

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reminder that fucking a fat chick doesn't count as sex
if you've only fucked fat chicks youre still a virgin

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I would fuck and cum inside this just to save the white race.

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How does this work?

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wew. the fuck is your problem?

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You get matched with women that tinder feels may like you. I can only imagine how goofy and ugly OP's face and body is.

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Haha I know its fucking hilarious

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I don’t think I’m that ugly lol

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>go to same uni and see this person around a lot

I'll put in a good word for you lads

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>calling your women braphogs and slampigs.
Stay classy whitefags

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Sacramento brah? Let’s drink sometime

>stay classy white fags
Who says I’m white lol. I’d hate to be a white person in America. I’d rather be a redpilled based Hispanic :-)

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Im a fully grown man and her face is more masculine than mine. i should become a woman.

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Fuck! Look at those shoulders...she could play for the Patriots.

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that's gonna be a yikes from me

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Lmao, I got you homie. My dating market is near right now, here are the spoils.

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Melbourne is a long way from california

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I got you homie, my dating market is bear as fuck, these are some of the spoils. When will my dating market be bull again? At 10% bodyfat????

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She looks like a Bog had a kid with Mr. Incredible

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Literally the dad from the Incredibles in a wig.

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i can't even try to be cool about it, this thread just killed me so hard, all of it

fucking braphogs holy shit

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Are you a Hispanic/white hybrid too, or Hispanic/Hispanic?

Some of us voted for Trump dude

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I’m fully Mexican. My great grandparents both immigrated to Mexico from France in the early 1900 though.

Same here, voted for Trump. It always rustles the jimmies of leftist snowflakes when I tell them that, because I “should be on their side” lmfao. I speak Spanish fluently too.

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Confession. I'm probably a 7.5, an 8 on a good day, have had my fair share of hot girls, but I'm quite happy to fuck 6s and up.

Some girls have said that I've ruined men for them, that none of the guys interested in them can compare anymore.

I feel like I'm doing a disservice for the betas out there, but why should I say no to an easy lay? I can get 8s but it takes so much more effort.

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why would you post your face on 4chan, spic? Just leave, reddit or /soc/ is the place to go if you want online validation

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You humblebrag like a woman

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Because the anon I responded to said I was probably hideous

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i think your billing address, credit card number and expiration date are hideous

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>posts tinder selfies on /biz/
>calls other people zoomers

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>t-shirt letters get mirrored
what a lazy gif maker

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>tried doxxing me

Lmfao, good try

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I saw a clearly non-passing tranny on tinder the other day, shoulda grabbed a screenshot for the boys. The caption was "don't hate yourself if you mistake me for a real girl", and made me almost vomit.

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I found your real tinder

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Dude, the trannies around here are so unpassable, it’s hilarious

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My fucking sides

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El ogre de los Americanos...

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always enjoy these threads and you are absolutely based. tell me you have a fat stack of pic related

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I don't care about bragging, it's anonymous, what's the point? I legitimately feel conflicted about it.

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I wish I had more bro

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Blocks your path

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Would fuck lowkey

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Load up your muskets boys, we got a tinder swine here, it’s braphog season!!!!

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BASED. My last name is literally Hernandez and when liberals first meet me they think I’m part of the club and treat me like a fellow SJW.

There truly is no better feeling than their faces when I say I voted for Trump. Their faces go blank and they short circuit. Then they pretend like everything is fine and after you part ways they ignore you forever because you don’t fit into their narrative.

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Great. You still have to go back when Trump deports mami and papi and based Kavenaugh repeals the 14th amendment. Some of you are based but 90% of you are welfare leaching criminals. A cockroach is a cockroach and has to be dealt with accordingly.

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Love you fellow marine

t. 13K stinkers

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holy shit, you act exactly how
describe their experience. cant wait for y'all to get rekt in 2020, again.

we all wish we had more bro. god speed

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>thinks a literal Jew puppet is going to save you

I’d hate to be white in the country, every nigger and spic out there trying to kill you and stop you from achieving anything, while all the liberals want to help me succeed. I have a better chance at destroying the Jewish zog machine than you will ever have, chicken shit skin. The real enemy are the Jews, not us.

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Jesus, it's got the chin of an anvil. I bet that bitch can take a cross from prime Mike Tyson

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>The Chad Tranny

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She can probably beat me up in a fight

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dunno how you can live with yourself if you smash that

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Dear, Francisco Hernandez
No amount of white cock worshiping will allow you to stay and breed with our kind. I'm glad you know your place but I don't want you to ever get too uppity to think you're one of us. Vote Trump for next election, then please go back to mexico and take your whole family with you. - Your White God

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>I have a better chance at destroying the Jewish zog machine than you will ever have, chicken shit skin.
You spics are't gonna destroy the Jew, in fact you are their greatest ally. All your shithole countries are turning to socialism because you lazy fat manlets love gibs. Look at Mexico: they elected a commie kike to run their country.

>> No.11273855

Some of us have taken the red pill though and are woke. You need people like me in your team if you want to take down the Jews. Don’t be blue pilled, anon

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Lol, you mad every single girlfriend I’ve had was white? The only white girls you get are probably braphogs like the one in my OP. Stay mad, sad little white boi

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Imagine if you be went to the beach with her she just swallowed some seawater and it acted as a laxative and she had anal leakage. Haha. And she asked you to put sunscreen on her. And you put it on her butt and it mixed with the leakage. Haha. Imagine the smell. That would be crazy dude haha

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Walls not going help you from having white women want you inferior shit genetics. Have you tried sudoku instead anon? I’m sure you’ll be incarnated as a 6’5” black athlete with a 10” dick

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>being so insecure that you have to prove to random frogposters and robots online that you're totally super cool and well adjusted and superior

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Kek, I have family members who work at USCIS but okay. I’d bet 100 LINK you live in a trailer park and get food stamps

>he thinks I haven’t fucked a white girl
>he thinks because I said I’m half Hispanic that half is automatically Mexican
>he doesn’t know I have ancestors who came over on the mayflower

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YOU may be red pilled but most beaners are Democrats because they want to keep their gib the government gives them for having 20 kids. Nothing personal but one or two good beaners isnt enough to convince me that all of you should stay. Go fix your own fucking country and stop shitting up ours.

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No one needs a nigger and a spic, you fuckers are deluded and uppity. Stayed out of the sun for 1 day and you fuckers think you're white. Want a black pill? You're a bunch of rape babies that no one wanted, and you'll never be white enough, you can try to act like us but your genetics are pure dirt. We smile at you in public, but you're not one of us, don't fucking lie to yourself.

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I hate this thread.


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t. virgin manlet that looks like pic related

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This is sad. She'd be really pretty if there was.only one of her.

>> No.11273962

reminder I and many adult virgins would much rather remain virgins than sleep with an even moderately overweight woman

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Why do beaners always lie about fucking white women? Everyone knows that women of every race including your own hates you manlet shitskins

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I love you anon, and so does Jesus Christ

>> No.11274042

Maybe because I’m 6’0”, have a decent jawline and lift? Go outside bro, you’re living in a bubble that’s just as bad as the bubble leftists live in. Start doing nofap and lifting.

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Incels will be incels

>> No.11274976

Sac Bro!! Lets go take down this hog and discuss investment oppurtunities together!!

>> No.11274995

la creatura

>> No.11275048

Im down lol.

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