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>Be me 23
>Very high intelligence and serious high functioning depression
>Have money
>Want to get into trading as a career due to the nature of being able to make money from home - then can be anywhere in the world

Any successful Anons start out in my position? and if so can you recommend how i can go about begging to learn to trade?

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you should just deal with your depression first before getting into all of that

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depressed because i have no skills outside of making deals at work and want to get out of the wagie cycle

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Create a company and be a trader for yourself if you actually have money.
Why do you absolutely want to work for Mr shekelstein?

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the parts of ta that are right boil down to psychology. complex structures and patterns are hoaxes, basics like resistance and support not. try to get behind the psychology of greed and fear, and you might get an edge over the market

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You are 2 late op. Like 5 years 2 late

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>>11258921 cont.
oh, and risk management, discipline and patience are your friends.

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>nd support not. try to get behind the psychology of greed and fear, and you might get an edge over

this is the advice i want, i can sit here and watch hour long videos on supply and demand stratergies till i commit however, how does one go about developing reasons to put trades on?

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Define 'very high intelligence'. I want to feel what a brainlet feels like.

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>t feels like

137 IQ - 100 wpm consistent typing speed

Don't get me wrong, not saying im the next Einstein - anything from! it just infuriates me i can crack anything i really put my mind too however this is something im sure i want to get into and cant seem to start properly

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Not OP, but MD here suffering the same.
Deal with depression, seriously how?
Personally I'm going on roids, wonder if you have any xp.

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if you don't deal with depression first you will kys, I promise 100%. You should really think about if this is a job for you, it's repetitive, an emotional rollercoaster, you will lose years of life while staring at deep red and have nice but short pumps of adrenaline when in the green.
It will eat your soul and you won't be able to cope with losses and mistakes which inevitably are part of the process.
let me know if you need real advice one day urlogicisflawed ed gmail com

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retail trading isn't profitable over the long run. there's more than enough data on the internet to back this up. if you're as smart as you think you are you'll figure it out for yourself sooner or later

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> Very high intelligence
> begging

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i fail to understand over a long course of time how using compound interest - you will not make money.

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You will, assuming you become competent.
My situation wasn't exactly the same as yours, but I've been full time trading for 10 years now. Experience is the best teacher, which is why so many don't make it.

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Same here.

IQ of 160. I am so fucking awesome.
Holy shit.

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you sound average to me

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what do you think trading even is? why would you come to 4chan as your first resource?

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i put my money on the longshots

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>Very high intelligence
Ok bro

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>Very high intelligence

Yaaawn, no, you're not.

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typing speed has no indication of intelligence whatsoever. Thats just memorization and iteration, which is a form of intelligence, but not the be all end all. Same if you cite your rubix cube solving times, just shows that you can memorize a list of patterns rather than actually think on the fly.

To answer your question, assuming you are OP, you don't have to beg, they will come to you. Many trading interns/associates are required to do a mental math test going into the interview, and if you are such genius then they will want you as you are an asset to them. Just do an interview where you know there will be a test, then you are good.

Though, the problem is if your brain is organized differently. While there are some who are indeed gifted in all categories, most people who score in the 130-140 range of IQ are highly specialized on one or two skills, and either left brain or right brain. I am not a math guy, so I cannot be a trader. But, I am a writing/communication/creative guy, so I can be an analyst, and have my own finance column on the side. The point is know what side you are on before going forward.

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>137 IQ - 100 wpm consistent typing speed
>100 wpm consistent typing speed
>very high intelligence
>100 wpm consistent typing speed

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then just buy the index like everybody else with a 401k. you're talking about an everyday affair like it's rocket science.

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Just to clarify - at 23 with no degrees or qualifications i work for an accredited accountancy practice in canary wharf - with the a portfolio that generates £14,000 a week - of which i earn commisison - im naturally gifted with numbers

this isnt a dick swinging contest, how am i supposed to prove my brains capability on fucking 4chan???

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Many ways you could deal with it. A popular one seems to be talking to a psychiatrist. Other things you could do is meditation and just changing your idea of what the world is. The world is pretty cool, existence is pretty cool, life should be about exploring how the world is cool. You are not getting paid for specifically that, so many people stop focusing on it, which leads to depression. I mean, how cool is it not that you have an unbroken line of 4 billion years of organisms that all were horny enough to make you. Maybe roids could be something interesting, an interesting experiment to do with your body, I don't know. I wouldn't do that one myself personally but hopes it works out for you.

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If you were "Very high intelligence" you wouldn't take financial advice from /biz/

This place is a fucking retard station.

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Post dick

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>how am i supposed to prove my brains capability on fucking 4chan???
You don't. That's why we know you're retarded

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>accountancy practice
pretty sure its called a firm

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op is larp/delusional/12 years old

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>Very high intelligence and serious high functioning depression

funde are safu

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I smell LARP

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desu if you go here for any real business advice you are a retard and have the IQ of one. I only go here for the sadness of holders

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Divdends + capital appreciation + you having an actual job to increase your portfolio size is how you win. They're is no get rich quick scheme in the markets. The greatest traders only win 50-60 percent of the time and hold moderate to long term positions based on fundamentals.

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>emotional rollercoaster
>wont be able to cope with losses and mistakes
If you have this you are doomed to fail as a trader. How to cope with loss: set a max $ loss for every trade and and sell immediately if you reach that. Small losses are not a big deal. You should have a strategy set before you enter a trade. And you follow that strategy despite what emotions you are feeling. Do that and eventually emotions will ease up and it wont be such a struggle anymore

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And something beginners do that makes them lose money is taking trades with bad profit loss ratio. If the setup doesn't have the potential to make 2x as much as your max $ loss amount then you don't make those trades.

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úsychoatrists are a meme, know plenty of them 9/10 are bittter failures themselves
yoga is bs
but I agree, as long as you value existence over non existence, despite latter being painful, there has to be a way out

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>>Very high intelligence
Just because mommy sucked your grade school teachers cock to get you into some gifted program dosen't mean you're intelligent

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