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good thread

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I'll take 0EOY if she sits on my face desu

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Barely fuckable

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>those disgusting fucking duck lips

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Link 1000 eoy.
Stay mad poor fags and shills

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people is getting free linkies, inflation is going to make this coin even more stable than tether

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>has wrinkles in her pig face
>hair is a mess
>caked up like a clown
>heavy sagging tits that bra can barely hodl will drop as deep as her knees if removed
>disgusting Capocollo armpit indicates that she has large floppy pissflaps
>95 pound mole on her ass
>has to pose in corner of a dirty basement

0/10 would not bang

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inceldom and the average neckbeard's "pointy elbows, would not bang" meme are strong on /biz/ these days

You're pathetic little frustrated kids. You aren't fooling anyone

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>neckbeard's "pointy elbows, would not bang"
That's not a neckbeard thing. It's a fit-bros thing.

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You will never fuck someone this good looking or above, or 5 points below so what's it matter?

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It's alright lads, I'll happily take this one for the team. I'd take it like a homeless person with a free christmas dinner.

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Enjoy fucking your piece of plastic. I'll be out getting balls deep in real women like pic related

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name this brapper

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I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket.

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I want a girl with a mind like a diamond

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and eyes that burn like cigarettes

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Maybe he prefers real women who have real pussy not fempenis and fakevagina.