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is 4,5k link enough to make it?

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Depends how strong your nerves are. Don't sell and sure. But you'll sell at $20 thinking you're a big boy and then never make it.

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only if you stake it till you make it

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How much to make it? I keep seeing 30k being pushed as the new 10k

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10k was always the insurance stack. That's $50,000 when link truly moons

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no 30k is the amount you need to make it

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Not really, just aim for 10k

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$50k aint shit, that's like 3 years of savings at some average wageslavery.

unless you live in some 3rd world country I don't think so fren. Is it possible? sure. Is it likely? no. Many things would have to go so fucking right for you to mae it with 4,5k
I would consider pumping up those numbers

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i live in eastern europe so $500k-$1kk is enough for me

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Just hold for 5 years and shut the fuck up little baby

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no u need 1mil link to make it. keep accumulating.

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>$5 eoy
>link truly moons

that would be absolutely terrible. $5 EOY is incredibly disappointing if they get their act together.

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I'm not taking of EOY. Just imagine link being worth $5 in 2020. Most of biz owns at least 250k. We even have a triptfag whale with 1.9 million link.

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You are a fucking dumber than a nigger Jesus Christ

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shut the fuck up you loser, either you have something to say or keep your mouth shut

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no keep accumulating

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>Most of biz owns 250k LINK

Are you trying to FUD anon? I thought I might make it with my 20k, do I really need to 12x my stack to make it?

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Look at this address. It belongs to LinkWhaleFag from biz. He said he will start selling at $5.

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>1 whale
>Most of biz

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He is accumulating

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How much Link to /getherback/?

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there was another ink whale last year posting here, I remember he had a target $4.50 but he either sold or moved coins to another address through binance

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Looks like 2 million link is not enough to make it.

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So will I make it with 50k or is there no point in trying?

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Holy shit you stupid fucking link faggots, its all over, link is dying a slow russian death, accumulate something that will make you rich

>basically anything but link

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Not even try. Plenty of other opportunities

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Should I kms?

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No. We are frens, i m gona miss you

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