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They aren't aliens you brainlet. They are humans, caucasian humans, to be exact. Don't believe me? Sweet. You don't have a security clearance.

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More importantly, this means we can gather Uranium from Mars. We memed asteroid mining into reality.

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Yeah, this is what I think too. We came to earth to escape Mars failing biosphere. That'd be why agriculture, math, architecture, civilization basically, all appear at the same time.

Loss of the Martian supply chain explains how advanced knowledge like metallurgy could exist without the infastructure to develop it

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Post a link of these claims bro

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posting in the dumbest thread on 4chan right now take my pic mommy

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Do you have "Area 51" clearance on YouTube?

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its the elohims/annunaki the ones that made us, its written in the old testament (hebrew version) and in the sumerian tablets

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