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what happened to skycoin?

is it still a good investment?

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i saw some retarded advertisement with some lunatic dancing
"sky coin makes me happy"
"sky coin makes me want to dance"

that's their marketing strategy...
it's done

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It was heavily spammed several months ago. Now its just a dead P&D posted by some bagholders and middleman pajeets trying to get rid of their mining hardware.

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>no way to verify transactions
>scammer CEO holds the keys to everything
>exit scams at market peak because of "kidnapping"
>is totally fine on interviews next week
>insider trading is a "joke"
>sell hardware for profit for their closed network
>shills think that it someone makes the internet more free

biggest scam I have seen in awhile. sage

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>true of every project in crypto
>"exit scams" but doesn't exit, regular updates
>implying that taking a hit to the ribs stops a man from doing interviews
>marketing team dumping coins during a Binance competition is "insider trading"
>giving hardware nodes away for free
>implying that putting antennas on roofs and circumventing government and corporate control isn't more free

Did you even think before typing?

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My sweet, naive child. I will help you.

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Even if the invoice fraud was real the way they handled the situation was a complete disaster. Making jokes immediately after the fallout and basically mocking those that supported them.
That video highlights how much of a brainlet Sudo is.

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This picture would have basically convinced me that this is a scam if I didnt knew that already.

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Well, that's just because you're a bit small minded for someone that considers themselves open minded.

The keen observer notes:
>cost-effective materials
>widely available parts
>~7-15km directional range
>search and connect functionality
>high thoroughput
>able to be built in a DIY capacity

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semi correct answer
pearl clutchers didn't like that the skycoin guys didn't capitulate and shrugged off shit outside of their control
they got back to work on the project, which is all that matters

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So you can read all these specs by just looking at a ugly piece of plastic?

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>>11195260 this
we know you are a pajeet

also. its just a shitty directed antena that is able to make only 1 connection to 1 device since any other device is almost surely in another place. it also does not provide that range unless you are high up since the earth is not flat. and if it was not directed it would provide no more range than pic related. You are basically scaming people int pic related with a dish for a lot of money.


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Sure, that size of dish is standard for that range.

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Nah, it pulls more power than a usb port can supply. Do you even understand radio?


Loosely based on Unifi's tech.

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>can be changed or rolled back at any time because there is no consensus
fucking moron
>literally not true among any top protocol
fucking moron
>"updates" are open source VPN copy and paste and PDF updates, no real work on the project
fucking moron
>supposed hit to the ribs from a supposed kidnapping
fucking moron
>dumped at ATH and no real work has been done since then
fucking moron
>where do I get my free hardware? oh I can't that's right
fucking moron
>running it through the closed loop single party system is decentralized
fucking moron

This shit is for low IQ people and has nothing to do with crypto, there is no consensus or way to stop the single node from doing whatever it wants and there is no plan to change that.
>there is
No, it gets moved to an anonymous board, which again you can't verify and probably still synth acting alone but with 3 keys now

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You seem upset.

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Uh oh got another gaboolie gook over here watch out boys

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>shit outside of their control
This wasn't a third party theft or hack. These were people employed by Skycoin that were given coins by Skycoin. Considering that distribution will always remain a central point of failure, the way that they handled the fraud is extremely concerning.

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>they should have figured out that they were conducting fake/modified sales

Yeah, I'm sure tech would have fixed that.

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Skycoin is hated on so religiously by so much of the crypto community. There must be something to this shit.

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SKY received a lot of FUD here because it literally blows everything out of the water. It's the ONLY project producing actual tech and delivering actual services. It's developing the broadest blockchain platform in the world and has attracted huge amounts of investors, governments even. When Skyfibre gets released and the community mesh networks start spreading, you just watch... SKY will be top-5 somewhere around 2022.

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Because it literally blows 99% of all the shitcoins held here out of the water.

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I kind of understand why they fear it so much, it threatens several of the top twenty projects.

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Cause its a blatant scam. Unlike link where there is a chance it is not a scam, this one reeks of scam. The simple fact you cannot send traffic across the ocean with those shitty antenna is enough to realize.

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>If you can't do everything at once it can't possibly succeed

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Reading through some of the fud, i can see it consists of crazy claims, claims based on ignorance about the underlying technology, and claims that could be made about any project in crypto including Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Yes they should have. The lack of oversight was shame and hopefully they have learned from it.

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whats the incentive to use the network if you cant even send an email from the US to Europe? its never gonna gain adoption

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This is what i'm talking about, of course you can send an email, thats what an exit gateway is for.

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hahaha, oracles don't even exist, link does not actually solve that problem

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You just use regular internet bridges, like it currently works.
The point is to bypass the malicious ISPs a step at a time.
To be honest I'm very skeptical that skycoin will actually achieve a considerable size meshnet, BUT technologically I don't see any other way to resist future censorship and it's the only project at least trying to do something about it.

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Jesus christ... i seriously hope you're just trolling at this point. Fucking retard.

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you need $$$ to use those massive transatlantic ocean cables. Loads of $$$. Who's gonna pay for it?

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why dont you explain the fault in my reasoning skyfag? Got no arguments?

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There's better stuff on the horizon. The equivalent of bittorrent with thousands of low power antennas bouncing off the atmosphere.


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They cost about $5k usd per month minimum. That's not much for a collective of node operators.

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yeah you're just gonna replace the MASSIVE traffic running through also MASSIVE cables with your shitty antenna. Not to mention latency. Stay deluded

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5k usd per month, to run how much traffic through them? enough for 100 users at most?

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You're too far ahead with the problem solving.
By the time that actually becomes relevant it means that it has already become successful in small scale. Then you can either gather the money collectively or use some other technology.

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Combination of the two.

Skywire will be able to cache files. That means a dumb cat video only needs to be transferred over the ocean once, either by radio or cable. As opposed to sending requests to a server in CA over and over for each person that wants to view, the meshnet simply requests the file from the closest available Skyminers.

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thats the point it will never become succesful in small scale if you cant even connect to a website on the other part of the globe

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>This question has been answered before as i recall. "The exit nodes will be in colo centers, and since so much traffic will go through them the operators will be well compensated, and then they will be able to rent access to the cables once its economically feasible." or something.
But anyway, this kind of fud is really farfetched. reaching into future developments to attack the fundamentals of the project, I thought you were trying to say it was a blatant/obvious scam? I see alot of those in this market. Where are you in those threads?

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>Skywire will be able to cache files
>only needs to be transferred over the ocean once
and where are you gonna store the peta and petas of data? in your massive data centers? what problem are you solving again?

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>colo centers
>we're gonna be so different from current ISPs

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100gbps London to New York.

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You're missing the point, you can still use regular internet, you just bypass a bunch of ISPs

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and how does that avoid censorship? they can still see all traffic and censor what they dislike. You depend on the corps infrastructure and you must comply to current telecommunications laws.

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Skyminers will be able to attach storage.

Drives are cheap as hell, and much cheaper to operate on private property rather than in a zoned, regulated, and staffed corporate datacenter. Skywire already has the cost advantage to providing storage and cache services.

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you bypass a bunch of ISPs, by using the new distributed ISP that somehow will compete? while being much slower and expensive? dont think so

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If there's no ISP, how do you censor it?

>> No.11196132

They can see what protocols are used, but they can't see the actual content of encrypted traffic.

Anyone truly paranoid should opt to route their traffic over LPLR antennas or through strict wifi meshnet connection.

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a bunch of raspberries will store the massive amount of data that needs to be 'cached'? right
>regulated, and staffed corporate datacenter
those exist for a reason, they have specialized hardware. Raspberries are not specialized hardware.
>Skywire already has the cost advantage to providing storage and cache services.
raspberries? lmfao. Deluded

>> No.11196154

Without IT staff, support staff, property, building expenses, red tape, and infrastructure laws, privately owned networking equipment will provide better service for the price.

People will fucking jump at the opportunity to buy $20/mo internet, or metered service.

>> No.11196160

the corps that own current internet infrastructure can do as they wish with the data that passes through it
>encrypted traffic
and somehow this will be faster ? no it will be slow as fuck and no one will use it

>> No.11196163

>much slower and expensive?
You don't know that yet
And even if it's true, people would still prefer it if it's uncensored and your personal data won't be used to make money.

>> No.11196172

>privately owned networking equipment
again, a bunch of raspberries stand no chance against specialized hardware. Its not cost effective stop deluding yourselves

>> No.11196174

>Something different from current ISPs is going to be "so different"
You just changed the subject. Cheap scammy tactics claiming to care about investors of this "known scam". And you are just one of many who have been at this for months. All the while actual scams all over the place get a free pass. Whatever project is paying you is dying in this bear market and instead of development, they pay pajeets like you to on Skycoin. The absolute state of this market.

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Single board computers like Raspberry Pi's are simply cheap options.

5,000 people with eight SBCs in each home will provide more compute, storage and bandwidth than a midsized ISP.

>> No.11196180

people dont give a fuck about muh censorship they want fast reliable connections which current ISPs already deliver. If they truly care about freedom and censorship they use Freenet. Case closed

>> No.11196182

Buy "specialized" hardware then. The platform is hardware agnostic.

Whatever devices provide the best service to the network will be compensated the best. At some point ISPs will just convert their equipment to be Skywire hardware.

>> No.11196197

Technology advances and gets cheaper. Maybe it won't run on raspberries, but claiming that affordable hardware won't be able to run considerable bandwidth is overly pessimistic.

>> No.11196198

no one is paying me i fud this crap out of boredom. I never bought a single skycrap and never will. This is the classic deluded bagholder tactic, someone fuds his project, must mean he wants to buy low or is a paid shill. KYS

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Tell me how happy USA customers are with Comcast monopoly and how happy Chinese people are that they can't access Google or Facebook.

>> No.11196217

SOCKS5 connections aren't slow.

>> No.11196220

sure, and they will charge 10x more for their services. But hey at least its censorship resistant lmao
the end result will be what we already have, ISPs. Only you claim you wont censor, even though you gotta comply to every telecommunication law out there or go to jail

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Because it has been adressed a thousand times before and you're just here to FUD.

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>> No.11196234

they are unhappy, but what can you do about it. The law is the law. The moment you try to break it, you gonna have trouble. No amount of skyminers and antenna can bypass these laws

>> No.11196238

Which is why getting paid for having internet hardware on top of your house is the real draw. People will either make money or be able to have ultra-cheap internet access.

>> No.11196241

This FUD is so stupid. When people start losing money because of censorship, they are either loser scum who don't matter to begin with or will fucking care.

>> No.11196254

>No amount of skyminers and antenna can bypass these laws
That's what they're literally trying to do

>> No.11196257

its never been settled, you refuse to think this rationally cause you are invested and most likely bagholding from the massive drop. I am not therefore i see clearly

>> No.11196259

We can tell, you're not putting much effort in to it.

>> No.11196275

>no staff to pay, no facilities to operate, all done on owned property

I've already gone over this a few times in this thread. ESL?

Independent operators communicating with others aren't ISPs. They can't be regulated as such.

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You and your teammates all fud this out of boredom because you are fucking losers and you think I should kms.

>> No.11196289

your hardware cant compete brainlet! Get it through your skull! Your hardware is general purpose and it fucking sucks! Its made for toying around not backing serious networks.

By the sounds of your project, it will be 10x more expensive to use it than current ISPs.

Then you go to jail cause you either comply to laws or get busted. They werent put in place just for show, they fucking mean it.

>> No.11196313

they can when you are using those ocean cables. Its called the telecommunications Act

>> No.11196329

Build me a box with better i/o for $500. You can't.
>eight 64bit processors
>16gb ram
>128gb storage + attachable raid storage
>800mbps up/down

Keep in mind that the goal here is to get these in and on as many households as possible.

>> No.11196332

yeah you should kys

>> No.11196336

>Then you go to jail cause you either comply to laws or get busted. They werent put in place just for show, they fucking mean it.
So now you're pushing the scenario that the government will raid attics to take down antennas?
>your hardware cant compete
The raspberries are only used for the testnet to be stable and predictable, you can use whatever hardware you want. Bitcoin miners are specialized hardware, anyone can afford them.

>> No.11196351

you forgot the thot posting skyfag, we already went through this. $500 for that lmao, wasnt it $600? Now its $500, funny. You are out of touch with current hardware capabilities

>> No.11196354

>only using cables in the US
Easy to reroute to other countries to use their cables.

Also, cables aren't the only answer. LRLP antennas, like I said. >>11195989

>> No.11196363

telecommunications laws brainlet, read about them.
>The raspberries are only used for the testnet to be stable and predictable, you can use whatever hardware you want.
oh so you'll start buying from cisco that specialized hardware, while somehow remaining competitive against current ISPs. Right

>> No.11196367

That's if you don't buy a fancy aluminum frame to keep it in. Also, the price on Orange Pi Primes went down :)

>> No.11196386

we use cables for a reason, antenna suck for long distances. You used to say 'we will build our own cables' now its all about the antenna? deluded

>> No.11196390

>Brings up censorship
>FUDs out of boredom
I was commenting on the general economic consequences of censorship, not the service rates, which you have no idea about either. Maybe you aren't paid by shitcoins, you're paid by ISPs..

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I knew someone appreciated those. Here you go buddy.

>> No.11196430

enjoy bagholding both the coin and the shit berries

>> No.11196437

Both, honestly, whatever the free market demands.

That's the beauty of Skywire, there's so many options and possibilities.
>buy submarine cables
>rent submarine cables
>build submarine cables
>build low power long range antennas (thousands)
>use high power long range antennas to bridge bodies of water less than ~250km wide

There's so much that can be done with lower operational costs than the current socialized internet.

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It's any computer that can run golang, really. I'm going to convert the ~30 computers that I manage at work to be skyminers on the side.

>> No.11196466

yeah thousands will surely rush to invest in that before you can even send a data packet across the sea. You are poorfags and cant fathom to compete against tech giants. You are out of touch with reality

>> No.11196484

Dude even sky itself is building custom network hardware, it's not Sci fi

>> No.11196488

>Skycoin paid shill coin obvious scam
>Not paid FUD sir, out of boredom.
>Antennas suck, opis suck, ISPs good, ISPs suck, ISPs good, ISPs suck.

>> No.11196499

its pointless to discuss this further. Time will show. In 2020-22 the project will be dead and you will remember me faggots

>> No.11196509

You think people would ignore the project if it only achieved a meshnet on a continental level?

>> No.11196515

That's mid-stage adoption anyway, we have like five years until that point.

>just give up! submit to Google!
lol, okay silicon valley wageslave, did you bring your dog to work today?

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>questioning the fundamentals of your shit project
>its paid FUD!!

>> No.11196532

the fuck has google to do with it. You'd still use it in your awesome meshnet cause none of you will come up with a better search engine, faggots

>> No.11196546

yeah cause even your continental meshnet will be slow as fuck, and wont be able to send data across the sea making it even shittier

>> No.11196562

Hmm, well you were soundly refuted but now you're getting sleepy...

>Google Fiber
>Google's Project Fi
>Google owns their own submarine cables
Ah, I get it now, you're just low information and try to pass judgement despite your lack of knowledge.

>> No.11196569

Testnet is faster than paid proxies. The real thing will be too since it's not built on hardware from the 90's like the legacy internet is.

>> No.11196570

>wont be able to send data across the sea
Just use regular internet bridge. Just because you can't pass ALL ISPs, doesn't mean you shouldn't bypass atlast some of them.
And again, you don't know that it's gonna be slow.

>> No.11196588

you will refute me when you have a working, fast network that can actually be used and not a garage project. Im not holding my breath. We'll see who's the dumbass in a few years

>> No.11196599

>tells me how a crypto should be
>Skycoin is an obvious scam
>Can't hope to compete with gov backed corps, can't hope to compete with banks, gonna get squashed by governments.
>resorting to this bottom tier nocoiner FUD
>posting 30+ comments in this FUD thread out of boredom
So fucking obvious.

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File: 1.71 MB, 5334x6620, 1533747030308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can do, see you in a bit little buddy.

>> No.11196620

The fast p2p VPN already works which is a big deal.
I guess we'll see if this antenna meme will actually achieve something.

>> No.11196642

hey brainlet, those corps have decades of experience and investment. They have multi billion dollar deals all over the place. They comply to hundreds of laws designed to establish monopolies. What do you have beside a bunch of raspberries? a fucking coin in the crypto market headed by a bunch of clowns. Its not being submissive faggot, its being realist.
Its like mounting a couple of solar panels and claiming you're gonna replace the whole energy industry with decentralized energy provision. Total delusion

>> No.11196688

>not even realizing that having Skycoin threads this active is a good thing for the project.
Meanwhile Skycoin has risen to #13 by project activity on cryptomiso
Holding at #21 by devscore on coingecko
FUD is so desperate and red handed.

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>its being realist.
There are no realists, humans have limited cognitive bandwidth.
People who call themselves 'realists' are usually overly pessimistic.
For me it doesn't even matter if the project makes sense at this current moment. All I know is that currently we can talk on this board freely with each other and in the future that might not be possible anymore. I don't care if it's skycoin that will succeed at this - if there's some other project with more chance, I'll support that.

>> No.11196717

You missed my point. Taking on corps is what crypto is all about. Corps will never accept projects that try to work with them. Those projects will be co-opted in such a way that all the money flows the way it's supposed to, back to the top. Nocoiner FUD has nothing to do with Skycoin, it is directed against crypto as a whole.

>> No.11196887

>All I know is that currently we can talk on this board freely with each other
see? no one is censoring you
>b-but in the future that might not be so
yeah maybe a meteor kills us all too. You people just wanna trade cp safely admit it.
Taking on corps while using their infrastructure and hardware? thats a funny one.

>> No.11196961

This post effectively demonstrates why Skywire will take off. Nobody wants to participate in this bogged down system to pay $80 for Comcast to fuck you up the ass.

It's like you're arguing that people shouldn't own guns and just rely on the police/military to protect them, lol. You're deluded.

>> No.11196999

Ooh, we have a censor.
>cp exists so you need to have every part of your life under a magnifying glass

Let's cut a deal, I'll help you hunt down pedophiles and you quit trying to turn the internet to 1984.

>> No.11197038

Terrible analogy. The solar panels one is more apt. You are expecting to compete against established energy companies mounting solar panels all over the place, while providing energy using THEIR power lines.

>> No.11197048

>evil govt is spying and censoring me!
>even though i can speak whatever the fuck i want on the net and choose not to use websites that censor me

>> No.11197052

I do like yours more, but we're not using their lines in the endgame.

>> No.11197085
File: 406 KB, 1294x2332, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.19.39 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Definitely low information. I'll spoonfeed you though.

>> No.11197091

>their infrastructure
Most of the world's ISPs rent their infrastructure from backhaul providers. "Corps" is not just one monolithic entity. The real world is a bit more complicated than your limited worldview would have it.

>> No.11197098

you wont get to endgame if its not usable (cannot send data across the sea with speed). You NEED those ocean cables. In fact you need continental cables too or no one will use it cause it will be slow as fuck.

>> No.11197111

we're not in China fren, let them manage their problems. Your little project wont save them from their big ass govt sorry

>> No.11197122

And you will rent from them too, therefore being subject to THEIR rules and the laws established by goverment. Sorry to burst your little bubble

>> No.11197142
File: 377 KB, 1330x1170, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.25.16 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all of the day bro

>> No.11197148

If you can't see that internet is moving towards censorship more and more, I understand why you don't really see the problem.
Governments are losing power with free flow of information and even is ISPs had the best intentions, governments will inevitably extort them to comply.
How people still don't see this as common knowledge is beyond me.

>> No.11197161

Backhaul is easy. It takes twenty point to point antennas to reach from New York to San Francisco.

>> No.11197168

these laws, by the way, MANDATE that any provider of telecommunication services is SUBJECT to spying by intelligence agencies, with NO exception, at demand of govt. The fact you dont clasify as ISP means shit, they just need to add a little clause and there goes your censorship resistance.

>> No.11197188

Why would an individual be subject to laws for telecommunications providers?

>> No.11197191

so dont fucking use apple? How does your meshnet changes anything if its being accesed with apple devices.
you will comply too or go to jail, its that simple. You need to change laws for your little project to work, do you have people in congress? no you dont
slow as fuck

>> No.11197206

if you are providing a service you are subject to these laws. Which is what you people want to do, provide internet access with your little skyminers and antenna. Doesnt matter if you are an individual or an organization

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>you will comply too or go to jail, its that simple.
Just like government banned weed and Bitcoin?
So government will come raid my attic with wifi sensors? I'll be waiting with my gun and go down with a gun.

>> No.11197312

neither weed nor bitcoin are providing internet access using multi billion dollar infrastructure. Weed breaks the law but anyone can grow it in their backyard, its not traceable cause its not running traffic through access points. Bitcoin doesnt break any law.

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>the largest company in the world
>based in the US
>feeds data to the US
>lol, just don't use it

>> No.11197339

i dont use apple. Do you? Get screwed then faggot

>> No.11197345

I use a wifi hotspot to share wifi with people that I meet up with sometimes, I wasn't aware that I'm an ISP now, neat. Tell me more about my new responsibilities and legal obligations for using a Verizon 4G Jetpack.

>> No.11197362

You use at least three of the companies on that slide, lol. You're struggling buddy.

>> No.11197407

It's very easy to track even small scale weed growing operations by observing power consumption. Why doesn't the government bust everybody doing it? They don't have the resources. And it will also be overwhelmingly difficult to keep busting nodes and making sure they don't put up new ones. And if the government goes too far with enforcing it, it will be replaced.
And what would really be a publicly acceptable reasoning to stop free flow of information?
Censoring ISPs is so much easier than individuals.

>> No.11197412

LPLR radio and cables aren't easily traceable.

>> No.11197462

thats not the same retard, you are not providing a service in that case. You are still a customer of the ISP providing you with internet connection.
With your sky nonsense you want to become the ISP. Therefore you are subject to laws.
again how does your meshnet solve this if the problem is with the apple device itself, brainlet?
they dont need to track every single one of you faggots, they just need to cut your traffic running through those massive cables you gonna rent.
Outdoors weed growth exists, btw. Higher power consumption means shit anyway. I run a small scale mining operation. I also have 3 fridges. Do i have the feds stomping my door? nope
again, they are when you are using their infrastructure

>> No.11197503

fiber optic cables will be used for that

>> No.11197505
File: 13 KB, 125x125, costanza bitcoins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are people who actually believe in THE TECH meme.

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>> No.11197522

sure, who's gonna pay for it? you?

>> No.11197532

>they just need to cut your traffic running through those massive cables you gonna rent.
Can you stop talking about the Atlantic cables? It's just too far ahead to have a meaningful conversation about it
And I wasn't talking about high power consumption, it's about periodic consumption. Weed grows by being 18 hours on and 6 off.

>> No.11197546
File: 1.39 MB, 1600x1600, skywire-antenna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying Apple can detect calls or messages I conduct on Skywire

No, my Skywire node simply communicates with other Skywire nodes, literally none of that is legal obligation, you're stretching so hard, hahahaha. Did you play some Phoenix Wright games and now you're a legal expert, hahahaha.

Literally the only legal implications about operating equipment on your own property is if you reach a certain level. Antennas that reach over 300km are licensed, that's literally it. There's no law that says "hey, you can't run a wifi hotspot from your house" and even if there were, good luck enforcing it.

None of what I listed in >>11197412 is "their" infrastructure. It doesn't cost much to bury fiber cable or make low power antennas.

>> No.11197553

People that want cheap internet will pay for it. I can teach you about the free market if you want to learn about that too.

>> No.11197587

>Can you stop talking about the Atlantic cables?
why? it demolishes all your ideas. Cause no one will ever use your Sky meshnet or whatever the fuck you call it, if you cant even send an email across the sea. Even sending data in your own continent using your shitty antennas will be slow as fuck. Its that simple. Its never gonna take off for that very reason.
>anons rent the cables cause they have no other choice
>holy fuck that was expensive, doesnt matter now everyone will connect to my skyminer and the profits will come.
>h-hey fellas, we are censorship resistant isps now, use our service!
>normies give zero fucks
>a couple are interested
>what you mean i have to access through wifi? fucking slow man
>$100 per month! you are fucking crazy gtfo
>anons ruined

>> No.11197607

Freenet and Tor are both slow as fuck and honeypots. If that's what skywire is competing with, I have no doubt it will be successful

>> No.11197622

start laying those cables then. Im laughing my ass off at you people stupidity, its mind boggling.
>cheap internet
>with raspberries and those miniature antennas
holy shit lmao these bagholders are worse than linkies

>> No.11197640

and yours wont be a honeypot too, right..

>> No.11197650

How many times I have to repeat? If you don't have a direct connection, you use encrypted normal internet exit points, like it is working right now.
Talking about Atlantic cables now is like saying we shouldn't even plan to have a colony on Mars because it has no atmosphere. Obviously there are technological solutions for both of these.

>> No.11197651
File: 246 KB, 891x1280, 499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>conveniently ignores that antennas can reach around the world
>thinks that MPLS is slower than TCP/IP
>lower operating costs
>submarine cables are cheap as fuck and the price continues to fall
>less regulation than ISPs

>> No.11197670

You still haven't provided a better node hardware list. Yikes.

>> No.11197678

>>conveniently ignores that antennas can reach around the world
right, thats why they laid those multi billion dollar cables. Antennae were obviously a much better choice, such retards! They should learn from you.
>submarine cables are cheap as fuck
LMAO. Alright start your own cable laying company then, its cheap!
>less regulation than ISPs
you will be regulated just the same or get your hardware confiscated
>Obviously there are technological solutions for both of these
sure, thats why 99.9% of traffic runs through those cables. They must have missed something.. those experts are fools lacking your brilliance

>> No.11197691

go check whatever ISPs use, its probably better. If it wasnt, they'd be using your raspberries wouldnt they? They are a business after all. You think you're smarter than them?

>> No.11197701
File: 1.55 MB, 1800x1012, 34565476587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Dude, you can repeat yourself a thousand times, but these retards are just here to spread FUD. They KNOW SKY will anihilate whatever the fuck it is they are invested in, it's their only reason for being here. Your facts fall on deaf ears. It's called "smart money" for a reason...

Meanwhile, i've been running a miner here for a couple of months now and got a full return on investment. Everything i make i pure profit now. Why even care about these fudding clows? They'll fomo in at $200 eventually, as usual.

>> No.11197725

It's not a cost-efficiency competition, it's mostly about bypassing censorship.
Whether it will be faster/slower/cheaper/more expensive is details that neither of us know at this point.

>> No.11197736
File: 332 KB, 596x628, laughing greek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Holy shit. Sky baggers are even more deluded than OMG and deepbrainlet chain baggers.

>> No.11197743

>It's not a cost-efficiency competition
precisely why it wont gain adoption

>> No.11197747

Yeah, why didn't people just use wifi back in the 80's too, silly dial up modems.

I was thinking of just buying out some existing submarine lines. I was mining BTC in 2012.

Show me how law enforcement is going to make routers and servers and wifi illegal.

>> No.11197748
File: 8 KB, 480x360, joo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmm now why would some faggot spend 4 hours fudding a coin he has no interest or investment in?

>> No.11197753


Yep, now that all major tech companies are aligning themselves politically and are openly involved in censorship, watch how this issue will become more prominent the coming years. SKY will be at the forefront of offering an alternative.

Predicting trends is half of what a good investor does. The thing is, /biz/ is full of 12 year old kiddies larping being one with their $10 monthly allowance. Don't take this so serious.

>> No.11197759

Uh, servers. Which is what sbcs are.

>> No.11197760

Credit card payment is faster and cheaper than BTC, why would anyone use it?

>> No.11197765

t. deluded bagholder. No, i know it will die. You better unload on the next pump faggots
>smart money
the smart money unloaded on you at $30 fucking brainlet, lmao

>> No.11197780
File: 58 KB, 679x769, 1537823027529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.11197781

but everyone uses it, if they dont there's still cash

>> No.11197786

You must have missed the proof of concept. http://whiteboard.ping.se/SDR/WSPR

>> No.11197804

so why arent they using raspberries if its clearly superior?

>> No.11197811

There's layers and different roles in this.
>put a box and an antenna in your home
>free internet
>get paid
>normies use a credit card to pay you for your wifi hotspot

>> No.11197815

I meant why should anyone use BTC if it's slower and has a higher tx fee?
It's because there are other values that people see in it.
YouTube and Twitter are Censoring people more and more, decentralization of money and internet will become inevitable and keep at least our current standard of living and freedom.

>> No.11197816


You don't even understand the purpose and nature of decentralization. Yet, you consider yourself a crypto expert. lmao. Man, just gtfo.

>> No.11197833

>Yet, you consider yourself a crypto expert
i never stated such thing? deluded idiots have to resort to inventing stuff lmao
there are websites all over the place that dont censor. Yet they are not as popular as YouTube. Hmm what could be the reason..

>> No.11197847

Because they didn't exist three years ago.

Centralized infrastructure means centralized hardware power. Rack servers are bulk computing power and cost thousands of dollars. Eight single board computers is enough for the average household and is accessible. Quantity is desirable here.

>> No.11197854

>still not realizing that having Skycoin threads this active is a good thing for the project.
Meanwhile Skycoin has risen to #13 by project activity on cryptomiso
Holding at #21 by devscore on coingecko
FUD is so desperate and red handed.

>> No.11197870

>there are websites all over the place that dont censor.
The censorship just isn't bad enough yet, but it inevitably will.

>> No.11197883

> they didn't exist three years ago
raspberries were released in 2012. 7 years and they are still not using them.. they must be idiots and you people geniuses right?
>Centralized infrastructure means centralized hardware power
>Rack servers are bulk computing power and cost thousands of dollars
which is what is needed to provide fast, reliable internet access to MILLIONS of users
stfu if im making you a favor why are you so aggressive? kys

>> No.11197900

why would they update their hardware when they basically have a monopoly and can just keep on charging people for shitty service?

>> No.11197906

Raspberries are used for testnet simplicity so everyone would have the same hardware.
You can run the node on any hardware.

>> No.11197914

by the time censorship resistance starts affecting profits there will be better alternatives.
Tell me why did the project need to launch as a cryptocurrency? Why not kickstart or, god forbid, start as a legit registered company. Cause its a scam like 99.9% of crypto meant to fool idiots like you and take their $. So simple even a child would realize it
>inb4 muh decentralization
you dont NEED to be on the crypto market to state your case

>> No.11197917
File: 2.72 MB, 2852x2672, IMG_20180921_151245-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ones with a 64 bit processor didn't exist at mass scale until three years ago, brainlet.

1,000 distributed Orange Pi Primes is more useful to networking than 100 rack servers in three locations.

>> No.11197923

my internet runs just fine, i dont have any delay issues. Maybe your ISP is shit?

>> No.11197927

Because Synth started doing bugfixes on Bitcoin. The concept grew naturally from there.

>> No.11197933

they'd switch to them if it made sense. But it doesnt

>> No.11197941

But the project is about decentralized nodes that would be financially incentivised to operate. That's why BTC is such a big deal, the business model works.

>> No.11197955

its not a shitcoin meant to steal your sats, no way! it HAS to be this revolution that will replace ISPs, cause i have THIS many coins! lmao.
Anyway, always enjoy BTFOing you skyfags. Im out.

>> No.11197960

>luddite, nocoiner, corporate cuck arguments.
>because i'm bored

>> No.11197967

btc had first mover advantange, everyone recognizes its flaws though. Your project cant compete financially with your established use case, sorry

>> No.11197968
File: 1.26 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0450-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If the situation calls for it, they already do.

I take it you don't work with tech.

>> No.11197977

Deluded. What makes sense is making money., If they make more money not having to overhaul their business model by adapting to the capabilities of new infrastructure it makes sense not to change anything.

>> No.11198003

Skycoin is the first crypto with a closed-loop economy. Skywire doesn't even have to succeed for this to be better than 99% of other crypto projects

>> No.11198060
File: 112 KB, 688x1434, 1537461868652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feels so good. Everyone buying/selling bandwidth is going to be huge, but then start dumping in cash from businesses looking for cheap cloud services on CX and CXO, money is going to get crazy.

Fudders will be even more wistful than they are now.

>> No.11198080

>compete financially
You mean with BTC or ISPs?
Even if skycoin couldn't compete with these in their fields, it's already better than tor/freenet/normal VPNs so coinhours will have actual value.

>> No.11198118

>720 hours in average month
>1 coin hour = 1 real hour use of Skywire
>CH estimated to be about 0.02 USD
>1 month of use less than 15 USD

Not bad. Likely to be even less.

>> No.11198217

Actually 1 coinhour is what you get for holding 1 Skycoin for 1 hour. The rates of Skywire bandwidth will have to depend on supply and demand. Either way though it will be much less expensive than ISPs because its so cheap to run a Skywire node.

>> No.11198546

Reminds me of this:

>> No.11198560

Synth is Jewish and will fuck off to Israel with everybody’s money and Israel will never extradite him. Lol.

>> No.11199353

Smietana is a Polish name, retard.

Nah, it reminds me of this: https://www.carvana.com/home

>> No.11199611

Thousands of low power long range antennas and file cache will help bridge the ocean cable gap. That and cables can be rented/bought/built.

>> No.11199686

Lol. Yeah there’s no such thing as Polish Jews.

>> No.11199804

Checked and based as fuck

>> No.11199869

From: http://polishjews.org/shoahtts/047.htm
From Otwock, we went to the Warszaw ghetto and there we met Moniek Merin, Wolf Smietana and Mrs. Czarna. They were in Warszawa for "Joint" American Joint Distribution Committee, a major Jewish international charity) work. They were on the conference in Institute of Judaism on Tlomackie street, where was "Joint" office was located. In 1941 Merin brought to Sosnowiec a Joint worker from before the war time who had been in Czestochowa at that time. His name was Mr. Borensztajn. He later managed work of Joint in Sosnowiec.

Smietana is a Polish-Jew name. Not that I give a shit. Just funny a bunch of retards who hate Jews got ripped off by one and keep handing him money. Lol.

>> No.11199881

skycoin fails this test though

>> No.11199923

Are you sure?

>> No.11199933

Oh cool, you found one example of Jews using a Polish name. Doesn't indicate anything.

>> No.11199962

He has an Israeli passport and took pics of himself with IDF soldiers and playing grabass with one. Also look at his face. He is Semitic as fuck.

>> No.11200188
File: 22 KB, 650x488, a4e12e4214f681d9cefe7e87725e4162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to Israel makes you Jewish
lol, k guess that makes me Jewish too even though I'm English/Finnish.

>> No.11200767

>crypto that helps spread pizza and area-51 blueprints
Only a pedophobic wouldn't touch this coin. It's literally free money.

>> No.11201123

truest form of technological free speech possible

>> No.11201549

holy fucking shit, this is game changing

This kind of communication is slow, but if you put 10,000 of them together, you can push around a lot of information since a single antenna can receive multiple signals, like an AM/FM radio does.

>> No.11201995

Set up a diy miner, I get paid and am up on my investment already. That’s good enough for me faggots.


>> No.11202417
File: 307 KB, 639x365, dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11202439

nah, that's eth, they can't even run cat games, lol

>> No.11202472
File: 75 KB, 1246x706, 2018-09-25 13.40.23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Development going strong, nodes count going up every day, panic sell already over. There's no better opportunity to buy skycoin than now.

>> No.11203267


Watch every coin interview with Synth and you will understand why Skycoin is the only relevant coin

>> No.11203383

>Preferring almost any coin over Skycoin
Meanwhile Skycoin has risen to #13 by project activity on cryptomiso
Holding at #21 by devscore on coingecko
FUD is so desperate and red handed.

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