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Nearly at 600K REQ now, been trading ETH/shitcoin ratios for over a year now for this stack.

Stay poor you autistic brainlets while REQ moons to the cosmological redshift after announcing staking via Tendermint before EOY.

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Stop telling these fags

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Why do they care about scaling if the network has no usage?

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Nice pasta. Like last time, you can't explain how or why staking is going to affect token values.

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bought 11,500 req and 10k link today. Will I make it /biz?

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REQ will almost certainly disappear completely. Of all the shitcoins /biz/ shills this is one of the absolute worst.

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I can get 100k if I go all in

Should I an req

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I like to FUD REQ too, but this is just dishonest. Literally 90% of the absolute detritus shilled on /biz/ is substantially worse than REQ.

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Explain Verge still existing

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It's actually getting used (presumably) on pornhub

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you're (presumably) a faggot

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I still have 10k REQ that I bought at $0.20. It was the bottom they said...

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You could be like me and have 50k bought at 35c.

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or me 20k at .45
then 15k at .035

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Or me, buy 300K at 3 cents and then hold them all the way up and down back to 3 cents.

I ain't even bothered.

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been in req since ico and i have no faith in it. it's a shit token and it will be gone with 99 percent of everything else on the market. the team are a bunch of amateurs, there is no use case for it, it will never have fiat integration. it's not worth having and i'm just waiting until it's back above ico to sell it off and be done with it.

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It's above ico right now. at $0.041
You should sell before it dips again.

I hate holding req, but I find it funny when ico buyers get the shake off.

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Isn't that self explanatory for any coin? Staking reduces circulating supply, while increasing demand, causing prices to rise.

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Your dubs say yes

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you’re full of shit. team never accomplished anything successful, and they never will. how long has it been since they completed something on time? moneytis 2.0- a complete failure

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i hate to say it, but you’re right. req will fade out and the team will pivot. all you reqtards know it too

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below ico in price, sats, and eth value. btw req was 6.4 cents at ico you dumbass

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He only has 24k USD worth of an absolute shitcoin hahahahahah

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>Stay poor you autistic brainlets while REQ moons to the cosmological redshift after announcing staking via Tendermint before EOY.

I once really believed in REQ.
At the beginning when there was only just a whitepaper.
Then they released a javascript button preview.
From that moment I knew REQ was kinda shit compared to what other projects are out there.

But I held, and sold the top!
March came and they scrapped all the most important stuff of their roadmap.

No fiat integration.
No bitcoin integration.

but what was most obvious.

No network usage.

let's all be honest here.

REQ is shit.

it will keep shitting itself at bottom prices between 3 cents and 10 cents for a good year to come. while everything else makes gains.

then eventually when the next fomo bullrun hype starts. it will probably go up to 50 cents.
Maybe 80 cents.

but it will never

be higher than $1 again.

> a billion dollar javascript button.

my fucking sides.

glad I sold.

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i sold all my REQ immediately after i found out the team was a bunch of actual socialists. it really is absolute garbage.

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you do realize you are the definition of a scammer? the uninspired dishonest garbage all NPC's are because they go through their whole life trying to sell things to people that is of no use. you're trying to get a few people (which won't happen btw) to spend their own money on absolute garbage just so that you see a 0.3% gain.

this is death penalty material minimum, imo.

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how does it feel, knowing you have wasted a full year?
you would've been better off selling your eth than trading shitcoins.

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>Staking reduces circulating supply, while increasing demand, causing prices to rise

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Explain how it doesn't you raging fucking homo

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If I recall correctly, staking implies the production of additional tokens. Thus increasing the circulating supply instead of reducing it.

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Yes the production of tokens on a side-chain, a validator chain.

If REQ went down this avenue you'd have REQ (with it's deflationary/burning supply) on one chain (the utility chain) and another 'fee' token on another inflationary chain (staking chain).

Like VET or NEO.

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>staking requires additional tokens

oh you mean like the remaining 300k the team holds? Good thing about REQ is that 2/3rds of the total supply are already in circulation, so when staking starts the price will explode absurdly fast.

In contrast, when LINK mainnet is announced and the remaining 600k tokens go into circulation they'll completely fuck the price in the short term

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>go into circulation

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