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There are actually """""people""""" this fucking pathetic on this board. Just let that sink in
>im such a desperate virgin that i'll throw myself before any woman in sight and beg for them to pleeeaassseee just talk to me as a friend
>pretends to be suicidal for attention
you really should actually do it, you know.

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NPCs walk among us

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You must be a woman, you're only proving the OPs point that women are evil

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I wouldn't want to meet any of you biztards in person. Fucking pathetic incels.

Linkies are ok tho. I'm looking forward to our singularity party

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Me too friend I'm going in now, we gonna make it.

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Lmao dude, it's a larp, if it wasn't it's still his wrong. She could have worded it better sure but come on. No one should come out to someone they aren't at least somewhat close to with this information in this manner. Oh here please stranger burden all my pain and be held responsible for my end. It's absolutely pathetic.

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We're gonna have a good time on the Link super yacht.

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women are not for talk, deluded

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can't wait, fren. Not to meet you fags, just the singularity part.

>find random woman's number on the internet
>beg her to listen to you whine and sob like a sniveling little bitch
the girl is based and redpilled for telling him to fuck off.

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That's scary

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t. roastie

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That thread made me realise biz is literally full of pajeet a who pathologically hate women for rejecting them. It finally all makes sense. I personally have a rule that if a girl ever comes to me with suicide shit I just send her the helpline number and block her. I already experienced a BPD ex who would ring me up all hours of the night saying she was about to commit. I’m done with that shit

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I thought that the girl in OP's picture was his ex-wife or something
The fact that it's a stranger makes it even more pathetic

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im a d00d, d00d. Do you really not think that the dude in that text is a total faggot?

if someone is actually serious about an heroing, they would just do it. Going to someone for "help" just means they want attention lol
>there are actually ppl who kill themselves over relationships
fucking LOL

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i don't know that it's a stranger, it could be an ex or something. Equally as pathetic regardless