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Ripple flipped Ethereum. Crypto is meaningless

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jews won fren, it's over.

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Fuck this shit, seriously.

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Not the first time. You know what happens next.

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Next stop: Rank #1

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Buy some XRP, it's mooning goys.

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BCH will flip ETH next

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holy shit

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Strap in and lube up frens. The ride is just starting.

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>You know what happens next.
Of course not; He's a new fag. It's his first XRP bull.

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How? They got a meme crypto to experience inorganic spikes. How is crypto over and the Jews won? Lol

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Then you can finally become a goldbug and join the good side of power

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With Jew banker coins, you lose.

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Actually, Ripple jewed everyone with its kike connections. They used the kike bankers and got them to trade with it, they got the Saudi kike puppets bank to adopt it, they rushed to beat everyone to market using their kike connections to get Moneytap in japan. Its all kike connections and they are first to market with a crypto that can buy a chocolate bar in a brick and mortar store in seconds.

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DESU I got in 10% at 31 cents but this is still fucking horrible.

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Which is kind of against the point of cryptos though...
How does this kill cryptos as a thing?

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Its going to rob all the potential further growth from the other cryptos except maybe Monero. The Jews have their plan to make the (((regulation))) coin and get all the institutional investment into it, and use it to replace SWIFT instead of buttcoin etc.

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Its fucking rocketing as Im watching it here, 8%, 10%, 11.73% in the last hour now.

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Not for long boys. I just made a new coin with 38 trillion circulation instead of XRP's virgin-tier 38 billion. Once I sell one to my roommmate for $1, it'll be #1. Jelly?

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Well the Jews tried to get the USA to fight Egypt a few decades ago.

They're rats not gods stop giving them so much memetic energy. Instead of saying why we can't X we need to think how we are going to to it anyway.
Besides we can still meme chainlink into destroying world kikery.

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Fucking insanity. Still not buying that shit though, kek.

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Woaw, bought 600 of those little fuckers, allready up 30% in half an hour, thankssss

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Nigga water is wet and the sky is blue.
90% of /biz/ has come down with an irreversible case of /pol/io.
We are kinda in an echo chamber here.

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110% in 24 hours, damn I haven't seen something like this for months

>inb4 some random shitcoin that went x3 in a day

We're talking about a top 2 marketcap coin, this is like btc jumping to 13k tomorrow

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XRP $1000 EOY

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As it should be. Cant wait to see your faces when it flips bitcoin.

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It should just be removed from the charts, let the banks have it, its irrelevant. There is no point in using Ripple when it will eventually require a rectal examination to use it and they can erase your funds any time they want. Its funny money for kikes to play with.

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