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Let's go boyos, we are gonna make it

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So the point of LinkPool is for linkmarines to give their links to linkpool who will handle the node jobs and then they give you back more link and just take a cut from the pay? Is it all secure via smart contracts or is there a risk I might lose my linkies? Otherwise sounds good.

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Yeah it'll be done through smart contracts. It would be beyond retarded to not. Personally, I'm going to see how it goes for the first few weeks/months for other anons and then try it out with a couple hundred link maybe.

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It is via smartcontract

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i wish there were a way for me to get in on this, or wish there was a competing service i could get in on.

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People don't get that running a node will be like a job. Mining is a direct parallel:
You can buy a graphics card and mine with a program that is supposed to pick the most profitable algo. In reality though, your ROI on the money spent on the card is not that good. To make a good ROI you had to research new coins with low hash, mine them, advertise them a little, and wait to dump them. Mining on a small scale was basically an 80 hour a week job.
Running a node will be no different. If you want to just set one up and let it run, you would do better to just sell your LINK and buy some decent ETFs. You will constantly have to find new, juicy sources of data. You will have to manage and fine tune your reputation. You will have to worry about security and uptime.

There is no such thing as passive money. You can't reverse entropy. If it was that easy, the price would mandate that you sell.

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This guy fucks.

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thx huxxy.
Btw thanks for making linkpool pretty transparent and open source. I plan on undercutting you.

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dude just buy some link

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Me too

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i meant linkpool in particular. burger here. i dont know shit about running a node.

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linkpool was a decent opportunity, but so is link. Do not fret, young one.

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ive got a little more thank 5k linkies. hopefully ill make it.