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How do you make a business out of making soap?

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sell the soap to other people

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Sell it to people.

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Sell people soap.

In both senses.

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1.make the soap
2. distribute the soap

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Claim that it's soap made from the remains of your dead Jewish ancestors and auction it off

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I watched a movie:the thread.

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> Make artisanal organic soap
> make up cancer FUD about competition
> charge premium
> profit

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did he really make the soap out of human fat? what the fuck

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Sell the soap to other people at a profit. Good luck fren.

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Make a discreet brand of enema soap for the population of ass masturbating wannabe traps that hasnt even begun to moon for real yet.

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Sell it to prison , if you have a prison nearby

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Look for a soap shop and take a picture of their store. Become a pajeet and create a E20 token called SOAP. Write some crazy stuff on your website and call it white paper. Become listed on binance and have your fungus be safe.
Have sex with cuckbases ceo wife and get listed there.

This is what you wanted.

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Hire other people to sell the soap for you while you rake in the profits.

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