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Followed by nick Szabo, who is this guy and what does he know?

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"We" gon"na" "be" "hy"per ri"ch"

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Weiner bitch

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Heres another riddle of his for you guys

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holy shit szabo really follows this account wtf

the last two parts obviously mean "hy"perledger "ch"ainlink

does the first mean "we"dnesday?

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maybe filthy over hyper?

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Wanchain, chainlink, hydro

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Proof that Szabo follows him

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We Gonna Be Filthy Rich

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why would he say this when everyone who is holding link already thinks that?

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Sergey ? Link one thousand eoy

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pee pee poo poo

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I was thinking EY microsoft link one thousand eoy

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Lol they <3 the Link community. I don't think they've been to biz.

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EY using link one thousand eoy

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bletchley using chainlink one thousand eoy

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wtffff openlaw <3s /biz/
nick szabo literally follows a chainlink /biz/ acc

what fucking timeline is this

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This guy sfar used to be in the link marines telegram, usually gave good info and was actually willing to discuss link seriously for that group's standard but I doubt he has any inside info to throw any riddles

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ey ng nk ne nd eoy

bletchl(ey) usi(ng) chainli(nk) o(ne) thousa(nd) end of year?

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Nice anon. 1k EOY it is. That seems most likely.

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I assume so as it's on a post about Microsoft.

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This is total fud nine thousand eoy