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I didn't sitting her waitinf for eth ~10 usd. Its happening scumbags.

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People just need to believe it's real bro

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No, we bought the first units of ownership in the first distributed non-physical asset that has ever existed. Normalfaggots view non-physicality as a negative aspect, but in reality it's the greatest strength. As long as one copy of the blockchain exists, our assets exist. One copy on a satellite full node in space, and our assets exist. One copy on some dude's backup hard drive, and our assets exist. It's like a horcrux, we're ascending above physical assets. We don't need paper or round pieces of metal, we're above that now. It's hard to accept but it's the truth.

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wait, they arent???

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I set my eth order at 68 cents/eth, no higher and the bounce back will be to $12000/eth minimum.

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Based and redpilled

Faggots dont understand the tech

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y-you better be right

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based and red pilled. Not even kidding sub 10 dollars is so likely to happen. I talked to people who bought the last fake 200 dollar dip. There reasoning was literally "d-dunno it l-ow price r-r-right?".

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Don't worry friend, I am. If you understood the tech, and I assume you don't based on your post, you would understand. And that's okay though because it's pretty hard to understand and most people don't, even most people in crypto, because it involves a lot of math, cryptography, game theory, algorithmic complexity analysis, distributed network protocol design, and programming in general.

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The delusion. Anon within a year the US. Economy will collapse and 99.9% of Crypto will die. Hope you cashed out some,don’t be the last anon screaming decentralization while you’re getting fleeced.

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>Like a Horcrux

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We also bought imaginary government coins.

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Can you think of a better metaphor retard?

Yeah, every year the entire US economy is going to collapse next year /s fuck off brainlet. And my statement has nothing to do with the crypto market, just the technology. Fucking idiot honestly

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Actually fuck off back to r*ddit

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With imaginary money

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back to le reddit

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You’ll soon realize that 192B is all but propped by Tether money. Every time Tether prints is suck the liquidity left in the market.
I never said the economy will collapse before. It is going to soon. Everything that brought the 08’ collapse is happening today but on steroids. The time kikes will make sure Americans are below poverty this time unlike the 08’ they gave us s small chance.
You’re too stupid to understand that today, you will one day. Til then keep investing in the “tech”anon

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Yup. Our internet meme money is fucking worthless and will keep on sliding. The reason is simple. Everyone prefers fiat! Even posts on here are saying things like "soon my 'meme coin' will be worth x$' - they view the value in dollars.

We tried to make people measure their meme coin in BTC and Sats but nobody took it up. This mindset is impossible to shift.

Look at metals buyers, they can do it. They measure their worth in gold/silver/platinum etc and couldn't give a fuck about dollars. Their forums only talk about fiat as the means to purchase more metal and they boast about their kg Holdings. Magic internet meme money is always measured in fiat.

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>the entire financial system is imaginary

Has anyone ever actually seen all this money circulating around?

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This. They were real in my mind

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we sold imaginary internet coind

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You're just now realizing this?

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Crypto is a scam.

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Good thing I spent this entire bear market training my mental state and honing my skills in actually learning how to trade like a machine. I'll be carefully shorting key levels so that if this huge crypto crash comes, I'll still make money from it, then be all the wealthier should it rise from the ashes like it has so many times before.

Git gud.

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>tfw you all basically bought the zoomer equivalent of Beanie Babies

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good plan, too bad it wont work out

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These idiots buy them and we dump on them. It's not that hard to figure out. Just have to buy in early and wait goy.

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Seriously tell me it's not going to zero...

I already cashed out 300% profit but for fucks sakes...

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Trillions of dollars worth of debt were accumulated at the commercial paper window in the 2008 financial crisis. The debt was actually higher than all of the money in the world. Yes, it's imaginary.

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people who talk about "bubble" or "crash" are delusional
sure it went back on price because of volume
but bitcoin and it's children are the only thing that allow for a giant tax dodge on international money transfers
you CANNOT take your bank account to another country and not pay a fuck huge tax
but with bitcoin you can, and guess who hates taxes more than anything in the world?

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panic is a strongly irrational

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Except I'm already up 1.26btc on mex. While you faggots are arguing on /biz/ and continuing to shill meme-coins, I actually studied trading.

While you continue to buy the dip and pray for a recovery, I spent my time mastering my emotions. No matter which way the market goes, I will make money. And then when the final capitulation happens, you're the same retards that will come to people like me begging for tips and handouts.

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Financial crashes always sound crazy until they happen. Then the same faggots that told us we had nothing to worry about make their rounds saying it was so obvious that it was all about to go to shit. Not that the doomsayers are always right, but eventually they are.

t. remember the .com and 08 crashes

You're right about bitcoin though.

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The people who talk about bull runs are always right too, eventually. What matters is the longterm trend, which is upwards in both the US economy and crypto.

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Bitcoin will be worthless. I mean, it already is worthless, it's just that there are people who still buy it for some reason

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>he didn't mine coins for nearly free
>he gave away all of his personal info over the internet
>he will have to pay tax once the exchange hands over his details
Never going to make it

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> US economy will crash and...
99.9% of crypto will replace today's national currencies

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>crypto will die
cryptocurrencies are a safe haven hedge against a major downturn. That's the reason it came into existence in the first place, inspired by the 2007-2009 recession. Now we're going to put that theory to the test. we may see a pump into crypto the likes of which we can't even imagine in the next couple years.

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please swallow the BETI redpill and start feeling better, kek

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The best timeline is unironically fiat never disappearing and crypto being in 2nd place.

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oh shut up

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No, you bought pretend coins dude

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Based on this comment you definitely don't understand the tech. And you're definitely in your teens

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Lol you're a fucking idiot, I'm in my 20s and I'm a software engineer who works on high performance distributed systems. I understand exactly how the tech works, but it's clear you don't if you don't think my post explains it. Post a technical refutation otherwise.

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why dont you larp on reddit where npc's actually give a fuck about anything you think you know

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You people are retarded NPCs honestly. Are you all just pretending to understand how cryptocurrencies work? How are cryptography, game theory, algorithmic complexity analysis, and distributed networking protocols not the core topics related to the implementation and design of cryptocurrency? I'm not LARPing about anything. Why do I even come to this website, you're all a bunch of low IQ idiots. Bye

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And didn't sell when they were worth millions.

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Back to plebbit

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No it doesn't require understanding all that. It's basic antifragility like the internet, git, torrents. The currency is backed by social consensus enforced through the blockchain.

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"Basic antifragility"? Go read more Nassim Taleb friend, it does require you to understand all of that because that is what is literally is. Unless you want a surface level superficial understanding

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By the way I just want to clarify, I only ironically suggested you read Nassim Taleb because he's the antifragility meme guy, I didn't mean to suggest you actually do

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>you're all a bunch of low IQ idiots. Bye
continues to post.

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Do you actually think it's relevant for the average Joe to understand anything about crypto apart from some abstract understanding of it being a public ledger that cannot be tampered with? Do you really think that?

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It's required to understand the technical justification of this post and to understand that it's not a reddit meme:

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No. That post is actually probably all joe schmoe needs to know about it. It looks like we agree on the grand scheme of things so this argument is pointless

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>most crypto created less than 2 years ago
>created by 25 year olds in their moms basement
>with at least 50% being held by the creator
>tfw internet nerds demand this fake money to be treated the same as fiat.

"Why won't McDonalds take my Crypto, REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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