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How much should I spend on my gfs and mine 2 month anniversary?

Incels please ignore thread.

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finish your homework first

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>celebrating a 2 moth anniversary
Has she let you prep Jamal already?

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Please no incels

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>2 month anniversary
nothing. An anniversary is celebrated once per year, on the same date. In 10 months you can buy her a pair of shoes or something.
The fact that you're even asking this question indicates that you're not gonna make it. She's gonna get tired of you because you'll try to keep her happy and inadvertently become her bitch.

good luck

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10$ Pizza and a bottle coke

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2 month anniversary ? Thats like 8 weeks anon, could you be any more pathetic ? Some chocolates.

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>2 months in and she already wants monetary gifts
That's called a gold-digger where I'm from.

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>2 month anniversary

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literally not even chocolates. If you HAVE to do something just make dinner together and watch a movie together at home.
Then you can plan out what to do for your 9 week anniversary and the big 10 week anniversary after that

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Who cares about some slut stupid and ugly enough to go out with some pajeet OP? Get her a fucking broom to clean the house with.

Help me out for real /biz/. What should I get my dad for his Birthday?

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>spend for (((2 months anniversary)))
topkek, imagine being this much of a cuckie

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go-to dad presents: ammo and tannerite. they can't say no to that.

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nothing, every present she have from you have to be better the next one you know? if it is not good she will leave you

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The absolute state of zoomers

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Take the serial polygamy pill.
Relize she will ALWAYS be looking for a better mate than you, and odds are it will not take her long. It is ok to devote yourself to her and love her, but be readu for her to leave your ass (or make you leave her). Just prepare yourself mentally for this OP.

Good luck on your journey. i hope you come to this realization much sooner than I have.

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Depends. How old are you? I'm 20, been together with my teen love and our 5th anniversary is coming up and I plan on spending 100 euros MAX

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>What should I get my dad for his Birthday?
A micro drone
If your budget is bigger, then one with a camera

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great idea. My boomer pops would actually love one of these. thanks anon

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>2 month anniversary
clingy + cringe af

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>2 months

What kind of soppy bored faggots celebrate anniversaries in monthly intervals? What the kek are you doing?

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>celebrating anything but yearly anniversaries

Dump her now before it's too late anon

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Zoomer relationships don't last long enough for real anniversaries anymore

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This 100%. A month is like a big accomplishment for the ADHD generation.

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It makes sense now. Feelings last as long as their Snapchat stories do. 2 months from now OP will be cryfapping to her old low light grainy nudes of her very average body.

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Buy a single pink rose

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bro i hope this is bait. I've been with my gf for 4 years almost, and I plan on spending the least amount of money possible. Trying to have a "nice" dinner (less than 200 bucks) and that's it. Fuck thinking of it .... 200 bucks is expensive... I may just give her a 50 gift.

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pretend you forgot... and buy her simple chocolates the next day. i think it's too soon to show her that you remembered the anniversary. I don't even remember mine and its on my google calendar.

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Dinner at a 4-star restaurant is the most you should spend on this.

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checked and this,

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scratch this. don't get her shit... unless she has brought it up... then you get her chocolates the next day.

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Are you really planning on throwing a huge chunk of money away every month on an "anniversary" gift? What kind of mentally retarded faggot are you