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You faggots don't even realize what's going on, do you? Seriously, I'm perplexed that there isn't a single thread about the amazing shit that went down tonight.

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Fuck you vague cunt

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I know OP. Can’t wait for the news to come out. LINK $10K EOY

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Nobody cares that you let your wife get fucked by a BBC.

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What went down tonight?

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Why are Americans so insanely obsessed with niggers fucking their wives?
We got the literal crystal clear confirmation that we're back in "buy the dip" mode.

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So........... you gonna tell us what's up or just stand there looking smug?

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People have been buying the dip for the last eight months, fucking larper.

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Stop using words when you don't even know what they mean, you sperg.

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Vague fag

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I don't have anything to prove it....but I can FEEL it...I just know somehow. We're back.

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Been good dip buying territory since the beginning of this month

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Hi Op.

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keep deluding yourself holding those kike bags. bitcoin had it's 8th numerological bullish/year of greed. You will never make it if you don't understand market fundamentals, numerology, astrology, and gematria.

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>We got the literal crystal clear confirmation that we're back in "buy the dip" mode.
I have similar vibe by looking at charts, but I'm not certain why I have that feel. Mind to elaborate your view?

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>You will never make it if you don't understand market fundamentals, numerology, astrology, and gematria

Brainlet pleb I can predict the bullrun by pure feeling alone without needing any of those "tools" you listed. I've been right 100% of the time. When I feel it, it happens. Bye bye, tool using brainlet who doesn't have a direct connection with the one source from which we all depend.

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He's a biased and deluded bagholder, you both unironically on the path to financial ruin. Get out now

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Minute chart on shitmex. Dump attempt got stopped and eaten up in 2 minutes.

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>I can predict the bullrun by pure feeling

Nice larp, dunning kruger victim #1004832

Math/numbers are infinite and has deep connection with everything around you, you fucking mouth breather.

Keep being a good goy you schizophrenic fuck, gambling in a manipulated market based off "feeling" cuckold, you worthless degenerate

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>bitter reddit spacer lashes out

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I've made 2.32BTC from 500$ back in February
u sure about financial ruin bro?

hey hey heeeyyyy
you can also watch LTC/BTC chart, there's textbook hammer reversal and big good news rolling out in few days

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We think alike, bro. Went long on LTC on Thursday.

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godspeed anon
nice digits
good luck!

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Guess that's what the whole planet was waiting for.
Bullish as fuck.

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If you really had a connection with the good source, you wouldn't be so negative and angry right now. When you connect to the one source from which all things depend, life is easy and things like a "sense" for when the market is about to pump come to you naturally. Rather than chasing crypto or astrology, you should first consider looking into how to make yourself constantly happy without wanting anything.

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pleb gambling addict, don't try to convince me otherwise that you aren't going to 0 by eoy. You are still a worthless degenerate monkey who got lucky with a few pump and dumps. You are still financially illiterate and cannot time the market, like every other goy retail trader

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based and beyond cucked pills. this is the truth anons, whether you accept it or not.

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>don't try to convince me otherwise that you aren't going to 0 by eoy
How about you try to convince us that you aren't a fucking failure who's bitter as fuck because he didn't make it?

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Bumping for general desperation

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>insinuating that anyone on this japanese cartoon image board has "made it"

You autists are at the point of no return. I guess losing 90% of your networth in crypto wasn't enough. You deserve to get shaken out when btc reaches 0 within the next year or so, and then resurfaces around the next shemittah year.

Stay poor goyim!

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>I guess losing 90% of your networth in crypto wasn't enough.
Nice projecting.

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> btc
> 0

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Go to bed Brenden

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Ok, I'll bite. There will never be another bullrun. Let that sink into your peanut-sized brain.

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less than 2 weeks till I crush your dreams

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>this will surely be the end of bitcoin

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Down on every candle except for year....
Couple months and I'll be down on that one too

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Pee pee poo poo

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>I have similar vibe
*hide post*

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based and redpilled

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Damn this chart is pure perfection. New cycle is very soon!

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Based and redpilled. Godspeed anon

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Do Jews really get this angry when others make money? Why are they like this? Can't they just be happy for the success of others?

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Fucking OP. Attention seeking jew

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op had sex

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Roger that big daddy, now is unironically the time to enter the market and hodl

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Are you talking about the sun observatories all being shut down by the governments? Its coming anon.

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My years of experience as a larp detective tell me this is a classic "brainlet larp", where the larper has found inconsequential information they genuinely believe is important.

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it has been time for months at every low nigga. it's what i have been doing.

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The chad gut investor.

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