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What do you guys know about benis enlargement exercises like hanging, jelqing, pumps, etc? Do they really work? Seems like too good to be true

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no guys have dicks like this. its just stuffed with chicken cutlets

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Yes they work, they make the seller richer and you poorer.

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>ineffective and dangerous
>ineffective and dangerous
>temporary and dangerous
have fun mangling your dick

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So this is crypto bottom? When /biz talks about benis enlargements

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>Business and finance

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they all cause nerve damage and impotence without an exception.

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The only thing that works is lifting weights/getting fit, good diet, regular sex and minimal masturbation. That doesn't increase your size, but it lets you reach max potential.

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This is business related because I want to become a male escort

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angion method

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This. If you fap all day during years you probably don't know the real size of your dick.

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There's a high probability you'll turn your penis purple if you jelq or excessively use pumps.

I recommend getting into great shape, ottormode to be specific, and supplementing with Beet Root juice daily. And don't smoke cigs.

When I was a 195lb pack a day smoker my benis was like 6.5 or less. Now I'm 178lb and drink beetroot powder and I'm at 7.5

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What does beet root juice do?

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Since I'm in this thread, I have a question:

How is it possible to have this different color near the tip of the penis?

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circumsize operation

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Isn't there some surgery that pornstars get? You could try that.

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There are injections that make your dick considerably thicker (and I am not talking about those silicon monsters). They are medically approved in the Burgerland and Yuroop and are based in a variant of collagen, so are perfectly safe, are also is expensive and the stuff gets absorbed by the body in 1/2 years. Look it up. I would inject just for fun.

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have your foreskin cut off for no medicinal reason and leave scar tissue on your member

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Jelqfag for 7 solid, dedicated years here; Recently retired for good as of August this year.

Started with JP90 beginner's routine then starting incorporating Uli's for girth, V-jelqs and other exercises. I'd say over those 7 years I missed about 10 workouts max.

I gained 3.1 inches in length and 1.7 inches in girth over the duration.

I had to quit because I hit the point of scar tissue developing. At that point its time to stop because youll be doing long term permanent nerve and tissue damage. Also the discoloration was getting too severe. My penis is several shades darker and I always warmed up and lubricated properly.

If you have any questions let me know.

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bretty much dis

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It increases the size of your blood vessels and increases blood flow. People use it as a workout supplement to achieve larger pumps.

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Post penis?

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circumcision scars

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show b4 and after

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Favelanon here that is helping anons shilling JELQ and other things, do you have material?

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I learned that your dick can shrink if you stop doing it. That's when i decided not to.

Also, how these marks look?

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Is it like lifting where most of the gains are made in the beginning (meaning, were most of those three inches gained in the first year)?

Since you've quit, have you began to shrink?

How much did you gain on that beginner routine?

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lol imagine being this insecure
honestly just necc and get it over with
by the time you "fix" your sad little wieners you'll have so much ptsd and weirdness your personalities will be a dumpster fire
maybe not to you tho, but to, like, people

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>think there wasn’t damage the whole time
Pic is average m8

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Tried the Penomet and full gaiter kit mainly as the most cost effective way to manage prostatitis (increased bloodflow), in conjunction with an aneros, light jelqing routine.

Yes it works. Most could get nearly a permanant half inch in a year. Yes one can easily do damage. My dick likes the penomet, and the frenelum is now wider.

Gains seem to be a function of cellular nutrition.

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Dude, people can try to better themselves that mean "insecurity"?

So I cant lift because that? So I cant save and invest because of that.. yada yada

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She's a roastie. Everything she wanted was given to her on a silver platter. She won't get what you're saying.
For her it's natural you get everything you want, on demand, and aberrant when not.

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it's not bettering yourself you complete fucking retard
it's you allowing your peepee insecurity to overwhelm you
like obvs, to you, you have no redeeming qualities that could compensate for your shrimp dick so you gotta fix it
kys and gtfo out of the pool asap

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ps. when some bitch impressed with all the effort you put into your penis finally allows you to mate with her because she finds your size adequate for breeding, your kid is probably gonna inherit your smelly little penis
you gonna teach him to jelq too? necc

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post pussy+feet

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What's more important to a roastie. Being 'confident' and 'urself' or having a large dick? Assume the two are exclusive.

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literal neccsville unronically oof
keep trying, but dont forget to try hard ^______^

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If she wanted a lady she would be a lesbian

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I understand thinking is hard. Go take a nap sweety.

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People are fucking freaks, lol.

What the fuck you are talking?

I have a really big and large cock, I always did Jelq because i thought it was funny, I just use Extra Large condoms and I have other friends that did jelq for fun too.

I dont care for what the girl will say, they always come back for me, what I care is that I did something that I wanted and that I can recommend to others anons.

Dafuq dude, get some therapy.

Not even me, being from favela 3 world country, is being this damaged as you are.

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literally being alpha'd by a guy with a small dick
im rekt right

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post peepee pics shitskin

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Lol dude, search for treatment.

We just said that you can do whatever you want to improve yourself, if you want to get better in something its yourbody, your will and your life.

Dafuq you think to assume that if people tried to change something it means they are complexed in that same subject.

Sometimes I lift, sometimes I do jelq, I do a lot of shit and even John Pathaday routine to increase height and I dont got any problemon those subjects, lol.

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>ur dick is small
Mommy made your bed already. Jump between the sheets, snap, snap.

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I have a few pics over the years that will be clear enough to gauge progress and gains. Where do I upload? Don't want to eat a ban for posting here.

Your dick usually will turtle up after a session temporarily, but yhe gains you've gained from jelqing is permanent. Haven't lost anything yet, nor have I read on anyone losing gains after retiring. By marks do you mean the discoloration? If so, its just a lot darker. Its bruising pretty much so I have like a very dark/tan shade all over the base of my entire shaft.

Gains should be permanent, also yes, most of your gains will come from the first 60 days to year of your workout regimen. After that it SLOWS TO A CRAWL.

No shrinking. Gained close to an inch in length on JP90 and about 0.4 inches on girth. My girth went up with Uli work and V jelqs mostly but JP is a great program to get started and will give you gains. I associate my lower end gains during the program from just being a noob and doing the exercises incorrectly.

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>a dick being hard in stnading position is average

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Dude, I'm favelanon, a thirld world brazilian guy that sometimes posts on /biz/ I already posted photos on the motel that a rich girl paid and we had sex, she paid the meal, the motel, everything.

I'm poor, no fame, no family and I really live in a fucking "favela" bro, besides my mentality I'm completely fucked.

I wont post my peepee because I post here almost everyday some life story or advice.

But yes, I have a large and big pipi.

Just drink some water man.

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oh no the wittle penis patwol is ganging up on me
i guess i kms

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Dafuq bro, I already told you, no little penis.

You are here by example, that means you got some mental ilness and are mentally damaged in biz related areas?

Just do what you want, lol.

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enjoy your wildly fulfilling lives, retards
at least u got each other p___q

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No dude, my dick is def much, much darker. I had kind of a pale pencil dick when I started. I was with the same girl the entire time who pointed it out for years as it got worse, I have pics with def differences, etc.

You really can't avoid discoloration but you can minimize it. But yeah dude, I have almost a nigger coloured dick. Im currently at Poo in Loo shade with my glans still pink af.

That being said, I'd do it all over again and it was worth.

Don't mind the typos; wageslaving away at the office and trying to conceal the thread as people are walking by my open office with my back facing them lol.

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Bro I hope and wish you have a good life.

If you need to talk just say it, I'm a favela guy but I still can have conversations.

God bless you.

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Mummies little cupcake made progress with his spelling! You still have to remain in special ed for some while, but that's a good thing. Don't the meanies at school tell you otherwise!

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So I could just run the beginner program and never do anything else and I'd retain the gains?

And will the discoloration after the beginner program be noticeable?

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Sempre bom te ver por aqui, Favelanon. Sou o nordest mestre corrida. Pesquisei sobre JELQ e fiquei meio preocupado sobre os machucados ou o fato dele diminuir caso tu pare. Tenho um pipi maneiro até pra arriscar, fiquei receoso.

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Siga os procedimentos e respeite o seu corpo e não tem erro.

Vou perguntar pro anon se ele sabe um tutorial atual.

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On JP90 most people gained about an inch of length on average and about 0.5-0.7 for girth. People have done 1 inch all around but thats a bit too high to aim. You'll def have very noticeable gains following JP90. You're correct, you'll retain all of the gains.

The main thing for discoloration is not warming up properly, not using a decent lube, and using way too much pressure (death gripping) which causes bruising and friction. You'll start breaking capillaries and your dick has a ton so it will be immediately noticeable if you start bruising. You'll be sore af too.

If you use a warm towel, bath rag, some people do the rice method, just research your warmups and not dry jelq at the start (jelqing without lube) then you should be ok. You might darken a bit but nothing crazy. The bit is your worse case scenario.

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How much mg of root powder do you drink a day?

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most importantly, how abotu the erection quality? have you noticed its harder to get hard etc? or does your dick now point downward

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Idk the exact amount but whatever half of this scoop is.

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Honestly, my erections are still very firm but not as firm as before jelqing. If I had to gauge myself (pure anecdotal) starting with my entire jeqling firmness as a 10 I’m about an 8-8.5. Noticeable but def mild.

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post pics on img ur album please. might look into jelqing if true

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Its true faggot.

If you wanna height increase search for "John pathaday- how to increase your stature".

I'm favelanon I dont lie FAG.

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Step aside faggots, papa big dick is here.

I've cashed out over 500k from crypto, got in Jan 2017.

Last year when I had cashed out around the 300k mark I decided to go on a whorecation and did my research. I was fucking 2-3 hookers a day, all costing between 600-1000 USD.

You will want to take these pills twice a day
-maca (for energy)
-pygeum (for semen load)
-sunflower lecithin (for semen load)
-l-citrulline (for blood vessel dilation/blood flow improvement)
-go vegan for at least 10 days beforehand (if you're fucking, for overall penis health this isn't as relevant)

These will make your dick huge and hard good luck fags.

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Can a curved penis be fixed?
What if that curve was due to breaking the penis in childhood?

I'm ordering a pump on Monday

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I’ve had a pretty much upside down j curve before and now it’s better but I still kept my slight curve. There are jelqs they can help for it but idk what a pump would do honestly.

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They do work but they can easily fuck up your dick now or later in life.

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Slightly curved is more normal than 100% straight afaik.

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the thought of breaking all the blood vessels in my dick scares me. i dont think a half inch gain is worth the risk

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I’m down but I’m at the office and my SD is at home. I wouldn’t upload them from here anyway but if this thread is still up I’ll deliver. I’ll do my part by answering questions or whatever to bump and keep it alive.

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Don’t death grip, warm up properly, and don’t dry jelq until you’re very confident and educated with jelqing and you’ll be fine.

Going in without warmup and death gripping is the perfect way to darken your skin and ruin your ereection quality.

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