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I don't know much about this whole streaming shit but you guys have to tell me.. do these people actually make that much money? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHthciJaz0g

Take a look @ 7:10.. that guy claims to have made 530k in a year. Who the fuck donates these people?

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>Who the fuck donates these people?

very, very lonely people.....its basically a friendship simulator

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Big streamers have people constantly donating and subbing to them. I don't get it, but it's pretty amazing actually, wish I had started doing it in the early days.

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its ok if they make 530k a year. they wont sustain that for any amount of time and now have no life skills. like a porn star, they only have a ~5 year lifespan.

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That person you linked is the most popular streamer. Twitch is similar to Youtube in that there is a very small 0.01% that makes a fuckton of money while everyone else makes almost nothing.

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"Every day, tens of thousands of vloggers look into their camera lenses and muster a familiar phrase: "Hey, what's up guys?"

This is more than a simple start to a video. They're putting on a friendly face, saying hello, initiating a hangout. It follows that for every successful internet personality there are thousands of people who feel like they know them. Decades before the dawn of the internet celebrity, researchers Donald Horton and R. Richard Wohl coined a term for these illusory relationships just as '50s TV presenters started acting like viewers' pals — they defined a "parasocial relationship" as a "seeming face-to-face relationship between spectator and performer" that is developed via interactions that are "one-sided, nondialectical, controlled by the performer, and not susceptible of mutual development.""

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You tell me


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NPC donate to these people

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It's similar to when the homeless pan handle. They make a killing through the sheer amount of foot traffic despite only getting $1 or $2 in generosity.

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I've never felt any inclination to donate to a streamer. Am I a kike? Also is it just me or does every streamer seem to do the same voice? Like a constant, excessive enthusiasm and half-hearted engagement towards paypigs.

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If you have 10K followers, that translates into 200 subscribers on average. 2,5 dollars net per sub, plus the ad revenue if they make it to partnership.
That requires 75 concurrent viewers thru a span of a month on average.
+ Donations. You do the math

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Wasn't ninja a pro gamer or something?
I know some of those pro guys retire and stream.
Just look at the amount of girls who "body paint" on twitch, I'm sure they clean up being 5/10 and getting all those beta bucks.

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I love donating and subscribing to my favorite streamers every month. I finally hit 200 subs. (people I'm subscribed to, not people subscribing to me). At $2500 income per month, it leaves enough for rent and groceries, plus other bills. I am hoping I can get a raise next year, or enter a higher paying job so that I can continue on the road to 1000 subs.

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theyre like japanese idols but for the west.
>people living in poverty donating money monthly to rich californians

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Watching someone play a game is boring idk i never got into it.

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Ninja used to be a top Halo player.

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He was making 500k/month, not year, just on subs alone. Not including donations, other income and making even more now since then.

I watch some of their clips on YouTube when they don't go into fully blown cringey autist mode. But watching and donating right on twitch is fully blown NPC cuckery.

The fact that he still screams "oh my God" every time he makes a decent snipe hit is too cringey to deal with though

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Goddamned I want to pimp my useless wife out on twitch. Only problems are she's prob a 6/10 and she sucks at every game and she already refused but for $100k a year I might have to make her do it. I bet there's a niche for a crying abused girl gamer

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No you do the math faggot. I'm busy how much is that per year on average you're saying

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There's a few whales making an extreme amount, but the majority is making less than they would at a fast food joint.

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The Amazon buyout really changed the landscape. Now people can use their Amazon prime account to donate one subscription per month with no added cost.

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It really is weird. Some of these streamers are literally millionaires yet poor lonely people just donate their money to them. I don't get it at all.

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I still don't understand donating or subscribing to this shit, like nigga can't you find things in your own actual life to spend your money on? Or just invest in crypto or some shit?

Especially when you see these people donating $100 at a time, or patreons paying $100 a month

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imagine working 9-5 5 days a week only to donate that to somebody else who plays video games

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I've heard people justify the donations and use the entertainment factor. They don't have cable tv or Netflix. This is their source of entertainment and they want to compensate the actors.

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What is going through a zoomer's head when he is giving his money away like a retard?

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their name flashes across the screen for 5 seconds and everyone sees
sometimes the streamer responds
its basically paying for a friend

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>This guy entertained me for countless hours. Maybe I should give something back.

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This, I sometimes mail in cash to the local news anchor for all the countless hours Ive watched him over the years. Hes pretty upbeat and makes the weather funny.

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Less than 1% of Twitch makes anything significant. You have to either be...

An early adapter who started before everyone else (Dansgaming)
Pretty Tittystreamer (CinCinBear)
Crazy Extrovert type (Ellohime)
Progamer or an Ex-Progamer (Shroud)
Born with an extremely comfy and engaging voice (Vinesauce)
Someone who got a big break from one game and expanded from there (Lirik with DayZ)

And even with VineSauce and Lirik, if they haven't started early, they wouldn't be where they are today with all the competition out there.

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Streamers that make a living from it is basically a lottery win but they still have to stream all day every day, its no different from working in a cubicle. Also they get taxed to SHIT and have NO benefits. It may say $100,000 but they really only get maybe half that (assuming US, they get shit all if they are in EU) and have to pay for things like health insurance etc out of that remaining amount. If they didn't love doing it literally all the time they would have probably killed themselves.