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What did he mean by this? Did we find our cryptic larp's twitter feed? Why does Nick Szabo follow him? Are we in the 10K timeline yet?

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Bump my low iq says eoy is end of year

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Ey ng nk one thousand eoy

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Ey ng chainlink one thousand eoy

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ey using chainlink one thousand eoy

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Ey going one thousand eoy

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microsoft-EY using chainliNK oNE thousand EOY

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y ky ys er ky 00 eoy

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they using chainlink one thousand eoy. in response to the tweet.

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Bletchley being Chainlink one thousand eoy.

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boom. Riddle wasn't anything special...

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holy fuck..

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Bletchy using Chainlink one thousand EOY.

Szabo following this guy is kind of a big deal.

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EY using link one thousand end of year

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>6in of separation.

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In all seriousness, if microsoft ended up using chainlink, how much would the price immediately pump?

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Lets not forget about the SEPT 15 LARP that also dropped cryptic shit we still haven’t decoded

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Can someone start compiling all missing letter riddles? Here’s the assumed answer to this one

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Oy v(ey) fucki(ng) li(nk) o(ne) thousa(nd) eoy

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where is the time traveler when you need him amirite?

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Bletchley Using Chainlink Thousand end of year

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god this shit is getting way too stupid for me.
These larpers were kinda fun but this is all just too much now.

I mean fuck, am I supposed to be a billionaire for nothing by EOY?

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TFW only 13K

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LINK/ETH is -12.15%
That's 0.00119367 ETH per LINK

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I have no more spare fiat to put into link

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130mm EOY is nothing to scoff at fren

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I feel you fren

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So close to quads. Must be more like 260mm

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Ernst and Young using Chainlink

one thousand end of year

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Sorry to hear that fren.
You're gonna make it anyway so don't feel bad you don't end up with a billion.

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10 mil would make me happy

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If you can hold out you'll have double that.
I have 40k, selling 10k at $1000 and the rest when it's $2000+

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Same but 1053 link

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Ill hold at least for two years. Maybe sell 100 link at 100 for shits and giggles spending money while I finish college.

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Mast(er)car(ds) chainli(nk) orac(le)

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Bletchey using chainlink one thousand eoy

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>bletchly park

ayyy lmao

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Subtle fud. 10k eoy.

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>In all seriousness, if microsoft ended up using chainlink, how much would the price immediately pump?
chainlink has no adoption, no network effect, and barely any codebase. Microsoft can just get a team of 10-20 guys and recode link in 2 weeks.

Why would they ever use a coin that has 60% of the supply centralized to sergey and his team?

Use your fucking brain, there will NEVER be a real partnership with any major company based on the factors above. Sell now while you can.

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-20% because it dont effect the value...

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Listing chain link one thousand eoy.

Wtf is ey


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Not really lol

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Holy shit see you in a decade lmao

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posts like this make me fucking lol
if you're being serious and not fudding then hahahaha

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You are clearly ignorant.

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screencapped please livestream your suicide in 2 years

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maybe szabo is a retarded boomer on twitter doesnt know who tf he is following

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J k ys fgt.

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That retarded boomer foresaw the 4th industrial while you were still watching teletubbies.