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aright /biz who believes in Andresson Horowitz here ? To review guy's track record
> Facebook, Twitter, Lyft, Zynga, Skype to name a few
> In Crypto Dfinity, Oasis Labs
now he is looking and specifically mentions art; check 2:10
I am also seeing major push towards Art tokenization through Venturebeat, Forbes, Artsy and multiple platforms.
Is this the new mania after high tps craze?
I have learnt to never bet against A16z, what about you?

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I like investing in Art, and it seeems pretty unique to do so on the Blockchain

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definitely interesting, but I think it'll take a while before platforms will be built and embraced by the ecosystem. ultimately blockchain + art makes sense to me

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right, i've been thinking bout alternative investments for quite some time since the bear market kicked in

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you forget they invested in CryptoKitties alongside USV. they're big believers in the digital non-fungible collectibles market..

i swear there was a crypto project recently that was aiming to do art as well as collectibles too that looked good. maybe he mentioned it cos they've been looking into it recently

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hmmm, he is a smart dude for sure. Gotta keep an eye out for art blockchain developments

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off all things

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it is a legit use-case, an industry that has been following old practices, relying on auction houses that charge 20% commission; that needs to change.

which one you invested in anon?

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yea missed Dfinity not gonna miss next moon-shot..

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I agree, there's too much margin in the arts trade and we can make art more affordable to everyday Joes if we could get rid of the middleman and their manipulations. Also will help the artists by connecting him directly to the buyers

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what does this mean...do we have lord Sergey's approval?

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+1 an exchange platform free from manipulators where you can tokenize/trade Blue chip art from the likes of Van Gogh and Dalis all the way to collectibles like pepes and kitties.

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Which one you referring to ? I know Maecenas from last-year; old news.
Started looking at ArtWallet after hearing that Andreesen Horowitz is bullish. No idea if they are looking to invest into it or not.

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After that Jerome Croisier backlash? No thanks

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>Jerome Croisier

lol, definitely stay away from Maecenas, scammy as fck.

ArtWallet is the platform I was talking about, they look good.

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its a shit project