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>What was the last thing you bought for over $100?
>Are you happy with it?

I'm not talking bills, I'm talking about an item that you're actually using in your everyday life.

>pair of bluetooth headphones
>yeah, they're awesome for commuting

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Robot vac

Best purchase ever

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My whole sleeve.

It made me uninstall tinder, now I don't need dating apps, won first price in a tattoo convention and it included a trip to a city.

Getting tattooed with that friend is a huge investment, but it was worth every single penny, we are doing the whole other side this Oct. 15th.

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Now I can gain knowledge for free and not ruin my vision

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I'd like to see a photo of it

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>Gain Knowledge
>For Free

time...................anon..... tick


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an epilator, so I can get rid of body hair and become more kawaii UwU

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is that to get rid of the hair on your penis anon?

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Nah, I mainly use it on my legs, arms, maybe buttocks

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kaepernick jersey
it hasn't arrived yet but im happy with it.

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MSR elixir 2 tent, pretty heavy but god damn, the stargazing mode means I can fall asleep looking at the stars with bugs unable to get me, if it gets cold or wet I can be waterproof and warm in under 2 minutes, great tent hoping to do a 3 day hike in winter

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I never fucking ride it.

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My mothers coffin

Because I forgot to respond to one of those images that warned me about her fate

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A used 15'' macbook for 500$, upgraded and repaired it with an SSD and 16 GB ram.

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My car, 4 years ago.

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The most skilled blackwork artist of Medellin.


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Fuck, that's sick bro.

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Did he go to jail yet?

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Other side posted in /fa/


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>What was the last thing you bought for over $100?
I... Uhh...

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about 400 link.
> they smell pretty good
> I feel comfy holding them along with the rest in my stack

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Sonicare toothbrush.
Best fucking decision ever. It's glorious.

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The theme of the black death is meant to evoke that feeling. Blackwork, plague doctors, rats and black blood splattering everywhere.

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Absolutely degenerate.

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yeah would look nice, hanging on your wall not your damn arm

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Fuck, I think it's been years since I bought myself something over $100. Maybe my PS4 in like 2014, or my piece of shit Mazda 3 I got for $5500 a few years ago

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The last thing I unironically bought for over $100 was TSLA. Feels good owing I’ll make it in 5-10 years while everyone loses money on shitcoins.

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>>What was the last thing you bought for over Weed
>>Are you happy with it?
Yes, its quite nice.

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a ps vita

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Wore a Burzum shirt in the convention too.

If it got somebody who considers tattoos disgusting say it would look nice somewhere else, on 4chan one of the most depressive and outlandish websites I know where people are true and raw to their core, can you imagine the feeling it invokes into the hearts of those who are passionate about this hobby that you hate?

I won't try to change your view on it, or the art of tattoing, but even then you can't deny it is a It's a powerful tattoo.

It wouldn't be such a powerful piece of art on my wall, by wearing his art on my skin I make it mine, and it will die with me.

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i'm going camping this weekend so i bought a $500 electric scooter to play with. i'll give it to my nephew for his bday later.

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Looks good but why is the shoulder not covered? The empty space looks weird in contrast.

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>destroys his employability in high paying jobs
>removes his ability to be in certain social circles
>a huge portion of the population immediately sees you as low class
>has some shitty emo "art" on his arm his whole life now
>STILL copes
Darwinism at its finest. Thanks for removing yourself from competition.

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God damn...everything cost over a hundred bucks in this world. Can’t leave the house without spending that. It’s the worst...god damn pair of jeans a T-shirt together cost that.

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Apple Watch 3 - Nike edition

Wear it everyday for monitoring heart rate and activity.
Also good for notifications

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>looking at books ruins your vision

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its art alright, the art of subhumans. There is a reason its only been fancy to the lowest of society until the last 2 decades. But you are Colombian, the fuck would you know about self respect and real art

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>not really happy with it, strong stuff but it reaches a point where I just get cranky

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Jesus, Tinder in Colombia must be fucking heaven. What I'd give to have those culonas swiping for my cock.

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>plane ticket to San Francisco
Ya it was pretty cool. Did a whole road trip with my gf, grand canyon, Vegas, LA, etc. Definitely worth the money, the travel jew is the one jew I'll spend money on. It's not a meme

Actual material item I bought:
Dji phantom drone. Was fun the first few months I got it, after that I got bored. Kind of regret it

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You would make better use of your money by burning it for fire. Watching tattoofags go through the mental gymnastics to justify embedding ink into their skin is entertaining. Somewhere in your stormcould of a mind you are trying to convince yourself it has a noble or enlightening purpose. You did it for pussy and to look tough. Literally the two most primal drives. I just want to hear one of you faggots admit it had nothing to do with art at all and I'd be fine with it.

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Lol what a fag

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I just got the Note 9, and I'm pretty happy with it so far desu.

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Npcs cant be real anon

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It sounds good in theory but in practice it is miles better to go out and meet real people in person.

Earning first place in a convention is mental gymnastics? I'm not sure how can associate it with a primal urge when I uninstalled the app short after getting it done. Not an argument.

We'll see who's grandchildren will have the bigger real state, white man.

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.1 BTC, a 400 dollar recliner, adidas NMD xr1’s. All purchases I’m extremely happy with. Up next is a one of those new curved smart TV’s, only 800 for a 65 inch, probably cheaper if I wait till Black Friday. Not sure if I have the patience or willingness to go out that day though. I legit think buying clothes is a decent investment, the looks pill is real just don’t be a retard that buys Gucci and overly expensive designer.

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2tb ssd. About 500 bucks

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Bought an iPad for work, ifs actually pretty nice

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It doesn't surprise me that someone with that tattoo lacks basic reading comprehension. But you probably just dance around reality checks because not only are you a self-inflated faggot but also a pussy. You will keep banging bar sluts well into your thirties and nobody will respect your tattoo the minute you open your mouth. Great investment.

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>will have the bigger real state

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Nice waste of cash. Now your body can look like shit forever.

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Logitech G613 wireless mech keyboard for $99, and yes, I am pleased.

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I bought a knife. It's a good knife and I like it but realistically I probably should have saved up some more money and bought something higher quality.

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Feel free to assume what you want, but mine was gone to enter a competition, done during said convention and it won. If you keep looking, you'll eventually get something that fits your world view, but nobody is getting tattooed their whole leg a tribute to M.C. Escher just to score some cheap thots.

I don't expect much from people who's last long term investments consists of toys, or electronics that will be replaced within a few months.

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lmao permanent tribal geckos for thousands of dollars to impress roasties. nice investment, how small is your dick?

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That's HARD! Only a pussy ass conservative will hate on artwork for your body. Those same fags would rape their own family members

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I paid 6$ of drinks and had sex twice.

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Would you paint over a Picasso? So why would you tattoo yourself? Do you hate yourself that much that all you are is a canvas and not a work of art? I doubt any form of ink can better self-hatred friend :)

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>Not hiring somebody to decorate your temple

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>>What was the last thing you bought for over $100?
your mama's puss
>>Are you happy with it?

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Conservacucks are just huge pussies scared of change and that's why you'll never grow. You guys are mentally RETARDED

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enjoy your blood poisoning

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I'm not worried about it at all. You're just concerned because you want to fuck your sister

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200 dollars on a 10 gallon brew kettle so I can make my own beer. I enjoyed very much the brewing process. Fermenting now. My first batch ever. I hope it is good.

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Ibanez guitar

It's beautiful

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2 gtx 1080 at a garage sale
they where old people so i dont think they knew how much theyre worth. now im mining eth

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A steel frame road bike a few months ago. Got it marked down from $1000 to $500. Rides beautifully, love it, worth every penny.

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Custom wetsuit, carbon fiber fins, and speargun

I don’t spend money on food or a gym, I get all of that by hunting my food in the ocean every week.

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Bought 2 things on ebay
Oculus Rift and a GTX 1080 Ti
Oculus Rift already arrived and has been a lot of fun so far, the 1080 Ti is coming from australia and was a "too good to be true" price so I've been worried it was a sham.
Each were about $520 CAD all in.

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i bought a switch, a sx pro, and a 400gb microsd card

>> No.11052852

caught that deal the other day and got two of those $400 chairs for $60 each, assuming it actually ships. (found on r/buildapcsales)

also bought a mech keyboard for a friend a week or two ago, mx brown switches. I prefer something heavier myself (currently using mx clears). If you're a filthy norman without a mech keyboard then you have no idea what you are missing.

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I bought a copy of Clickteam Fusion. It was technically only 60 dollars, but that was because it was on sale. It typically goes for 100 dollars.

Yeah it's good. Still don't know everything, but i'm glad I got it.

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Recently purchased a 1200 lb yard dump cart for my cub cadet 127. Used it to help build a patio in my back yard moving dirt and some logs from a tree I cut down. I look forward to using it to haul branches, dirt, gravel etc

I'm going to try and buy a snowblower attachment this week, and I'm going to install a 3 pt/sleeve hitch and get a box scraper for it too.

incredibly boomer but i love antique tractors

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How old are you?
Looks good but I don't think I could pull it off.
t.28yo boomer

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What's the deal with $100? It's like a psychological barrier, I've noticed it too. For some reason I hesitate and feel I have to justify when something is even slightly above that, but anything below barely causes a second thought.

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I rarely see someone project so much

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>has a kindle
>spends time on the lcd jew
Kys you will always post and never read.

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A weekend stay at a hotel in vegas for me any my gf. yes its a waste of money but Armin Van Buuren is playing and I need a break from wagekeking or I will blow my brains out

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also this watch, used ofc

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>flabby arms
>no shoulders

>> No.11053683

OZ of Shiva. What was the question?

>> No.11053692

>he still buys flower

why not move on to concentrates?

>> No.11053710

>tradingview account
No actually not, it's fucking stupid to buy a tradingview account. Overpriced garbage.

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bought a louis card holder for 300 bucks the other week, love it

>> No.11053852

I bought a 2008 Kia Rio for 2800 as my first car after 3 years of driving and I'm bad at driving it, I still stall it 3 months later.

I can't tell if the cars bad or I am, maybe I should have spent more and got a Ford Fiesta.

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How much did it cost in the end? What's total cost of whole tattoo? Looks good btw

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Ill remember this. Never looked into camping meta but sounds fun. My best tip is that eating peanut butter in the wild is awesome.

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Cannabis and yes.

I have really bad depression and it's helped me gain more perspective over my life. The demotivation sucks but I just smoke on weekends

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i bought 1 eth for $170


cant wait till $1k

(ye im poorfag but stfu)

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bought me one of these Steelcase chairs on craigslist last week, $200. Yeah I'm happy solid chair and they go for like $1200 brand new.

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>projecting this much

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Just bought $1000 headphones last week.

They sound glorious.

>inb4 poorfags claim paying $1000 for a headphone is dumb

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>will never get as much out of stuff like this because forever cucked by tinnitus

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50 pounds of shredded money for $300 and yes I'm pretty happy about it. I am now finally a millionaire even if the money is all shredded up right now!

>> No.11055338

Bowflex max trainer, it's a great machine I'm just being lazy af

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File: 1.98 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought TSLA shares, already made ROI.

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Why didn’t you just tatto “unfucking-hireable” instead? Tattoos are stupid and degenerate. KYS please.

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>ford fiesta
>kia rio

People like you should stick to corollas

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>idz uh wurk offf art guuyzz
>su butiful

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Weighted blanket, 11/10
Literal autists you need this shit pronto

>> No.11055829

I bought my friend a bunch of starbux mugs (she LOVES coffee), and some tickets to Three doors down. Which were over a hundred bucks each.

I wanted to go with her but shes taking some guy from her gym. Im just glad she likes it

>> No.11055832

You sound like a bitch

>> No.11055836

Magic trick. Yes. Its baller

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i wonder who this could be?

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File: 282 KB, 2048x1536, idontknowwhyimdepressed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just kill yourself now you pathetic blob. People like you are just wasting air.

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my car insurance, i'd rather drive my shitbox without it

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I broke her wand lol
Yes I am happy with her. She's awesome for cheering me up when I'm doing homework

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Which brand/model anon?

>> No.11056363

Around 500 USD? It was paid in local currency.

>> No.11056475

fucking this

>> No.11056670

What makes it better than a regular brush? I've asked a few dentist, and they all tell me it's meant for disabled or elderly patients, but image is always a great investment.

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>muh Cans

>> No.11056748

Renew my gym membership?
Kickstarting some historical board game I guess. Kinda losing interesting in everything tbqh. Udemy courses keep me going I guess. Starting to be bitter about everything. It’s not where you want to be.

>> No.11056775

Wow, that is fucking shit. Enjoy that for the rest of your life, fucking hell.

>> No.11056811

is this bait?

>> No.11056821

Fuck you’re a brainlet

>> No.11056852


An Ether. Not happy with it, it seems to be broken.

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>Not using topre realforce 55g

>> No.11056982

A bicycle, I am very happy with it.

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>muh being poor and using shitty chinese earbuds

>> No.11057076

Pair of raw denim jeans. I decided what ever I buy I am going to get the highest quality i can. Im tired of just throwing shit away. I wear my jeans everyday and so far I am happy with it.

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The rent, I never bought anything worth it, unless you consider the medication for my younger brother or new glasses to mother as "things you bought".

I am happy the way things are going, Hope things get better.

Also, one advice to you all, there are things you dont buy to save money, and others you pay more because they will last longer.

Hope you all make it someday.

Old photo

>> No.11057282

Yeah but then you'd have to live in shithole, crime-ridden Colombia.

>> No.11057328

Aviators-p, around $250, they're ok but I have to rotate my iphone to check my screen because it blocks some light.

>> No.11057374

I did this with shoes. Bought one pair over $100 and another over $200 and they have lasted me for years and don’t show any age.

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I'm picking it up tomorrow morning. As soon as crypto moons again I'm buying a SCAR 17 so /k/ will finally accept me.

>> No.11057774


Lmao. I thought weed was helping me out until I started using it for any excuse. It started making me more psychotic and depressed than ever. All it does is mask the bullshit under a different filter. Also anybody that says there aren't any physical withdrawals deserves to be lynched. First week consisted of me hypersalivating under major depression. Quit that shit nigger, you'll thank me after productivity levels rise.

>> No.11057793

>yeah, they're awesome for commuting
are you the suit dude I saw jamming out on the london underground

>> No.11057817

New phone to replace my old one which was losing functionality after 4 years. $160

>> No.11057869

>buying a scar 17
I'm from /k/ and you're still a faggot for buying a meme gun.

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>> No.11057889

Looks like shit anon why fuck are you getting tattooed in Columbia anyways

>> No.11057923

Outdoor griddle with 4 burners. Can go outside and spray oil or butter all over it, and cook pretty much anything you could in a pan. Tons of room to cook on, and when your done you just use a scraper to clean it up. Converted it to run off natural gas too so the gas is cheap and basically unlimited.

>> No.11057934


If you were really from /k/ you'd know that all guns are meme guns.

>> No.11058726


Typical DYEL graffitying his skin so he can be (((unique)))

>> No.11058772

>kaepernick jersey

kaepernick please go u fucking nigger

>> No.11058963

Looks pretty awesome. I’ve got a sleeve myself, a few dumb tattoos as well but I don’t really care. Don’t listen to anyone else hating. As long as you’re successful and like it, it doesn’t matter

>> No.11059044

Bought a gaming PC, spent $1300. I regret it desu.

>> No.11059058

A Switch. Still not sure if it was worth. I guess I have gotten enough playtime out of it to almost be worth. Once the homebrew scene takes off and it becomes the ultimate emulation device, it will pay for itself a thousand times over.

>> No.11059067


I bought sessions with a few escorts. They weren’t worth it. Not even close.

>> No.11059114
File: 41 KB, 680x491, 1534567719193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolutely degenerate

>> No.11059637

Is that them zmf modded cans?

>> No.11059650

I bought a z9 mini asic

Going good so far

>> No.11059678

breaks for my car

>> No.11059703

Unironically ETH and no I’m not happy because I’m losing money

>> No.11059738

Webhosting to run monero mining scripts

>> No.11059743

HP Spectre x360 15"

It's a beauty

>> No.11059747

What mining?

>> No.11059978

It just cleans extremely well. Especially in difficult areas like close to gums and between teeth. Also cleans better overall without being harsh.
Every day I feel like I've just left the dentist office after tooth polishing and plaque removal and I barely have any morning breath now.

>> No.11060275

A commercial grade cotton candy machine

>> No.11060280

cashmere blanket to take naps on the couch

>> No.11060769

I think that will be my next purchase as far for clothing also. I was thinking of some redwing boots but then i would start to look like a denim hipster faggot. Ill just have to see whats out there.

>> No.11060787

Oculus Go
Yes it showed me vr is not just a meme but actually pretty great

>> No.11060795

200 xtc pills

>> No.11060847

Wow I bet that snake skull combo really means a lot to you

>> No.11060862

I bought a processor because my old one got broke

>> No.11060946

Same. I bought B&W P9 signature + an AK70. The latter was a waste of money, the former is my best purchase ever

>> No.11060974

My website . Happy W it

>> No.11061048

Bought new Macbook pro for $1800 its nice.

Bought an Iaito for $1000 its real nice

>> No.11061198

Wtf 10/10

>> No.11061206

Probably a cymbal for my drums. Or something else for my drum, can't remember. I'm happy with my stuff.

>> No.11061216
File: 47 KB, 500x352, gb-nintendo-switch-nintendo-switch-30002016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Are you happy with it?
NO, now I must fucking drink that disgusting onions shit everyday goddamn.

>> No.11061225

I'm not the same anon, but I can recommend RoboRock s50. Works great in my modern 1-story mansion

>> No.11061237

16th century dredged up anchor.

I don't really use it tho.

>> No.11061256

>28-105 f/3.5-4.5 lens for muh camera
it's sick, focuses like 10 cm close to the front element in macro mode and the focal range lets me shoot everything I want. Would be nice if it was a bit faster, but for $140 it was a pretty nice deal

>> No.11061265

Are you trolling with that band?

>> No.11061280

My cell phone.

I was using a Samsung S3 and upgraded to a Samsung S8 a few months ago. World of difference there desu. Happy with it.

>> No.11061460

Because your balls don't grow hair anyways?

>> No.11061536
File: 794 KB, 1500x1500, a54e1d472e846a92ac719f8b4b35c245_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Paid $240 for a leather bag. I realized I don't have any kind of luggage and want to impress the discord qt I'm going to meet. I'm pretty happy with it. It hold my stuff and looks nice.

>> No.11061642


fedoric and cringe

>> No.11061744

refurbished thinkpad, it works extremely well

>> No.11061763

wow dude... straight neckbeard nerdvirgin

>> No.11061770

Samsung Galaxy S9+. Got it New for $580 on eBay like 2 months ago in an auction. This phone is amazing, and I got the model that supports all of the new extended range cellphone bands of the merged T-Mobile after they acquired Sprint. Won't really need a new phone until 5G is a thing.

>> No.11061821

Dude that's mediocre work at best. I know 19 year olds who can do better. Also shit theme.

>> No.11061983

Huawei p20 lite for $350. I unironically can’t tell the difference between it and a $1000 Iphone (except for the OS). Will probably never buy an iPhone or any other high end smartphone after this. Highly recommended.

>> No.11062003

Those can look good if you’re stylish. Same goes for hats. But yea, if you’re a an autistic neck beard then it won’t help you look any better.

>> No.11062022

Lmao who is this guy?

>> No.11062025


I'm mining zcash but I kinda want to mine zen/kmd